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WWE: It’s Over for Kevin Owens

As the wrestling world gets consumed with the excitement of one hot WWE angle, another is struggling to simmer. The invasion of Kevin Owens, red hot only a few weeks ago has been marginalized to the point where it is time to seriously worry about his WWE future.

[adinserter block=”1″]Kevin Owens did not have a good 24 hours from Sunday to Monday. In a matter of 24 hours, the brazen star of the future tapped out to the old guard, his most devastating loss to date while the very next night was booked in a pull-apart with the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar as just another guy on the low-mid card. The Kevin Owens has officially ended.

Owens came into the WWE and immediately took the company by storm on his NXT debut. Debuting on an NXT special he not only squashed his opponent but laid out then-reigning NXT champion Sami Zayn. Owens was immediately portrayed as something special as he destroyed Zayn for the NXT title, laying out the most popular NXT star. This was not just another guy being introduced, this was a guy portrayed to fans as the real deal.

The Kevin Owens ride went smoothly over the next few months as he destroyed Zayn in the rematch and stood face to face with Samoa Joe. The buzz around Owens at NXT was something that hadn’t been seen since NXT debuted. Unfortunately for Owens, he came face-to-face with John Cena on an episode of RAW and now finds himself on the descending end of a roller coaster.

I warned everyone the second the WWE kicked off the Owens vs. Cena angle. Be careful what you wish for Owens’ fans, because they angle never end well for the other guy. Whether it was Rusev or Bray Wyatt, the Cena rub always ends with Cena on top and the stars of his uprising opponents pointing downwards. Why did anyone think that Kevin Owens would be different?

Yes, Kevin Owens went in there at Money in the Bank and not only had a great match with Cena, but beat him. Ignorance was bliss as Owens’ legions of supporters saw this as a changing of the guard where I saw it as the beginning of the end. Owens got hot and even with a loss at Payback, still kept his heat thanks to an even better show-stealer against the former WWE champion and a great post-match angle.

Then came Beast in the East and while Owens has to lose the title at some point, the timing just seemed odd. Here you had a guy that some were calling the star of the future, yet he was now booked in two straight high-profile losses. It just didn’t make sense. Unfortunately for Owens the timing of all of this may have been his biggest enemy of all. Some reports indicate that Vince McMahon blamed Owens, among others for the declining RW ratings. Fair or not, his goose was cooked. Detractors in the company had all of the ammo they needed to shoot his push right in the foot and that is exactly what they did.

I don’t care what Owens’ proponents say, there is nothing good that came out of his loss at Battleground. A tap would have been fine with a good explanation or a hot post-match angle but we got none of that. All we got was a tap and an exit from the top of the cards. Owens has now been relegated to running away from Rusev, doing a pull-apart, and another likely loss to Finn Balor in Brooklyn. It’s over!

[adinserter block=”2″]Owens is just another victim of the inconsistencies we all like to refer to as WWE booking. Owens place on the cards and heat with the crowd have nothing to do with his talent Perception is reality and the casual fans see him as a guy that just isn’t good enough. That won’t change unless a major commitment is made to him by the creative department. It’s been over a year and Bray Wyatt still hasn’t fully recovered and he had every bit as big of a push against Cena as Owens did.

From here on out Owens will be relegated to a low-mid card wrestler. He won’t get the time he had with Cena, thus his matches probably won’t be as good. His boasts and taunts will seem comical and while he will probably pop into a RAW main-event every once in a while (I am almost positive we’ll see another Owens vs. Cena match on RAW), the days of shows and events being booked around him are over.

And that is a damned shame!

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  1. This is exactly why I stopped watching this boring ass, beyond predictable bullshit! Once I started watching Lucha Undergound, I was immediately hooked and to me the WWE is no longer relevant whatsoever. Adios Vince and everyone else involved with that soap opera three ring circus, and by the way, how does my ass taste now bitches!

  2. I think for Kevin Owens to come back, he needs a mentor and/or manager. Paul Heyman would make sense.

    If anyone saw Owens (a.k.a “Kevin Steen”) in ROH, you know he has talent, but WWE won’t give guys a chance to shine. To find out if they will sink or swim.

    It’s not going to happen overnight. Until recently, I didn’t know Cesaro was this good because he was usually aligned with someone. Whether it was Jack Swagger or Tyson Kidd etc…

    It might sound like Cena bashing and maybe it is, but Cena takes all the air out of the room.

    If Cena wasn’t there as a safety net for WWE, then you could see what Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Luke Harper etc… are really capable of.

    (I personally would like to see a no holds barred match between Owens and Wyatt)

    Instead it’s the same moves, same stuff on the mic and it’s past boring.

    Somehow it seems like it’s going to be Cena vs. Rollins and maybe the belt will be on the line. Maybe copy what ROH is doing with Jay Lethal having two belts at once.

    If Cena becomes Heavyweight champ, then where is WWE going to go?

    Cena has reached the saturation point. If he’s world champ, he’s not going to get many new fans, they might buy tons of more merchandise, but that’s it.

    Let the other wrestlers build up their fan bases and those will be the people who will want to see the PPVs.

    Because Cena rarely loses clean and if he’s the champ, what are the chances he’ll lose the belt at a PPV?

    Cena is WWE’s short term solution to a long term problem.

  3. One loss to Cena and he would have been made, and Cena can get his ‘even-steven’ the next night to keep the ‘even-steven’ cartel happy. But no…… better to create a three-way and bury him.

  4. Eric,
    I didn’t order the PPV nor did I sign up for the WWE app because I knew they were going to screw Owens and that was the only reason I was going too watch it. I even waited until Thursday to watch RAW because I didn’t want to be disappointed. Hoping I was wrong I even avoided reading your blog (that was difficult) and my hopes came crashing down. Not only that but I new that with a win by Cena and Taker back ruining Lesner’s night could only mean another boring Cena Championship angle. Omg I am so upset it’s ridiculous and as much as I wanted you to be wrong I knew it was only a matter of time. The only saving grace was the great promo Bray Wyatt cut.

  5. why should owens be any different from Dolf Ziegler, Dean Ambrose Cesaro or any wrestler over with the fans only to crewed over creative? hell Reigns finally won over the fans and now they are pushing him down. I say as fans we stop buy the ppv and watching raw until they give us what we want!


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