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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results & Report October 5 – Punk Defeats Ziggler

ziggler vs. punkWe start this edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown! with the new #1 contender to the World title, The Big Show. In four weeks at HIAC, he has the opportunity to regain the title when he faces Sheamus. On Monday, Sheamus was joking around, showing his confidence in the process. He thinks he has a plan, but so does everyone until they get punched in the mouth. Sheamus hasn’t had the misfortune of having his skull caved in by Show’s face. When Show becomes champion at the PPV, he joins a very elite group of victims. We see a video package for the carnage (credit: Jim Ross) he’s caused over the past few months or so. Everyone in the video had something in common-Show’s fist hit all of them in the mouth.

On this note, Sheamus makes his way out. Sheamus thanks Show for the head’s up. He agrees he wasn’t being serious on Monday, but he’ll be serious now. HIAC will be the biggest fight of his life, so he wanted to come down here and say to shows face, may the best man win. Sheamus offers a handshake, but Show blows him off and leaves the ring. Sheamus tells Show he’s right in that everyone has a plan. Daniel Bryan had a plan at TLC last year. Let’s see how that worked out. We then get footage of Show winning the World title from Mark Henry, only to lose it to Bryan 45 seconds later. Sheamus calls that rough before saying Bryan had a plan at Wrestlemania. Let’s see how that worked out. You know what comes next. Show climbs back in the ring on seeing that and offers a handshake. This time, Sheamus snubs him.

[adinserter block=”2″]Later tonight, Show faces Tensai in a rare heel vs. heel match. Sheamus will also face IC Champion The Miz.

MATCH 1-Tag team tournament quarterfinal: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. The Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young)
This is the final quarterfinal match in the tournament. The Rhodes Scholars advanced last week, Mysterio/Cara beat Epico/Primo on Monday night, and Marella/Ryder beat International Airstrike this past Wednesday on the premier of WWE Main Event. Kofi and Young start off. Kofi immediately goes for a side headlock. Crisscross ends in a Kofi seated dropkick for 1. Truth tags in, and they hit a double falling hip toss. Kofi hits a kick to the chest, and Truth follows with the dancing legdrop for 2. Young powers Truth to his corner and tags in Titus. Truth fights the heel team off for a moment, but Titus boots him in the gut before landing a gutbuster for 2. Titus stomps Truth and Young boots him in the face behind the ref’s back. Titus goes for a pin, but Truth is too close to the ropes. Young tags back in, and Titus drops him with a gourdbuster on Truth for 2. Young gets Truth in a waistlock. Truth fights out, but Young drops him with a kneelift. Young goes to the ropes, and Truth catches him with a jumping side kick. Kofi tags in, and immediately hits a springboard clothesline. He knocks Titus to the floor before hitting Young with a clothesline, back elbow and dropkick. Jumping clothesline follows, as does the Boom Drop. TIS is signaled, but Titus causes a distraction before Kofi can go for it. Truth takes Titus out as Young charges in on Kofi. Kofi moves and Young goes into the ropes. Kofi tries for TIS on the rebound, but Young sees it coming and holds onto the ropes. Kofi misses a side kick, and Titus trips him up. This allows Young to hit Forever Young for the 3.

WINNERS: The Prime Time Players, who move on to face Mysterio/Cara next week.

Up next, Ryback is in action.

MATCH 2: Primo (w/Epico and Rosa Mendes) vs. Ryback
Primo starts off with a waistlock, which Ryback easily breaks and turns into a back body drop. Primo goes for a side headlock, and Ryback pushes him off into the ropes, nailing a big boot on the rebound. Ryback grabs Primo by the ears and begins slamming his head into the mat. He then grabs Primo around the head and throws him face-first into the mat. Primo counters a tilt-a-whirl with a chopblock, then begins to work on Ryback’s knee. Seated dropkick to the face by Primo, and now a front chancery is applied. Ryback throws him off face-first before connecting with the lariat. Hard corner whip, and Primo rolls to the floor. He and his partners tell Ryback they’re leaving, so Ryback heads outside and drops Epico. He blocks a punch by Primo and gorilla presses him back into the ring. Meat Hook connects, followed by Shell Shocked and the 3.

WINNER: Ryback.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman enter the building. Heyman is looking for Dolph Ziggler’s dressing room.

