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Where Does The WWE Go From Here?

The carnage left by wrestlers and the WWE in the wake of Extreme Rules has opened the door for new feuds, continuing feuds and the birth of potentially a unification of mid-level titles.

[adinserter block=”1″]With “Payback” on the horizon, it is a great time to jump back on the WWE and professional bandwagon of sorts. Extreme Rules did exactly what it was supposed to do on screen and backstage created more drama after the program that any soap opera and reality television program would love to get its hands on.

Two pay-per-views, two success stories. Slowly, the WWE is pulling its own ass out from under a rock.

I am cautiously optimistic, but I also know that quicker than a Jake Roberts DDT, things change in this company – leaving us wondering why things change and what the hell happened to stars we just saw at the top of the company’s food chain. In the end, everything happens for a reason, and lessons are learned as the WWE moves forward toward the next pay-per-view.

New Title Holders

Finally, the WWE has done the right thing and put the mid-card straps – the Intercontinental Title and the United States Championship on Wade Barrett and Sheamus. I have been waiting to see these two men from across the pond get back into the ring and kick the crap out of opponents – or each other. I even suggested once that they become tag team partners. For now, they are foes. In a few months – who knows?

With Barrett winning and Sheamus gaining a victory does this mean the two men can not only make each title mean something, but could it lead to a unification of the belts, with the Intercontinental strap becoming the second most important title in the business again after many years?

I like the chances of this becoming a major focus of SummerSlam.

Women Unite

The win by Paige did a lot to solidify the Divas in the WWE. Not that the win will bring the Bellas and the new Divas Champion closer together, but what it did do, especially in a match with Tamina, is prove there are women who can WRESTLE. I have been preaching this for months that the division needs revision. The fact AJ Lee is not on the dance card right now means other wrestlers have to step and fast.

Tamina should be the champion in this division, but it is nice to see other wrestlers get a push and are able to take the bull by the horns and showcase.

Questions about Evolution

Now that it appears Dave Batista is done with his time in the WWE, what happens to Evolution? Why can’t the company take this great idea for a new “old” program and help it grow? Since several reports have Batista leaving the WWE after what was a great showing by Evolution members Triple H, Randy Orton and The Animal, what happens to Orton? Does he get another title shot at Daniel Bryan after Kane?

Would he and Roman Reigns be a good fit for war as the company figures out what to do with the overload of talent on its current roster? If Evolution should continue as a group, would Cody Rhodes be someone the power of the WWE looks to as an heir?

[adinserter block=”2″]Personally, I love the idea of Rhodes joining the faction, which would set up nicely for a brother vs. brother feud and the return of the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes to try and save the day. Only in the WWE can you have this much drama with only minimal return.

And no, you cannot make this stuff up.
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  1. Tamina should not be champion, she just isn’t that impressive. I think that the other Diva’s have shown more talent and I would love to see more from them. Where is the Bella vs Bella and how about getting Naomi some more action. She was killing it before the eye thing.


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