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WWE Main Event: The new best weekly wrestling show on TV

When I heard the announcement that World Wrestling Entertainment was going to start yet another weekly wrestling show I wasn’t sure what to expect since RAW has been basically a failure at three hours.

[adinserter block=”1″]I thought how in the world can the creative come up with storylines and angles for another hour of television with RAW being such a boring show that I stopped watching in early August. I also thought it to be very surprising that WWE would have programming on ION Television. I do give WWE a lot of credit for taking another gamble with a network made up of re-runs (just like when SmackDown was on MyNetworkTV) that I had never watched before. According to ION’s Corporate website, the network is seen in 100 million homes.

So, I decided to DVR and watch the very first Main Event Show on ION without reading the internet spoilers. I wanted to have a complete real biased opinion without reading results and other opinion and analysis. After watching Main Event, I was actually pleasantly surprised by the format with the red, white and blue colors, the pre and post-match interviews, the fun video packages hyped for each wrestler prior to their matches and even the opening theme song all give Main Event a modern day old school format. Not since the very first show has Michael Cole and The Miz been in the ring to hype the matches, which I know may sound like nit-picking, but that is the part of the old school feel of the show I liked.

Despite my little ‘nit-pick’, Main Event is the best show WWE has on television right now. I haven’t missed an episode yet. The main event match that starts off each show has been good solid TV matches that contain great in and out of ring action which has been missing from WWE Television.

When watching Main Event, it almost feels like there is more wrestling action in the one hour of programming each Wednesday night at 8:00pm than there is on both RAW and SmackDown combined when I was watching each show. (I have since for the most part quit watching both RAW and SmackDown). Main Event for me has been a refreshing part of WWE programming that if WWE continues to give the show a big event feel, could continue to be a ratings success for ION television and good for the company.

The only disadvantage to Main Event is that WWE tapes the show on Tuesdays before they tape SmackDown. I understand that all programming can’t be live, but Main Event would be even much better if WWE held a weekly Wednesday house show and promoted a Main Event taping.

I do give I like the fact that WWE is utilizing its top stars for the show as they should while still keeping current storylines intact and at the same time advancing other angles and setting up possible new future feuds.

[adinserter block=”2″]The refreshing format of Main Event is start in the right direction for the creative and programming overhaul that WWE needs (and even TNA for that matter). What I don’t want to see happen is this enjoyable show to fall victim to the same thing that happened to Superstars with eventual lower card talent, boring matches and a soon to be C rated show with lame matches, getting canceled and becoming nothing more than a forgotten about internet show.

However if WWE continues utilizing the current format for Main Event, then the show has great potential to be the surprise A or B show each week for WWE. Both time and ratings will tell.

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