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WWE – Kane Talks Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins

Kane has become an elder statesmen of the WWE. The grizzled veteran recently did an interview with the UK Daily Star where he had high praise for former opponents and partners, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins.

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There probably isn’t anyone in WWE history who has had as many tag team partners as Kane. Kane has teamed up with everyone from the Undertaker to X-Pac but teaming with Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan has given him some interesting perspective on the younger generation of WWE stars. Kane talked about his run with Bryan in Team Hell No.

We had a lot of fun in Team Hell No and I tell people that it was the most fun I’ve ever had in WWE. I got to do something completely different and that I’d never done before. Daniel brought out a side of me that people had never seen.

I think if you look back at Bryan’s rise and the rise of the YES Movement, the team with Kane had a lot to do with Bryan’s success. It allowed Bryan to bring comedy into his gimmick and playing off of Kane was the perfect combination.

Kane spoke about Bryan’s recent retirement and has mixed feelings on the news.

That’s very sad but, by the same token, I’m very glad that for his health and his personal future that Daniel did what he did.

Kane was also asked about former WWE champion Seth Rollins. Kane had a lengthy run with Rollins last year as both a partner and opponent before Rollins suffered a devastating injury (in a match with Kane). Kane gushed when asked about his former partner and opponent

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Seth is just an awesome talent. It’s amazing, the guys from the Shield – Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns – we all knew they had great potential. It’s awesome to see them fulfilling that.

It was very rewarding for me to be there, not only with Seth but with Roman and Dean, when they first started.”

Kane compares his influence on Bryan to that on Rollins.

Daniel Bryan and I in Team Hell No were among their opponents early on and it is really very gratifying for me to maybe in some way have helped launch those guys to what are going to be really great heights.

Check out the full interview over at DailyStar for more quotes from the Big Red Machine.

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