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WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch Arrested Following a Three-Car DUI Accident

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Lynn Sytch has to lead herself into massive legal trouble. According to several reports the wrestler has been involved in a car accident that lead to the death of an individual. Tammy was concomitant to the crash of three car pile up that occurred in States Road 40’s north.

The crash happened on 25th March. However, the case was going on since then. Subsequently, Tammy has been arrested now and is in police custody. The deceased was named Julian Lasseter. Reports have revealed that it was a massive collision. Accordingly, two cars were standing at the red light when Sytch’s car entered. Tammy failed to stop her car and her carelessness lead to the collision.

This resulted in the death of one person. Sytch was immediately rushed to the hospital after the collision. She was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center nearby only. According to the legal procedures happening, the WWE fame’s alcohol level was tested.

Surprisingly, her alcohol level was three and a half times more than the actual prescribed level by the government. Hence, this was the case of drink and drive as Sytch was intoxicated to a greater extent which lead to the death of an individual. As soon as the news spread all the citizens were disappointed with Tammy’s behavior as she was so many’s favorites.

Her carelessness and irresponsibility have led to the death of an individual and further, a case was also registered against her. Tammy faced several charges against her. She is facing DUI i.e. causing death while driving with a suspended license, DUI causing personal harm, and DUI causing property damage. When asked about the same, no official statement has been given by her agents.

Officers stated that the investigation was still ongoing and that additional information would be given on Monday. Sytch was a former WWE wrestler, ring announcer, and valet who also worked as an adult entertainer. Sunny was the first World Wrestling Federation Diva, and she rose to fame in the 1990s as Sunny.

In 2011, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and she left the sport in 2018. To supplement her income, Sytch began traveling with her lover Chris Candido. She signed a six-month deal with Smoky Mountain Wrestling in late 1992. Tammy Fytch was her debut cinematic appearance in 1993. She portrayed a villain who was a Hillary Clinton fan.

Due to the absence of important female positions, she threatened to bring a sexual discrimination case in her first storyline with the firm. In June 1993, at Eastern Championship Wrestling’s Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular event, an anonymous Sytch made a cameo appearance.

Sytch helped Brian Lee win the Heavyweight Championship and began to support Candido in his fights. By May 1994, she was managing the two men as a tag team, which defeated The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express to win the Tag Team Championship. However, in early 1995, both Sytch and Candido left the promotion for jobs with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).



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