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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results & Report September 14

sheamus vs. Daniel bryanThe 9-14-12 edition o WWE Friday Night SmackDown! opens with a Brogue Kick montage. Even Rocky had a montage. Montage! This then leads into a video of a legal meeting between David Otunga, Sheamus, Ricardo Rodriguez, Sheamus’ lawyer. Sheamus ends up Brogue Kicking the camera.

Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo and Otunga are already in the ring, with both Ricardo and Otunga in neck braces. ADR says he wants to give credit to Booker T for banning the Brogue Kick before, during and after matches. He wants to let Ricardo tell everyone how he feels. Ricardo thanks everyone for their support, especially is his mom and his Chihuahua. Otunga takes over now and calls RAW GM AJ Lee irresponsible. Otunga is an officer of the court, and Sheamus is a reckless hooligan. Putting them in a match together on RAW was a poor decision from a deranged individual. He has neck damage, but much like Ricardo, he’ll recover handsomely. ADR says these two are not the only ones suffering from the effects of the Brogue Kick. We then see video of Sheamus hitting the move on Christian at last year’s Night of Champions. ADR then welcomes, via satellite, Christian. Christian appears on-screen, with his arm in a sling. Otunga says Christian has had shoulder surgery, but he hasn’t been competing at 100% for some time now. Christian cuts him off and says he’s one of the toughest guys there is. And Del Rio, Christian doesn’t like him, and hopes Sheamus beats him on Sunday. He’s not doing this for them or himself; he’s doing this for the other superstars who are afraid to take a stand. Last year, he was a 2-time World Champion, on his way to 3-time, when he was dropped by the Brogue Kick. He hasn’t been the same since. The nerve damage is now requiring surgeries, and combined with the other injuries the Brogue Kick has caused has cut off a year of his career. He likes and respects Sheamus, but in regards to the move, he thinks it should be banned. Otunga thanks him and has the video feed cut. ADR continues to call the move dangerous, saying Booker T made the right decision. At Night of Champions, he will take the World title away from that peasant.

Daniel Bryan now makes his way out. He begins yelling “No!” at crowd chanting “Yes!” at him. He thanks the three of the guys in the ring for bringing this case to light. Much like them, he’s also been a victim. Otunga said he’d recover handsomely, but people say Bryan has a goat face. If that’s true, it’s because Sheamus has kicked him in the face so many times. He’d also like to thank Booker T, as Bryan has been granted a Wrestlemania rematch tonight. He didn’t ask for a rematch because the Brogue Kick has been banned; he asked for the rematch because he wanted to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that when Sheamus beat him in 18 seconds, it’s because he caught Bryan by surprise, and that won’t happen again tonight.

[adinserter block=”2″]Sheamus comes out onto the stage. Is Bryan saying if the Brogue Kick had been banned at Wrestlemania, he wouldn’t have been caught by surprise? He tells some story about his aunt and uncle that I didn’t get all of. Anyway, Bryan lost because of Sheamus, and when he beats “Danny Boy” tonight and “Berty” on Sunday, the world will learn that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Sheamus then walks down to the ring, jumps on the apron, grabs Otunga by the neckbrace and rips it off him, hotshotting the neck in the process.

Sin Cara vs. The Miz is next.

MATCH 1: Sin Cara vs. Intercontinental Champion The Miz (non-title)
Miz boots Cara down right away, then stomps on him several times. Suplex gets 2. Cara sends Miz to the floor with a hurricanrana, but Miz blocks a suicide dive attempt with a forearm through the ropes. Commercials.

Back from the break, Miz goes for a cover and gets 2. Camel clutch is applied, but Cara won’t be humbled tonight. He fights out, but runs right into a kitchen sink. Miz lands some mounted punches, then throws Cara to the corner for various strikes. Miz signals for the hanging clothesline, which connects. Up top, Miz hits a double axe handle for 2. Rear chinlock applied now, but Cara fights out and counters a kitchen sink with a schoolboy for 2. Miz ducks a clothesline and hits the Reality Check for 2. Anyone else think Miz looks a lot like comedian Christian Finnegan, who in turn looks like Thomas F. Wilson (Biff in the Back to the Future films)? Cara gets to the corner, where he is able to dodge the hanging clothesline the second time. He follows up by kicking Miz in the left leg several times, but misses the handspring elbow. Miz goes for a big boot and Cara ducks, hitting a springboard hurricanrana. Cara hits the apron kick and goes for a boot in the corner, but Miz blocks. Skull-Crushing Finale is set up, but Cara counters into a satellite armbar, which he then turns into a La Magistral for the 3.

WINNER: Sin Cara.

Later tonight, Randy Orton faces Tensai, plus Sheamus/Bryan.

