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Popular WWE Halloween Costumes For Kids

The WWE PG era has brought a lot of young kids and families into the WWE Universe. Many of those children will be looking to dress up like their favorite WWE superstar for Halloween. Here is a rundown of the top WWE Halloween costumes for 2014.

John Cena – The number one hero to WWE children comes in as the top choice for WWE costumes this Halloween season. I am not a Cena fan but I will admit that the guy presents some really cute costume options for kids. These will go fast so I’d highly recommend that you order yours as soon as possible.

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[adinserter block=”1″]Rey Mysterio – He may be trying to get out of his WWE contract and he may not have been inside the ring for months, but Rey still ranks high as a favorite costume among WWE fans and offers several designs to aspiring young luchadores. Mysterio costumes have been hot for over a decade and even last year I remember a couple of different kids coming to house in these costumes. The flying luchadore does make for a fun costume.

Check out the collection of Rey Mysterio costumes and masksand get ready to lace up those boots!

Sin Cara – Like Rey, Sin Cara is a gimmick designed for Halloween costumes. The flashy high-flyer offers trick or treater a cool mask and colorful attire at reasonable prices. There is a reason that Sin Cara remains a productive merchandise seller regardless of his place on the cards.

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Hulk Hogan – I had no idea that the Hulkster was still among the popular costumes for WWE kids. I have to admit that I love the costume. The outfit is pretty cool and it’s always nice to pay homage to the legends of the squared circle. This is a great way to get those big 24 inch pythons without any vitamins or prayers.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin – Beer is not included in this child costume. The Texas Rattlesnake remains one of the most popular WWE stars yet it even surprised me that he had a costume marketed to kids in 2014. Imagine how popular this costume will be next year if Vince McMahon can convince Stone Cold to get back into the ring one more time at WrestleMania 31.

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Kane – The “demon” Kane remains a hot Halloween costume among WWE’s young fan base. Kane is available in several designs which unfortunately do not include corporate Kane. There is always hope for next year!

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Sting – The former WCW superstar is surprisingly one of the most popular costumes this year for wrestling fans. As a matter of a fact as of this writing there is a shortage on costumes as several online retailers are out of stock. I have to be honest. I don’t get it but it is interesting nonetheless. There is an even adult Sting costume for those of you closet WCW fans that prefer to keep your identities hidden.

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