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WWE Mattel Mini Rumblers Action Figures Review

Mattel WWE Mini RumblersI have to admit as an adult collector to review the WWE Rumblers mini figure line from Mattel seemed difficult at first. The WWE figures are not your typical figures so they can’t be reviewed as such. After handling the figures and the Blast and Bash Battlers Ring I warmed up to the toy line.

For starters the figures have a cool look. Yes they are “cartoony” [sic] but they admittedly are geared towards the WWE’s youngest fans. A child wants to play with figures and the Rumblers are more than adequate for that purpose. They are not highly articulated but they don’t have to be.

[adinserter block=”2″]Usually a figure review would have at least five categories for review (head scan, articulation, accessories, size, packaging, etc…) but these figures are in a category of their own, the “Mini” category. Since the beginnings of wrestling figure lines companies like LJN and Remco always put out some sort of mini figures. Whether it was Mini Mashers or Thumbsters wrestling toys always needed a mini to supplement its line of toys. In my experience the mini figures were never really worth it. The figures were not very detailed and had a cheap look. Mattel has improved on the mini figure this time around.

The figures themselves are highly detailed and take on a look similar to the WWE Kids Magazine caricatures. The figures also are larger than life (or at least as large a mini figure can be) similar to the WWE All Stars video game characters. For example the Triple H figure has the correct logo on his trunks and a beard to match. Small details but collectors are fickle and if these details were wrong believe me I would point it out. The body sculpt on most figures are chiseled and muscular kind of a ‘Conan build”. The arms are pose able which is all the figures really need for play. If you all remember the WWF LJN figures, the entire line didn’t move at all!

[adinserter block=”1″]The unique accessory to the Rumblers line is the Blast and Bash Battlers Ring. In most cases mini wrestling toy lines don’t have supplemental play sets. The ring is unique because of its action pedals. The pedals control the movement of the figures as if they were on a trampoline.

The pedals remind me of a “Hungry Hungry Hippos” and “Rock em’ Sock em’ Robots” hybrid. The Rumbler mini figures really do fly around the ring and after contacting my inner child I had fun “Playing” with the ring. The ring though is not made for an adult by any means but hey I am not supposed to be playing with it anyway!

The grading scales for these figures are on a 0-5 scale. The categories are unique but the Rumblers can still be graded. The grades are as follows:

Detail: 4/5
Accessory: 4/5
Size: 3/5

Adam Smerecki is a life long wrestling fan and an accomplished writer and radio host. Adam has written for numerous wrestling sites including the Franchise Shane Douglas Official website and hosts Turnbuckle Talk on WUMD in Detroit, MI. Currently you can catch Adam’s wrestling figure reviews on and of course here at The Camel Clutch!

WWE Rumblers Blast and Bash Battle Ring

WWE Mattel Mini Rumblers and Accessories

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