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WWE Legends Of Mid-South Wrestling DVD Full Match Listing

The WWE will be releasing an upcoming DVD that I cannot wait to get my hands on. The Legends of Mid-South Wrestling DVD will hit the stores in September and it appears that the full match listing and extras have now been confirmed

I grew up watching pro wrestling in the 1980s and used to be an active tape trader in my teenage years. I quickly developed a love for this hard hitting, intense, dramatic territory and watched as much tape as I could get my hands on. Between this and 1980-1985 Memphis wrestling it didn’t get much better for me as a fan.

That is why I was pumped when the WWE purchased rights to distribute tapes from the Mid-South video library. Sure there are some great moments that pop up from time to time on YouTube, but there is so much more that never saw the light of day. That will change in September and it is only appropriate that Jim Ross will be calling the action.

Here is the confirmed match listing according to Jim Ross’ blog

– Ted DiBiase vs. Paul Ordnorff
– Andre the Giant, Dusty Rhodes & JYD vs The Wild Samoans and Ernie Ladd
– Hacksaw Duggan vs. DiBiase Coal Miner’s Glove, Tuxedo, Loser Leaves Town Match
– Mr. Wrestling 2 mentoring Magnum TA storyline
– The JYD Tarred and Feathered storyline
– JYD vs. Hacksaw Butch Reed Ghetto Street Fight
– Rock ‘n Roll vs. Midnight Express series
– Shawn Michaels vs. Ted DiBiase
– Rick Steiner vs. Nick Patrick
– NWA World champion Ric Flair vs. DiBiase NWA Title Bout
– UWF match featuring the Bladerunners, Sting & Rock aka Ultimate Warrior
– Terry Gordy vs. Hacksaw Duggan for the UWF Title
– Ted DiBiase & Steve Williams vs. The Fabulous Freebirds
– Lumberjack match – Terry Gordy vs. Steve Williams for the UWF title
– Steve Williams vs. Big Bubba Rogers for the UWF title
– The One Man Gang vs. Big Bubba Rogers for the UWF Title

J.R. revealed the extras listing on a recent blog of his. The extras look better in some cases than the actual match listing.

– 1st hand story of hated villian Ted DiBiase getting his tires slashed by fans.
-1982 North American Title bout between JYD & DiBiase.
-The Mid South story/history in the Louisiana Super Dome
– 1985 Steel Cage match, DiBiase & Dr. Death vs. Jake the Snake & Barbarian (John Nord)
– The Buzz Sawyer story
– Jim Duggan vs. Buzz Sawyer 1985
– Jim Cornette’s Favorite Moment in Mid South
– 1984 Cornette’s Birthday Party
– Bill Watts seeks help to battle Midnight Express
– Watts & Stagger Lee vs. Midnight Express
– Dusty Rhodes talks Boyd Pierce, evaluating talent and more
– Cowboy Bill Watts talks about the late, Ernie Ladd.

There is some really great stuff here and some stuff that I don’t know if I’d necessarily go to the trouble of putting out on a DVD. The One Man Gang vs. Big Bubba is a match to be which was real intriguing at the time since both were heels but doesn’t exactly scream of “legends”. It was a UWF title change and the beginning of the end after Crockett bought the company so maybe it’s there for history reasons. Other than that I have no idea why it would be included in the set.

Gordy and Duggan had some hard hitting matches, Flair and DiBiase had some classics, and the Rock and Roll Express-Midnight Express series is legendary, and I love the fact that the Mr. Wrestling II vs. Magnum T.A. feud will be highlighted. The Cornette birthday party angle is also an absolute classic. It isn’t all gold but it’s good enough for me to put in my preorder. Disappointing in some ways to see some other classics get the shaft for some of these but a real nice collection nonetheless.

Oh and go grab yourself a bottle of JR’s BBQ sauce as thanks for the early preview of the DVD.

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