Matt Striker stops Miz in the back. He asks Miz about his bad streak, and wants to know his opinion on his yet-to-be-named opponent for NoC. Cody Rhodes walks up and Miz tells Striker to ask a certain someone why they attacked Miz from behind Monday night. Rhodes says he did it because he wants the IC title back. Rey Mysterio walks in and says he pinned Miz last week in a tag match, which should give him a title match. Sin Cara walks in and just points at the belt. Miz says he would have beaten all of them if the title had been on the line in those matches. Teddy Long walks in and says Miz may be able to beat all of them, but can he beat all of them at one time? On behalf of Booker T, Miz will defend against the three of them in a fatal 4-way match.

We see Dr. Shelby with Kane, and he’s having Kane squeeze a stress ball. Daniel Bryan says Kane is squeezing with the wrong hand. Speaking of things wrong, what happened Monday night? They then argue about both wanting to be a Tag Team Champion. Shelby stops them and says he sees they both have balls (Bryan has a stress ball in his hand. Ha). Shelby gave them both balls, because when they squeeze them, it helps them feel better. Squeeze the balls, and feel the anger wash away. There you go. Relax and squeeze. Bryan smiles at Kane, and Kane says his is bigger than Bryan’s.

MATCH 2: WWE Tag Team Co-Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Kane
Kofi ducks a clothesline and kicks Kane in the legs. He hits a forearm off the ropes, and Kane is still standing. Dropkick connects, and Kane responds with an uppercut. Gut shots in the corner, followed by another uppercut. Snapmare and low dropkick gets 2. Kane drops Kofi with a corner clothesline. He hits another one and goes for a sidewalk slam, but Kofi counters into a DDT. He goes for Trouble, but Kane intercepts him with a throat grab. Kofi escapes the chokeslam and runs to the corner, where he hits the Pendulum. Up top, Kofi dives off, but is caught by a chokeslam for the 3.

WINNER: Kane. After the match, Dr. Shelby comes onto the stage and makes a frowny face at Kane. Kane looks at him, gets back in the ring, picks Kofi up by the throat and hugs him. Dr. Shelby approves.

Matt Striker is in the back wit…take a wild guess. He asks Randy Orton about his match with Ziggler at NoC, wanting to know why Orton requested the match with Tensai tonight. Orton says neither of them were doing anything tonight, so what the hell? As for Ziggler on Sunday, he’s looking forward to it. Orton then rambles on about Ziggler cashing in on Sheamus. If Ziggler is successful, he faces Orton later in the night in what becomes a title match, and Orton walks away as champion. He wants to tear Ziggler a new one.

MATCH 3: Randy Orton vs. Tensai (w/Sakamoto)
Tensai with a tie-up, and he backs Orton into the corner, where he unleashes some strikes. Tensai blocks a clothesline, but Orton spins around and hits a back elbow before connecting with some rights. Tensai swats away a dropkick, but then misses an elbow. Orton looks for the jumping kneedrop, but Tensai blocks it. Orton manages to break free and drop a few knees, but Tensai gets back up and nails an uppercut. More corner strikes by Tensai, and Orton tries a comeback with a European uppercut. Tensai shakes it off and throws Orton to the adjacent corner for some headbutts. Orton ducks a punch and hits some of his own, followed by two corner clotheslines. However, Tensai is back on offense quickly with a shoulderblock that sends Orton to the floor. Tensai throws Orton back in the ring, but Orton cuts him off on the apron with some shots, turns him around, and hits some European uppercuts to the back of the head. A dropkick sends Tensai to the floor and into the barricade. Commercials.

Back from break, and Tensai nails Orton with an avalanche. Vader Bomb connects for 2. Tensai with some forearms to the back of the head. Trapezius claw is now applied, Orton fights out and hits a powerslam. Tensai rolls to the apron, where he’s met with the suspended DDT for 2. Orton hits the Garvin Stomp. Sakamoto tries a distraction, but is punched off the apron. Tensai counters an RKO with the tree slam and signals for the running senton, but Orton moves out of the way and nails the RKO for the 3.

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WINNER: Randy Orton. As Orton is celebrating, Vickie Guerrero comes out and says Dolph Ziggler heard what Orton said earlier and didn’t appreciate them. Ziggler had no problem being here tonight, but took the night off under Vickie’s advisement. As far as NoC goes, Ziggler will defeat him, and between Vickie and Orton, Orton will never be a champion again. Orton says she’s wrong. Now, with him having his back turned and talking to her, it can only mean one thing…sure enough, Ziggler starts to slide into the ring, but Orton sees him coming. Ziggler bails, running up the ramp.

