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WWE Management Reportedly Frustrated With Sin Cara

WWE is reportedly in panic mode with Sin CaraThe WWE is reportedly in “panic mode” right now with Sin Cara. The first signee of the Triple H regime is struggling and the WWE brass are desperate to rectify this. Their first course of action, repeat the same mistake and sign another luchador.

Numerous stories report that the WWE has signed Averno. Averno and Mistico (Cara’s former identity) had a fantastic rivalry over the last few years in Mexico and Japan. Averno has been reportedly handpicked by Sin Cara to be his next major opponent. The signing is big news not necessarily due to the WWE acquiring Averno, but the reasons behind it. Here is what Dave Meltzer wrote about the signing.

“Signing Averno, and this is straight from people in WWE, was a sign of desperation. Sin Cara wasn’t getting over how they wanted and so they’re desperate for someone to come in and make him look good.”

[adinserter block=”2″]According to the report, the WWE is in “desperation mode” with Sin Cara. WWE officials feel that Sin Cara hasn’t gotten over with the WWE fans the way they had hoped. The WWE brass is also disappointed at Sin Cara’s in-ring performances. Since debuting in the WWE, Sin Cara’s matches have been full of botched spots, mistimed moves, and illogical psychology. And signing another luchador is supposed to fix this?

The WWE are really the ones that botched Sin Cara. They brought up Sin Cara to the main roster without any developmental time to adjust to the WWE style. Lucha libre is an art and Mistico was one of the greatest luchadores of this era. However, the style is completely different from the style of pro wrestling you will see in a WWE ring. Sin Cara spent no time on the developmental roster to learn the style and was brought up to RAW immediately. The fans recognized this immediately and had a hard time connecting with someone who looked that sloppy in the ring.

In addition to the fast track to the big time, the choice of opponents for Sin Cara is questionable at best. Primo, Sheamus, Jack Swagger, and Chavo Guerrero were programmed with Sin Cara to get him over. Chavo probably hasn’t wrestled lucha in over fifteen years. If the WWE felt that Chavo could work a hybrid style with Sin Cara because he is Mexican, well that says a lot about stereotyping doesn’t it? Sin Cara has had one great match and that was against Daniel Bryan on SmackDown. Yet instead of going with what worked, Bryan was just a transition to Chavo. That is brilliant booking wouldn’t you say?

Sin Cara doesn’t speak English. It is essential that WWE superstars cut promos in 2011 to establish a character and personality with the fan base. Cara should have been given time to learn English and develop promos before they rushed him up to the major brands. Was it really that important to get Sin Cara on the roster in March as opposed to August?

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This really all comes down to money. The WWE signed Sin Cara for a lot of money. Rather than develop their investment properly, they think having him on the main roster justifies the expense. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a guy not setting the world on fire in three months. John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, Chris Jericho, Edge, Triple H, The Rock, and even Steve Austin weren’t over the first three months into their WWE tenure (& they even spoke English). Yet those guys weren’t getting paid Even Alberto Del Rio had a year in FCW to adjust before he was brought up to the main roster.

The skeptic in me wonders if there is a conspiracy going on behind the scenes. The success or failure of Sin Cara will be credited to Triple H. Sin Cara was the first signing under the new Triple H regime and Hunter had a big hand in his development. Maybe there are people in power that don’t want to see Hunter succeed? Think about it. Isn’t it kind of odd that you have read more leaks about the WWE’s panic or disappointment in Sin Cara than most stories in the WWE? The WWE does a fairly good job of plugging leaks. Yet with Sin Cara, everyone knows that the WWE is in desperation mode.

Unless the WWE change the way they bring these guys up, signing Averno isn’t going to make a bit of difference. What they really need to do is get someone in the ring with Sin Cara like Rey Mysterio or Del Rio who can work with him in a transitional phase. These Averno vs. Sin Cara matches aren’t going to be anything like the matches they had in Mexico. Take those past matches, remove about 80% of the move sets, throw in your WWE agent who doesn’t like lucha to begin with, and you’ll have an even bigger mess on your hands.

[adinserter block=”1″]The answer here is real simple. Send Sin Cara to FCW. The WWE isn’t going to go out of business if Sin Cara is off the SmackDown brand. Give him the time needed to learn English and adjust to the new style. Bring him back when he is ready, re-introduced him to the fans, and put him in with the right guys not just guys you think can work with him because they are Spanish or Mexican. The talent is there, it just needs to be molded to the WWE.

Finally, this is a huge test for Triple H. A great manager can recognize mistakes and is humble enough to admit and fix them. If this story ends in four months with Sin Cara being buried or released, the WWE really is in trouble because they have the wrong guy in charge of talent development.

Now that is the right time to push the panic mode button.

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    • That's insane right there. What do they want, a Cena pop? You're not gonna get that out of a guy that no one in America knew about, based solely on something like 12 appearances.

  1. My personal opinion? He's over as hell, and I don't know why they're panicking over that. Yeah he's botching, but as you said that can be rectified via FCW. Look at Daniel Bryan, who demanded to go to FCW before being brought up to the main roster.

  2. You know, I'm not so sure it's essential to cut promos. Being the one guy who doesn't can be just as big a character-definer as being one of the hundred other guys who do. I was just thinking the other day how Kane had so much more personality when he wore a mask and didn't speak. Once he took it off and started yapping it was all over for that character in my opinion. The Undertaker didn't speak for a long time (and when he did it wasn't much).

    Sin Cara can be the silent assassin who storms the ring and hits these crazy moves we've never seen before and still work as a character. Botches aside, he's a welcome addition to the roster. He just needs to find his niche. You're were right when you said it's too early to call his signing a success or a failure.


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