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WWE: General Thoughts Moving Forward

Even with the sudden changes to Survivor Series and the creation of the WWE World Title Tournament, WWE is still dealing with ratings issues for Monday Night Raw.

According to a story on F4Wonline.com, “Even on a night built around the first round of the WWE title tournament, Raw was down from last week’s 3.24 million viewers to 3.16 million this week, featuring the lowest viewed hour (hour three) in modern non-holiday history.”

The hourly breakdown is even worse:

Hour one: 3.48 million; Hour two: 3.17 million; Hour three: 2.86 million

How can the company, which showcased both Undertaker and Kane in the final hour to confront the Wyatt Family, fix the problems that exist? The question still has not been answered.

My guess is it has a lot to do with the idea we already know the outcome to Survivor Series in Atlanta. Regardless of what WWE is selling the fans on television leading up to the pay-per-view, knowing Roman Reigns will walk out of Atlanta with the title is not an appealing thought for the fans. Also knowing a probable heel turn by Dean Ambrose is event waiting to happen. There is no suspense, there is no drama.

Anything short of a John Cena heel turn would shoot ratings through the roof.


See how I did that?

Anyway, of all the people who seem to be in favor of John Cena turning heel none may be more behind the move than Hulk Hogan. The man who turned his back on the fans and created the New World Order, subsequently kicking Vince McMahon’s butt each week during the Monday Night Wars, thinks it would be a good thing for the business.

Yeah, I mean, God, I hate to keep saying it, “Never say never.” With Vince McMahon’s machine and the WWE and the writers and John Cena’s talent. If he were to turn heel and WWE let him go, let John go and pull that edge out of John. Ooh boy, he’d be a good heel!

The comments were made when Hogan was recently interviewed by Radio Yorkshire to promote his one man show appearance at the Sheffield Arena.

The comments appear in a blog on wrestlezone.com by Nick Hausman.

Is this the shot WWE needs to wake the fans up? Will Cena switching sides bring the masses back? Hogan’s heel turn is considered the biggest event in wrestling history. Cena’s appeal to the masses is on the same plane as Hogan – where he is a major part of mainstream entertainment. Would the move sink his projects outside WWE and an acting career that isn’t on par with The Rock, but is successful?


James Storm is still said to be negotiating with WWE about potentially jumping ship from TNA to NXT while AJ Styles is still being rumored to want to come to NXT, but nothing has been discussed by the wrestler and WWE officials.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, no contact had been made with Styles as of November 9th. AJ’s New Japan Pro Wrestling deal expires in January.

The Observer also reported that James Storm is still in talks with WWE but he has not signed a contract as of this week.

Both superstars would be a welcomed addition to the company by the fans. Like I have discussed before, with the current state of the WWE and NXT rosters, would performers from TNA and other promotions (Storm, Styles, Jeff Hardy, Ethan Carter, III) help boost ratings?

It’s a topic that will be debated until WWE signs stars and sees how fans either get behind the move or show opposition.

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