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WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Preview & Predictions

Hell in a Cell 2011If it seems like the WWE just had a pay per view yesterday, well you are kind of right. Hell in a Cell 2011 picks up where Night of Champions left off two weeks ago with several WWE championship matches but with a twist. Every match will be held inside of the enclosed steel cage.

I watched the Hell in a Cell recap of past shows this past Monday and it really bummed me out. It bummed me out because these matches used to be exciting. Unfortunately a PG rating and a change in company philosophy has changed that. Why even bother having a show full of cage matches if blood is banned? Why even bother…actually we could go on all day so let’s just move on.

As of press time, only four matches are announced for the big show. Hey, it’s two better than SummerSlam less than a week before the show. Anyway, in the interest of previewing all WWE pay per view events let’s run down the card. This won’t take long and remember, they will all be contested in the Hell in a Cell.

[adinserter block=”2″]John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE championship – Maybe I am missing something but is there a big demand for this match? I just don’t see it. Alberto has just been beaten by both Cena and Punk in the last two weeks. Punk was pinned by Triple H at the last pay per view. Shouldn’t we be getting Triple H vs. John Cena?

Well we aren’t, so let’s work with what we have. Other than trying to hotshot a RAW rating, the title change at Night of Champions made no sense. This is one of those matches where I almost feel that the cage will hinder the match. The grudge between these guys is so minimal that holding it inside of a cage seems to be of little importance.

I think the match will be good, but I’d be surprised to see a classic. Three is a crowd in this situation and without the ability to brawl around the crowd, I am not expecting much. Cena and Punk had magic in Chicago but this is a different crowd and that seems so far removed. Cena and Del Rio was good, but nothing that left me wanting to see more. They really have their work cut out for them here.

I’ll start by the process of elimination. CM Punk is not winning here. It just isn’t in the cards. Cena is the safe bet but I think the WWE wants to create some drama going into WrestleMania 28 with Cena not having the title. So with a tour of Mexico coming up and the need to sell Cena’s revenge, I think Del Rio is the obvious choice. The predictable booking of Alberto losing clean to Punk Monday was a giveaway. I like Del Rio here and I think we move towards a Punk vs. Del Rio program in the near future.

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton for the WWE world heavyweight championship – I’ll admit it, that finish shocked me at Night of Champions. Not only did Mark Henry win, but he won clean against the golden boy of the WWE. That said, it was a pleasant surprise and I am really digging Henry as a monster heel.

On the other hand, I think this match better be short. These guys just don’t have the chemistry to go toe to toe for 20 minutes in a cage. Even more than the WWE championship match, these guys will really be hurt by the cage. I think this one is more even than the last match, but I would be pretty surprised to see Orton win back the title. The WWE appears to have a lot invested in Henry right now. The key here is keeping Henry over without squashing Orton for a second show in a row. I think Henry retains and moves towards a future title program with Sheamus.

Sheamus vs. Christian – This one just seems kind of odd. When I think of a Hell in a Cell match, I think of a grudge match. This is hardly what I’d call a grudge worth a cage match. Regardless, it is what it is so let’s take a look at the match.

[adinserter block=”1″]With the above said, I think we are looking at our match of the night here. I am not completely sold on Sheamus but I am sold on the idea that Christian can have a great match with anyone. I’d look for a nice back and forth match here, maybe even a little longer than the SmackDown main-event. Unfortunately for Christian fans, I think this one is designed to get Sheamus over for a program with Henry. I would be shocked to see a finish other than Sheamus winning clean and moving one step closer to Mark Henry.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix for the WWE Divas Championship – I can’t say I am overly excited about this one, yet there is a potential for a huge train wreck here that could make this a classic for all of the wrong reasons.

I have no idea if they were planning on going three with these girls why Phoenix didn’t win the title in her hometown two weeks ago. That said, I’d be surprised if she walked out of here without the title. They really need to keep this one short for their own sanity. Anything more than five minutes (and that is generous) has potential to blow up in their faces. I look for Phoenix or a potential Eve Torres heel turn here on Kelly.

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  1. Title changes every month. Pay per views every other week. Mark Henry, a reality TV "star" (The Miz) and a cheerleader (Dolph Ziggler) main eventing.

    No blood. No edge. Lazy writing.

    Nobody who can cut a promo outside of Christian and CM Punk.


    • Well, you're wrong about just about everything there. Mark Henry is in the best run of his career and delivering stellar promos. The Miz is one of the most entertaining characters in all of wrestling, until Cena buried him at Over the Limit and Extreme Rules. Dolph Ziggler is a FORMER cheerleader. And he's a damn good wrestler, and he could easily evolve into a good promo man. There's plenty of good promo men besides Christian and Punk in the WWE today, and who needs blood these days? I'd rather the workers be safe and Hep C free than get a little bit of blood. HIAC is the only match that really needs blood.


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