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WWE – James Ellsworth Is the New Barry Horowitz

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Tuesday night saw yet another WWE appearance from hardcore fan favorite James Ellsworth. Ellsworth is an enhancement talent that has been hit with a stroke of luck as of late. Ellsworth also has been the subject of memes and interestingly fan support since his debut on Raw a couple months back. Ellsworth was destroyed by Braun Strowman, but he would win the fans’ support and capture his fifteen minutes of fame.

That led to Ellsworth being brought back to Smackdown to work with AJ Styles, however he was refused by the Face that runs the place. The Miz would attack Ellsworth to team up with Styles that night. By then fans thought that it would be the end for Ellsworth. Fast forward to Tuesday – Ellsworth would make another appearance with the company. And with the help of Styles’ rival Dean Ambrose, Ellsworth would gain his first win by pinning Styles.

On Talking Smack, Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan informed Ellsworth that he will be receiving a WWE Championship match next week against Styles. The fifteen minutes of fame hasn’t ended just yet for the overnight sensation.

When I first read the news Tuesday night, I couldn’t help but think of the fairytale storyline that would put Barry Horowitz in the history books 21 years ago. Horowitz was an enhancement talent – jobber – that would get a huge push by WWF in 1995 by pulling off an upset win over Skip of the Body Donnas (the late Chris Candido) despite having won matches in the past. A small feud came out of this, and after that Horowitz would be in a number of matches and scored more wins (including a win over the late Owen Hart) until he left WWE in 1997.

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It was a fun story at that time; it gave fans a reason to believe that just about anyone could make it in WWE. That seems to be the case with Ellsworth now. Ellsworth certainly doesn’t look like star material, but that is what is endearing to fans. He doesn’t look like a million bucks – he looks like he could be sitting in the crowd with them. Or maybe he will hang out drinking a beer with them after the show. Ellsworth is an average guy who has been able to get over with the WWE fans.

Bringing in enhancement talents is one of the parts that WWE has brought back to the new era. Enhancement talents are there to put their opponent over by making them look like they are unbeatable. They are lucky to get little offense in on their opponents. Basically it is to make them look good and look strong. Strowman, Bayley, and Nia Jax are being built up by the talents as of late.

Whatever the future holds for Ellsworth, he has already made an impression in this new era for WWE. It is one of the stories WWE has gotten right, and a story that fans are looking forward to as the weeks pass. I seriously doubt Ellsworth will get another pin on Styles next week, but you never know with Smackdown these days. And might I add – stories like this is the reason why Smackdown is beating Raw in terms of quality content.

So will Ellsworth’s fifteen minutes of fame run out, or will he be able to extend the life past those minutes? It’s time for Ellsworth to maximize them. And he just might do that.

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