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WWE Hall of Fame: Sting Gets the Call, But Who is Next?

Now that the cat is out of the bag, let me be one of the thousands to congratulate Sting on being the first inductee of the 2016 Hall of Fame class. A well-deserved honor for one of wrestling’s true legends. The Icon and savior of WCW came full circle when he wrestled Triple H at WrestleMania last year and stood toe to toe with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions. Now that he finally stood inside a WWE ring, it is only fitting such an honor be bestowed upon him.

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For 14 years, sports-entertainment fans the world over could only dream of Sting competing inside a WWE ring. In 2015, The Icon added that missing accolade to his legendary resume by competing on The Grandest Stage of Them All at WrestleMania 31. This year, on the eve of WrestleMania 32, Sting will receive an even bigger honor and take his rightful place in sports-entertainment history, as he is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

I wonder, out loud, if this would have happened had he not wrestled for the company he so definitely opposed for all those years. He was instrumental in the “Monday Night Wars” and helped establish TNA as a semi-solid niche’ promotion. While other former WCW superstars made the “jump” when Vince McMahon bought the struggling promotion, it was Sting who stood his ground and would not waver.

Does the move also mean that the end is near or has come for the man WCW dubbed, “The Franchise?”

Sting held a total of 15 championships in the promotion – including the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on six occasions, the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship on two occasions, and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on one occasion.

Sting has won the TNA World Championship on four occasions and is also the first inductee to the TNA Hall of Fame.

Now that the announcement has been made and the character Steve Borden can rejoice, who will be next to get the call? Like I have written about before, the induction for the WWE Hall of Fame is no different than other such “sports” in that politics play a huge role in who gets in and who is left off the ballot. While there are honorees that make so much sense, they need no explanation, there are others we all scratch our heads over and then there are those who haven’t gotten their yet.

There is plenty of talk and speculation that Owen Hart may get in this year, as well as the Hart Foundation. While I agree that Hart is deserving and Jim Neidhart was instrumental with Bret Hart as a superior tag team, there are others who are just as worthy. Factor in that the British Bulldog and Dynamite Kid also deserve a spot and then you have a bit of controversy. Is it all or nothing with the Hart Family?

I’ll leave that one on the page for you all to contemplate. There are a few others who should have already been inducted. WWE has a policy of only inducting one wrestler posthumously a year, so if Hart does get in, then Rick Rude and Ray Stevens once again are left out after they may be considered more deserving of the honor.

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What happens to the likes of Ivan Koloff and Honkytonk Man – two greats who haven’t been honored yet? And when it comes to tag teams, DX, Demolition, the Midnight Express and the Rock and Roll Express are more than worthy. And here is something to think about too. Since Barry Windham, the Four Horsemen and Blackjack Mulligan are all in the Hall of Fame and Mulligan’s grandsons – Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas – are currently wrestling in the promotion, will Mike Rotunda (also known as I.R.S) hear his name at some point?

Too many decisions to make, especially when you know someone worthy will be left out. But for now, let’s enjoy the fact Sting has rightfully been honored and wait to see what happens next. Oh, let the controversy begin.

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