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WWE Hell in a Cell 2016: Bayley and Dana Brooke Make Women’s Division Stronger

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It appears the women’s division on Raw has become a foursome. While Sasha Banks and Charlotte are getting the headlines, Bayley and Dana Brooke are stealing their own show with their recent feud. The two female superstars may not be in the main event, but that does not take away from the fact these ladies are added depth to the developing roster.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte changed history on Sunday night in the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match, but don’t think for a minute both Bayley and Brooke aren’t on the short list for greatness, possibly a run as company champion. There is a belief with Bayley that it’s only a matter of time before she raises the belt above her head in victory. For Brooke, it may take a little but more time. I am convinced it will happen, and at some point, the blond bodybuilder will become a force in the division by herself.

Just like with the men in this business, there is a pecking order and a ladder to be climbed. Because of the lack of a large division, there is more opportunity – a greater chance for greatness. While many of you know that I am a huge fan of Bayley and would love a hug right about now, I am growing into a huge Brooke fan. Watching her offensive attack in the match Sunday night, I cannot help but think of Alundra Blayze. I’m not sure if Charlotte’s understudy will ever reach that status, but it’s the impression I get watching her perform.
Bayley won the match, but a feud continues to grow.

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WWE needs more than one program on Raw. Actually, the company needs more than one feud on SmackDown Live as well.

When this “revolution” began last year and bloggers like myself complained about no direction with booking and forward thinking, I never had any idea things would become as fever-pitched as it is now. Obviously, someone knew what they were doing when they brought the Four Horsewomen up to the main roster.

What happens now is Bayley and Brooke grow together so when they are afforded a chance at the brass ring, they can grab it and run with it. Bayley will more than likely get the run she has been rumored to be part of a bigger program with Sasha Banks – possibly at WrestleMania 33. What happens if Brooke surpasses one of the most popular women’s stars to come along in some time? Will WWE do the right thing and push her through? How does a possible feud with Banks look on paper and in the ring? What if the situation is reversed and Charlotte becomes the new opponent for the former NXT Women’s Champion?

Regardless of who faces who, the Red brand is in a good place right now with its top four females competing at a fever pitch. I wonder if this was what Stephanie McMahon thought of when she first introduced this concept to the fans on Raw?

For now, Bayley and Brooke should continue their feud until the end of the year. If for no other reason than to promote 2017 as a new beginning. I suspect there will be other females added to the title mix who could present a challenge to these four women – most notably Nia Jax. How that plays out is anyone’s guess. These are good problems to have. Unlike in year’s past we waiting to see if there would women’s matches that captivated us.

Now, fans are wondering how long WWE can keep this kind of success going without falling off this peak of excellence.

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