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WWE Hell In A Cell 2011 Results – Alberto Del Rio Regains The WWE Championship

Alberto Del Rio WWE championshipWWE returned to pay per view Sunday night after a two week hiatus with Hell in a Cell 2011. The main-event featured yet another WWE championship title change but it will be the aftermath that will be remembered when all is said and done.

Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena and CM Punk to regain the WWE championship in the main-event. Del Rio pinned Punk at 24:10 to win the match. The finish was not without the typical WWE controversy. Ricardo Rodriguez attacked the referee at ringside with a pipe and opened the cage. He then went after Cena with the pipe but wound up getting the Attitude Adjustment on the floor. Unfortunately for Cena, he forgot about Del Rio inside the cage.

Del Rio came out and attacked Cena with the pipe. He then returned the cage and locked Cena out of the cage. Del Rio then nailed CM Punk with the pipe a few times and eventually scored the pin for the win and the WWE championship. But the fun did not end there.

The cage “mysteriously” rose and two men in black hooded sweatshirts came in and attacked everyone involved in the match. The cage lowered as the men in hoods continued their attack. The men then revealed themselves to be The Miz and R-Truth. Triple H and a ton of WWE superstars ran out and tried to get inside of the cage to stop the beatdown. Finally the cops got into the cage thanks to a bolt cutter, cuffed The Miz and Truth, and ended the violence.

As The Miz and R-Truth were being walked out in cuffs, Triple H attacked both men. The crowd went nuts for this. Triple H also pushed down John Laurinaitis during the attack. The pay per view ended with Jim Ross questioning who raised and lowered the cage to allow Miz and Truth inside.

It was a pretty cool segment thanks to Jim Ross. His commentary during the beating was about as old school as you will get from Ross, even paying homage to the infamous Midnight Express vs. Midnight Express angle by repeating those same words, “they don’t even work here.” It was probably the most effective angle they have done with The Miz and Truth during their entire tenure in the WWE. Unfortunately it may not matter since Hell in a Cell wasn’t expected to do a whole lot of business. If nobody saw it, can it really have any impact?

I think the end game here is to set up some Survivor Series match with Miz and Truth vs. Team WWE. I also think this will all end up with Miz and Truth forming some alliance with “fired” ex-WWE superstars which would likely include Kevin Nash and the fired former CEO Vince McMahon. It is a predictable angle, but there are some real fun possibilities here over the next few weeks. I like where this is going and RAW should be real interesting tomorrow night.

In the semi-main event, Mark Henry once again defeated Randy Orton and retained the WWE world heavyweight championship. This was a pretty darned good match compared to what I was expecting from these two. Orton set up for the punt, but was scooped up into the World’s Strongest Slam by Henry and pinned for the win. Orton did run Henry off after the match which likely sets up a third match at the next pay per view. Although I could see them going with Mark Henry vs. Sheamus with the way Sheamus has been rolling through everyone.

Full WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 results…
Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena and CM Punk to regain the WWE championship
Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton to retain the WWE world heavyweight championship
Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly to win the WWE Divas championship
Cody Rhodes defeated John Morrison to retain the WWE I-C championship
Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne defeated Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE tag team championship
Original Sin Cara defeated Sin Cara
Sheamus defeated Christian

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