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WWE: Is the Corporation losing its mojo?

It has been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, makes me wonder if anybody missed me the last week and a half. For a little over two weeks I put out blogs as fast as I could type and then it just stopped. I have never had a performance issue before. Maybe it was writers block or the change in seasons. Can weather affect your performance? The worst part was that I didn’t hear from any of my 6 Twitter followers, not that I would have wanted to talk about it.

[adinserter block=”1″]Maybe my wife is right; three times a week is just too much. I used to be one of those guys who dreamed of getting it three times a week spending my time on the internet chasing a fantasy. I would be getting it five times a week if I wasn’t too lazy to find out what time and channel Superstars and NXT were on. So there I was, one of those lucky three times a week fella’s and my brain wouldn’t cooperate and then it hit me. I know that some of you maybe confused and probably curious, believe me I can relate. So what happened?

Following Summer Slam we were treated to some of the sexiest WWE TV we have seen in a long time. Knowing that we were all watching, each week the WWE would get dressed up in some of the most revealing outfits. Showing just enough to keep us interested and then covering up so we would come back for more. The frustration of watching Bryan all by himself week after week being pounded by the Shield, the WWE superstars helpless on the stage, and the tears of the Big Show having to choose his pay check over his friend has created must see TV.

We were treated to a Rhodes family reunion of sorts and the CM Punk/Heyman angle could be a show all of its own. Then Night of Champions happened. The angle that was a breath of fresh air traded in its sexy evening gown for a pair a sweat pants. Not the sexy tight yoga pants, but the “sit on the couch using potato chips as a spoon for ice cream” sweat pants. No wonder I am having performance issues, it is just not attractive right now. I know that this might seem a bit harsh, but let’s face it; since Summer Slam she has sort of let herself go.

The WWE is letting the corporate angle start to get away from them a little bit and it is going stale. Maybe they pull it out in the end and there are some big twist left for the future but right now I just don’t see it. The crying giant has gone on too long, it doesn’t matter what side he chooses anymore. His angle should have climaxed the week he knocked out Dusty. Who cares that he punched the Miz?

The Shield has been beaten so now we know they are not indestructible, not so scary anymore. They waited too long to get the Rhodes family back in the ring. I am excited to see them but again the story lost some steam because we Cody is not fired. Stephanie is not her father and she over acts a bit much. She is doing a good job of making people hate her but she has some work to do on the mic. I saw her scold Eva Marie on Total Diva’s and the real Stephanie is pretty scary and hateable.

Bryan vs. Orton is getting boring. Are we supposed to believe that now that Randy Orton is meaner that he is better than Bryan? Bryan has shown time and time again that he is better than Orton one on one so do we need to see it again? Maybe if he was a performer instead of a wrestler it wouldn’t seem so blah. Ambrose and Ziggler will be a good match but Ziggler can’t win, the Shield need the titles to stay legit.

[adinserter block=”2″]Without the titles they are no longer the best and that makes them boring. Don’t even get me started on the Punk angle. How many times is this guy going to get blindsided before he wises up a bit? The great CM Punk has been reduced to wrestling guys who has yet to prove their worth in the company.

I could go on forever, but I don’t want to waste it all on one blog. Are my expectations too high? Do I want more than my lovely WWE can give me? Has my affair with TNA perverted my perception? Maybe it is none of the above. Maybe potato chips in sweat pants is what is good for business.

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  1. It just hasn't moved, it sort of just stopped. It looked like it might pick up when Trips gave the promo about wanting to be champion instead of helping someone else be champion. It just feels like it ran out of steam. Dusty and the Rhodes family is awesome, but it just feels sluggish. I am not sure what i woudl do to spice it up.

  2. You have to admit seeing Big Dus in the ring with a look that he could knock Trips out was classic. Just that split second when Trips called him an "old man" was classic. Still hard to believe that the old timers can cut better promos then a 3rd of the rooster. I think you are right by the way, the angle is getting stale, but remember you want to keep it small, so at this point what would you do different? I know what I would do and we have talked about this before, but I will save it for what I think is your next article.

  3. I watched most of it last night, I just expected the Ziggler/Ambrose angle to go into the PPV. I agree, I thought Punk did the most to promote the PPV and I think that his match will be the best. I have some other thoughts on why I think the program is sort of stale, I'm still working on it though.

  4. Your going to love this last night was RAW is Punk and Heyman. Thats right somebody in creative was watching the battle of unbeatens on ESPN (sic). Punks segments came on before the game and at halftime. This time your fantasy was realized in a rather cheesy but effective segment. Bryan / Orton , Rhodes / Shield tag match. Brie vs AJ (the real one), Ambrose / Truth (huh) Ziggler / Sandow (pre show).

    Gotta be honest Punk did the best to promote this PPV as this will be LOWEST PPV buy rate EVER !!!!!!!!

  5. So I realized/learned that Ziggler will not be facing Ambrose at Battlground, so now I am even more confused about their angle. Guess we will wait and see….


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