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WWE Internal List Reveals Top 4 Babyfaces Plans

You can learn a lot about WWE booking from their merchandising plans. WWE management have identified their top four stars they plan to build around through memos to the merchandise division and it is an interesting glimpse into 2014.

[adinserter block=”1″]The WWE informed the merchandise division recently that they need to be prepared to market towards the top four babyface stars. Two are not really surprising but there are two others that have people talking, especially one.

Cesaro was identified as one of the top four babyfaces that the company plans to build around. This is a bit of a surprise, pleasant albeit because Cesaro doesn’t appear to be pushed at that level. Cesaro is also aligned with one of the most hated men in professional wrestling. This memo would seem to indicate that there is an inevitable turn coming Cesaro’s way.

Dave Meltzer had the breakdown in the Wrestling Observer newsletter. Meltzer speculates that Cesaro’s big turn could come around SummerSlam. Meltzer speculates that a Cesaro vs. Brock Lesnar match is a real possibility for the biggest party of the summer. I don’t know anyone that has a problem with that match.

There is no doubt that Cesaro has the tools. He is one of the best workers in the business right now. That said, I think he is missing something when it comes to being a top babyface. I feel like there is some charisma missing that you’d expect from someone in that role. Maybe that changes but he is going to need to acquire that intangible to live up to the billing.

Sheamus is another one that was a bit of a surprise. This is even more surprising after he not only won the U.S. title, but the way he won it. The story behind Sheamus’ win made for a great heel turn. The U.S. belt is not exactly the kind of belt you’d expect to see a top babyface wearing. This would seem to indicate that the WWE are looking at more elevating the title than they are demoting Sheamus by the secondary title.

Daniel Bryan was also on the list. That is no surprise although I am sure it is a relief to some paranoid fans that are waiting for Bryan to have the rug pulled out from under him. At least this confirms that the WWE are committed to Bryan in the interim. One thing I will say is that they certainly need to create some better merchandising around Bryan. His current offerings aren’t exactly setting the world on fire.

[adinserter block=”2″]John Cena is no surprise to make this list. I don’t think he’s missed a list in over a decade. One guy who didn’t make the list was Randy Orton. That is news only because Meltzer reports that Orton was in a recent list. Orton’s inclusion on the list indicates that at some point the plan was to turn Orton after WrestleMania. Evolution’s reunion certainly wasn’t planned months ago. Things can change at the drop of the dime when it comes to WWE creative. Batista and Roman Reigns have also dropped off of the list.

Which also means that while this list is interesting, take it for what it’s worth. Anything can happen and chances are pretty good that this list won’t remain intact several weeks from now.

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