WWE Hell in a Cell 2015: Alberto Del Rio’s Return Shocks the World

I hit the nail on the head on this one. Was there a better way to kick of Hell in a Cell with the United States Championship Open with John Cena taking on his longtime nemesis, Alberto Del Rio?

I actually got goosebumps over this one. WWE hit a homerun with a kickoff that was not only shocking, but the best foil to an outgoing champion.

Even better was the announcement of Del Rio’s return by Zeb Colter, the man who used to think the idea of the Mexican Aristocrat to walk the American soil was as unpatriotic as Tom Brady being accused of deflating footballs.

Sorry, had to throw that one in there.

The move is a game changer for WWE and for Del Rio, who gives the fans something to think about as the fan favorite leaves for a few weeks of rest and relaxation.

It was quick, it was deliberate and there is a new sheriff in town.

Viva Del Rio, as JBL screamed upon the victory.

There has been speculation for weeks that the former three-time WWE and World champion is back in familiar territory after being fired back in 2014 after he allegedly attacked a company employee and had made remarks about WWE not giving Latino wrestlers the opportunities that had been afforded to the likes of Del Rio, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero.

As odd as it sounds, sometimes you have to piss off a few people to leave and come back a bit stronger.

For 10 minutes, Del Rio looked flawless and better yet, he beat Cena in what was apparently a squash match of sorts.

Del Rio and Cena have had a past and chemistry that works. Much like Cena and CM Punk and most recently, Cena and Kevin Owens. This story, however is not finished being told. There are still a chapter or two to write. I’ll be curious how creative takes this win by Del Rio and uses it to the company advantage.

Now comes the hard part of booking Del Rio for the next six or seven weeks until Cena makes his triumphant return. Who faces Del Rio, how does his relationship with Colter play out and what is next in store for the current WWE roster?

Back on Oct. 15, it was reported on that Del Rio was in a tug-o-war of sorts with Lucha Underground and WWE over a potential return. “Del Rio, known in AAA as Alberto El Patron, is under contract with Lucha Underground, but it’s said to be a deal Del Rio can get out of, and both financial and creative issues are said to be the current problems. The website said the story first appeared on the Wrestling Observer.

“Del Rio is the highest paid performer on the Lucha Underground roster, and when he signed with Lucha, he was told the entire promotion would be built around him, but that of course has not happened.”

The upstart promotion’s loss is obviously Vince McMahon’s and the fans of WWE’s gain.

The return of Colter is another step in the right direction for the company as it adds another manager to the mix since Paul Heyman has been the promotion’s top draw, Colter’s pro-American stance and the “We The People” mantra was a favorite of the fans in the stands, especially in feuds between Jack Swagger and Rusev upon the Russian’s arrival in Stamford.

Colter’s stance against Del Rio and then manager Ricardo Rodriguez was also a high point in the closing months of Del Rio’s last run.

Since the Anti-American stance is again alive and well in WWE and the shock to kick Hell in Cell off, I wonder who becomes the next great American to challenge Del Rio – keeping the seat warm until Cena eventually returns.

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