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WWE Hall Of Famer Criticizes Wellness Policy

The Road WarriorsA recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee is calling out the WWE and openly questioning the current Wellness Policy. “If anybody thinks that everybody there is 100-percent clean, they’ve got be smoking something,” says Joe Laurinaitis.

Joe Laurinaitis otherwise known as Animal of the Road Warriors, has expressed his doubts about the Wellness Policy in a recent interview. The 2011 WWE Hall of Fame inductee told Power Slam magazine that he has a hard time believing everyone is clean and questions how serious the WWE really is about enforcing its policy.

[adinserter block=”2″]”Let’s be totally honest with people right now. Look at the guys that are in [WWE] now. If anybody thinks that everybody there is 100-percent clean, they’ve got be smoking something,” the former Road Warrior Animal said.

“I know they get drug tested and they do catch people, and people do get suspended, but I really don’t believe that everybody gets drug tested on the same level. I know the look of a person who looks like they’ve been on or off [steroids].”

If there is anyone that would know about using steroids in professional wrestling it would be Laurinaitis. The former Road Warrior helped usher the era of the muscle heads into professional wrestling along with his partner Hawk (the late Mike Hegstrand). The two power lifters have both openly admitted their use of steroids throughout their professional wrestling career. Although Animal sees a difference between his usage and alleged steroids use today in professional wrestling.

“When we took them, it was totally legal to carry them on you.”

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I don’t know how entirely true that is. The Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 made possession punishable by up to a year in prison and a fine of at least $1000. I grew up watching the Road Warriors and they didn’t exactly shrink in 1990. He has said in other interviews that they took steroids with doctor’s supervision. I don’t want to parse words because quite honestly, his history of use doesn’t change the idea that the current WWE Wellness Policy is questionable at best.

[adinserter block=”1″]I don’t want to make any accusations but it really is hard to believe that there is even such a policy in place. There are plenty of red flags on television every week that give you pause when you think about the policy. It is interesting that someone in Animal’s position would call the company out on this being that he was just recently inducted into the Hall of Fame and is booked for several upcoming WWE appearances in conjunction with the release of his new book. Laurinaitis’ brother John also just happens to be the current Executive Vice President of WWE Talent Relations.

It should also be noted that former WWE and WCW champion Kevin Nash said in a recent interview that he was told former WCW champion Lex Luger is now in charge of the Wellness Policy. Nobody has outright confirmed that and knowing Nash’s tendency to have a little fun, it could have been a rib.

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  1. I think it should be the responsibility of the WWE and MLB and the NFL to police themselves about this sort of thing. The thing I hate most about this steroid stuff is not that they've "betrayed anyone" but that they're going to face hard time due to them lying to some FBI agents. I mean really doesn't the government and the FBI have REAL shit to do? F&ck off with this protecting the athletes crap and leave them be…no one should do hard time ever for doing a drug that only hurts themselves.


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