Antonio Cesaro is in the ring with Aksana. As a proud US Champion, he is appalled a battle royal will decide his opponent at NoC. He takes it as a personal insult, and there’s only one word that can describe how he’s feeling. He then says he’s outraged in English, Italian, German, Swiss and French. He then begins to yell in Swiss, but Tyson Kidd’s music cuts him off. Kidd says he can run his mouth in as many languages as he wants, but Kidd will put it in Canadian: after this Sunday, he will be a former US Champion, ey. Kidd gets in the ring, and Cesaro nails him with the mic before throwing him to the floor over the top rope. Anyone else? No one comes out, so Cesaro starts to leave. Before he can leave, Brodus Clay makes his way down. Cesaro turns around into a kick by Kidd, which allows Clay to drop Cesaro with a headbutt and hit Ah, Funk It. Kidd and Clay then dance.

Wade Barrett makes his way out. Last week, he officially declared Wade Barrett was open for business. Unfortunately, everyone was either too scared or too stupid to understand what he meant. So, next week, one lucky person will get to “sample” the product. After that, mark his words, business will be booming.

MATCH 3: Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix
Beth starts off with a side headlock. Kaitlyn tries to get out, so Beth locks her in a backslide for 1. Back up, Beth nails a kick to the gut. Kaitlyn responds with her own kick and a European uppercut. Beth shoves her off out of the corner, and then props her on the apron. Kaitlyn slides through the legs into a pin for 2. She follows up with a jackknife for 2. Beth counters into an over-the-shoulder backbreaker submission, but Kaitlyn slides out and hits a shoulderblock. Kaitlyn ducks a clothesline and looks for a roll-up, but Beth runs to the ropes and ducks, causing Kaitlyn to go throat-first into the top rope. Kick to the gut and a hair whip by Beth. Pin gets 2. Rear chinlock is applied before Beth throws her to the corner. Kaitlyn mounts the middle rope, and Beth whips her down to the mat. Beth goes for the Glam Slam, but Kaitlyn escapes and hits an inverted DDT for the 3.

WINNER: Kaitlyn.

We get a get well message for Jerry “The King” Lawler before going into the RAW Rebound. From everything I’ve seen, Lawler is recovering very nicely, and has even been told he should be able to wrestle again after he gets out of the hospital, should he choose to do so. That is great to hear, and I’m glad Jerry is doing okay.

Eve Torres and Booker T are in Book’s office, and she compliments him on his decision to ban the Brogue Kick. He compliments Eve on doing a good job. Teddy Long pipes in and says he made the right decision also. Book compliments him on the job he’s doing, too. Eve says that she and Book have some business to take care of, so Book leaves Teddy hanging on a fist bump attempt.

[adinserter block=”1″]MATCH 4: World Champion Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan (non-title)
Bryan and Sheamus start by trading arm wringers, and Sheamus goes into a side headlock before hitting a shoulder off the ropes. ADR, Otunga and Ricardo are watching the match on a monitor in the back. Another side headlock/shoulder sequence, and it’s followed by a crisscross, ending in a rolling fireman’s carry slam by Sheamus for 2. Bryan eats a back elbow off the ropes, and a clothesline sends Bryan to the floor. Sheamus heads out, and Bryan trips him on the apron. On the floor, Bryan hits a running seated dropkick. Back in the ring, Bryan hits a corner dropkick for 1. Bryan hits an over-the-shoulder armbreaker, on the arm Sheamus injured on the apron fall a moment ago. No! Kicks to the chest, and another armbreaker. Bryan gets a hammerlock in, and Sheamus breaks free with some back elbows before running into a kitchen sink. Bryan misses a second corner dropkick, and Sheamus backflips to the top for the Battering Ram, which connects. Sheamus hits a pair of Irish Hammers, a shoulder thrust in the corner and a running knee lift. Bryan escapes the tilt-a-whirl powerslam attempt, but gets nailed with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker instead. Sheamus looks for the Texas clover leaf, but Bryan kicks him off. Bryan hits a shoulder to the gut on the apron, but Sheamus meets him with a knee on the second attempt. Tied-up forearms come next, and Sheamus gets all 10. Bryan ducks a clothesline, and a schoolboy gets 2. Bryan lands a Buzzsaw to the head for 2. Bryan hits the No! Kicks, but Sheamus blocks the last one. Bryan hits an elbow and jumps off the middle rope. Sheamus catches him in the Irish Curse, and Bryan counters into a guillotine. Sheamus throws Bryan over his shoulders, who hangs on for a roll-up for 2. Bryan tries for the No! Lock, and Sheamus throws him into the ropes, catching him with the Irish Curse. Texas clover leaf is applied, and Bryan eventually taps.

WINNER: Sheamus.

End of show.

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