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WWE: Giving Dean Ambrose A Chance and Remembering Owen Hart

Did the WWE throw Dean Ambrose a bone by putting him in the fix for the WWE World Title at the Payback pay-per-view or does the company have some inkling of a program between the Lunatic Fringe and the current champion, Seth Rollins?

[adinserter block=”1″]Here’s hoping this leads to a rekindling of the feud between the former Shield members that took the roof off of the company last year when the two faced each other in the ring. The WWE needs a 5-star worthy feud to whet the appetite of the fans since Vince McMahon is still trying to push Roman Reigns down our throats as a serious contender for the strap.

The addition of Ambrose to the mix leads me to believe there won’t be a title run for Reigns anytime soon and in my opinion, that’s just fine.

The one thing Ambrose and Rollins do as a package better than most rivalries is they tell a story. They have chemistry in the ring, which aside from a handful of competitors in the past, that is rare. Looking at the current state of the upcoming PPV, the idea of putting Ambrose in the ring with Randy Orton and Reigns against the champion stacks the deck for Rollins, but it will also showcase how good the two are in the ring. Reigns and Orton are robotic in their movements. Orton has worked on it in the past five years but because of his size and his character, there are still some deficiencies.

When I think of chemistry in the ring, I think of Rock/Austin or HBK/Owen Hart or the best of the best in Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair. Those matches and feuds will never be replaced. John Cena and CM Punk had that, but the company took their rivalry away in putting both competitors in other spots during their tenure together. Both Ambrose and Rollins are young enough that if the WWE lets them grow together, it is a feud that could have some legs and become a staple of the next few years.

The worst thing the WWE could do is build Ambrose up to be a potential rival for the title and then have him work one PPV with Rollins, only to turn back to Orton and Reigns as the only two performers the company thinks the fans want to see in the ring with the current champ.


Today would have been Owen Hart’s 49th birthday. The late great member of the Hart Family lost his life in 1999 and frankly, the world of wrestling in the WWE has never been the same.

[adinserter block=”2″]Hart could have been the face of the company, surpassing the work of his brother Bret and becoming one of the greatest of all time. His work in the ring was pristine, his character on point. We only have the chance to think of what could have been, and realize too many of our favorites left the business too early. A WWE with Hart, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero would have looked a lot different than the programming we see today. It also may have given us pause to see more champions and Cena’s title reigns may have been shorter.

Randy Orton may not have carried the strap as many times and there may have been more technical wrestling featured than the high-flying antics we see today.

I did not appreciate his work until after his death. After seeing him in matches with Bret and as a tag team specialist, he really could have been the best this company had to offer.

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