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WWE: Is Roman Reigns Boring?

When Roman Reigns cut his promo on last week’s Raw, he seemed to ramble on and on until the fans began chanting “Boring!” For whatever reason, Roman Reign’s babyface persona hasn’t gotten over with many fans in the WWE universe and the boring chant is clear evidence of that.

Although Reigns makes his way to the ring by randomly walking through the crowd and jumping the barricade, those same fans don’t seem to buy what Reigns is selling in the ring.

[adinserter block=”1″]When Reigns realized that the fans were calling him out, Reigns quickly changed his tune. You could say he turned the promo up a notch and started talking about why he wrestles. That gave Reigns the ability to transition into his feud with the Wyatt family, which seems to be prominent heel faction in the WWE right now.

The Problem with Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns isn’t getting over as a babyface because he isn’t connecting with the crowd. Can you ever imagine a wrestling crowd chanting “Boring” at a wrestler like Diamond Dallas Page? Reigns should be compared to DDP because their characters are fairly similar. Both DDP and Reigns make their way through the crowd into the ring, both are touted as competitors for major titles and both superstars have a similar build.

DDP had Kimberly, which was his real life wife who had modeled for various magazines over the years. Perhaps Roman Reigns could get over with the crowd better if he had a woman by his side? Kimberly certainly complimented DDP as she became part of the story line in various angles. A female companion could certainly help Reign’s character, as he looks to one day become a contender for the WWE Championship.

Since WrestleMania, Has Reigns’ Career Suffered?

Roman Reigns has the demeanor of a guy who is cool, calm and collected at all times. He doesn’t seem rattled by any competitor inside the WWE locker room. That being said, what major championships has Reigns pursued since losing to Brock Lesnar (and Seth Rollins) at WrestleMania earlier this year?

There’s an old joke about teams that lose the Super Bowl seem to follow up the next season flat. Is Roman Reigns experiencing this same phenomenon? Perhaps the problem lies within Roman Reign’s ability to cut promos. He also hasn’t been booked in many high profile title matches since WrestleMania.

[adinserter block=”2″]Also, Reigns has received less and less airtime, when you’d think that Reigns would still want to prove himself against a Brock Lesnar or a Seth Rollins. Reigns can argue that he was screwed out the WWE Title just as much as Brock Lesnar.

Character vs. Charisma

It’s no secret the Roman Reigns has wrestling in his blood. His father is a WWE Hall of Famer and many of family members, which include the Rock, Rikishi and Umaga have had incredible runs in the WWE.

Take into account the characters of those in the Anoa’i family and the incredible personalities that they brought to the ring. Where the Rock and Rikishi brought charisma into the ring, Umaga was all about his in ring persona, which also got over with the fans. Reigns needs to find a comfortable medium in order to find a way for his character to get over with the crowd.

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  1. THE only problem with Reigns is his Mic PRESENCE!! Needs acting lessons!! The heels make the show!!! That’s what the Shield was and they need to get back to that! After all you can go back anytime to baby face!!

  2. Why does WWE force guys that aren’t strong on the mike to ramble to a script?? Lesnar has Heyman. He needs to stop smiling and drop the Cenaesque “Superman Punch”. Last night at HIAC, he was terrific with Wyatt, yet I heard chants of “Let’s go Roman, Roman sucks”. Unreal! The guy is great in the ring! He’s no Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels, or Ric Flair in the ring but is not stiff at all and is powerful and agile. WWE creative needs to stop building these guys up and just put them in programs against each other and let the chips fall where they may! Allow the fans cheers and jeers to determine who is face and heel! It’s ludicrous pushing a guy as a face who is getting booed heavily for the most part. You’re merchandise will skyrocket if you’re putting these guys as the fans see them! The merchandise is selling but again…it will skyrocket…WWE for the amount of money they generate…could triple what they make if they made the proper pushes and allow the fans to determine who they hate and love! I think WWE’s ego is pushed because of the IWC leaking things and I believe they change certain pushes/programs/results because they want to go against the leak. Leaks suck but if the fans want to know in advance…that’s on them! Don’t ruin the product because of it!

  3. His career definitely took a hit after Mania. The WWE went to great length to try to get him over. Made him personally with the footage of him with his family. More unscripted interviews that helped him connect. Then all the promoting of “I can and I will.” Then he cant and he doesn’t. Lesnar destroyed him in that match except for the last couple of minutes. Then Rollins music hit and the WWE went in a different direction. The next night on RAW Reigns cuts a promo about how he kept getting up and came close to winning. Sounded like a whiner instead of badass. Then he was out of the picture. He needs to leave and then come back with a different look. He needs to quit talking. Just beat people up and say “believe that.”


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