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WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 is Kane’s Last Stand

WWE all but assured wrestling fans Seth Rollins would walk out of Hell in a Cell with the company title after Kane was “suspended” from appearing on Raw Monday night, killing any momentum the match between superstars had.

It really had no momentum, so the blip on the radar was undetected. In what could have been a golden moment for Kane, one of the top veterans to ever climb into a WWE ring, but once again, creatively this was a program that gained little steam and had been lost on a scurrying fan base. The shame of it all is there may not be another wrestler in the locker room is more respected than the Big Red Machine and there may not be another wrestler who deserves a final title run before he calls it a career.

[adinserter block=”1″]Kane may very well have been this company’s most valuable commodity, besides John Cena, over the last decade.

No, that is not an exaggeration.

Fans got a glimpse of Kane – the old Kane we have wanted to see – on WWE’s tour of Mexico when he was reunited with The Undertaker on the first night of action.

It’s a miracle? The reunion of the Brothers of Destruction, in the right kind of match and the right opponents – the Wyatt Family. Could this be a sign of the future? Could there be some way, somehow that both Undertaker and Wyatt are part of the master plan to utilize Kane in the best way possible? The Rollins angle doesn’t work, and if Triple H or Vince McMahon decides to take the strap off the current champ’s shoulder now, what happens to Rollins and the momentum and heat he has from fans and backstage?

WWE shouldn’t go changing any of that minutae any time soon. Rollins is still good for a title reign at least until the Royal Rumble. Then, things should heat up a bit.

Given Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan are still on the disabled list, John Cena will be on vacation and there is no other wrestler to carry the company on his back, Rollins has to be protected Sunday at HIAC. Yes, he is being overused, but Triple H and the boys have no choice. Roman Reigns is still not getting over with the fans. Dean Ambrose is perfect to step in and assume the role created by Stone Cold Steve Austin (he will never be as good or replace SCSA), but he isn’t being pushed hard enough. Vince McMahon doesn’t like Cesaro enough to trust him in a main event program and the young lions from NXT – Kevin Owens, Neville and Tyler Breeze – aren’t ready yet.

Rollins is the man for the moment – and a Kane tombstone pile driver is not going to stop that right now. Kane is essentially screwed in this situation. Had there been a built up of sorts where Kane gradually stepped into this match instead of just returning to the ring following the “injury” to his ankle, this could have been a very good spot for both men to be in. It could also have led to a major storyline involving the dissolution of The Authority.

[adinserter block=”2″]Another opportunity wasted.

What WWE plans for Rollins after Hell in a Cell isn’t known, but at some point, it should lead to a feud with Reigns and a title change. Until then, the current champion is the best thing going today, which leaves the work Kane does in the ring and on camera in the background. Hopefully, there will come a time when the veteran gets his own title run, like Big Show and Mark Henry have had in recent years.

Not putting the belt on the monster over the last 15 years is criminal. While others have worn the gold (like The Miz) and have not delivered is a travesty. With Kane you know what you are getting. With HIAC, fans should know they are getting a lot of what they have in the past – which isn’t much and is a same version of a very boring scene.

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