MATCH 3: Layla vs. Alicia Fox
Alicia Fox still works here? Sweet L. Ron Hubbard, fire her already. Layla immediately goes for a roll-up, getting 1. Tie-up, and Layla breaks it with an armdrag. Fox goes to the corner and splits over a charging Layla, getting her in a sunset flip. Layla rolls through and lands a low seated dropkick. She counters a hip toss into a weird roll-up for 2. Fox blocks a kick and chop-blocks Layla’s bad leg. Fox works over the leg now, then slaps her on the ass. Yeah, okay. Fox hits a northern lights suplex for 2. Fox applies some kind of a leglock, which looks like she went for a standing figure-4 but had no clue how to apply it. She attempts to grab the rope for leverage, but accidentally breaks the hold instead. Moron. Layla fires off a couple kicks, but Fox throws her to the corner. Layla hits the springboard cross-body before connecting with a roundhouse for the 3.

WINNER: Layla. Matt Striker goes for an interview about the Divas Championship. Layla tells Eve that the way she won the belt will make it so much better when she loses it.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero are walking when they are stopped by Punk and Heyman. Punk complains about being left high and dry on Monday because his old lady screwed up. Ziggler brings up Heyman doing the same thing a couple weeks ago. Punk is the champion, and Vickie needs to teach Ziggler something about respect. Booker T breaks things up and says he appreciates Punk showing up, but he’s not going to raise hell without repercussions. He sees we have beef here, so how about Punk and Ziggler settle it in the ring tonight. Hey, that’s a great main event in my book.

MATCH 4: Wade Barrett vs. Random Local Jobber
Cut-away promo for Barrett. He has crushed everyone since returning. He amuses himself when he sees how many suffer from the Barrett Barrage. Barrett boots Jobber in the stomach, then hits some corner gut shots. He ducks a clothesline and drops Jobber with a mule kick. Pumphandle slam before standing on Jobber’s neck. He screams, “Look at me! That’s a man!” before picking Jobber back up. Jobber hits a few punches and an uppercut, but that just pisses Barrett off, who picks Jobber up and sets him on the top rope before shoving him to the floor. Barrett throws Jobber back in the ring and knocks him out with the Souvenir.

WINNER: Wade Barrett.

MATCH 5-Champion vs. Champion: World Champion Sheamus vs. Intercontinental Champion The Miz (non-title)
Miz starts with kicks and punches in the corner. Sheamus counters with his own shots. Back elbow off the ropes by Sheamus. Kneedrop gets 1. Miz fights off the tied-up forearms and charges in. Sheamus catches him in a fireman’s carry, but Miz slides out and throws Sheamus to the floor. Sheamus tries to re-enter the ring twice, but Miz knees him back down both times. Miz heads out and sends Sheamus into the post. Back in the ring, Miz gets 1. Miz hits a running boot for another 1, and now a rear chinlock is applied. Sheamus fights out, but Miz hits the Reality Check for 2. Rear chinlock once again, but Sheamus fights out, hits two Irish Hammers, a shoulder thrust in the corner and a running kneelift. Rolling fireman’s carry slam connects this time. Miz blocks the Irish Curse and dropkicks Sheamus in the knee. Snap DDT connects for 2. Sheamus crawls to the corner, where he counters the hanging clothesline with the Irish Curse. Tied-up forearms now, followed by White Noise. He signals for the Brogue Kick, but Big Show’s music hits before he can connect. He gets on the apron and knocks Miz out with the WMD.

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WINNER VIA DISQUALIFICATION: The Miz. Show walks away, asking Sheamus if he’s taking Show seriously now.

Back from commercials, David Otunga is in the ring. He introduces himself and says he’s requested some time to speak to us on behalf of the locker room. He addresses what happened last week after SD! went off the air, when Alberto Del Rio continued his attack on Randy Orton. Otunga thanks ADR for what he did. Orton has been a menace to WWE for the better part of a decade. He says ADR had the courage to stand up to Orton. Orton’s music plays, but instead of Orton, it’s once again ADR and Ricardo Rodriguez. ADR is walking just like Orton, which is pretty funny, and even does Orton’s corner pose. He makes fun of how Orton introduces himself before going into his normal voice. Orton is afraid to be in the same building as ADR, because if he is, he’ll wind up crying on the floor, like a dying snake. ADR cut the head off that snake. Believe him when he says this-because he never lies-he’s the NEW “Apex Predator” of WWE. Booker T heads out now that Orton is gone and never coming back, that means ADR’s schedule is open and he has free time tonight. He fixes that by making a tag team match: Otunga/ADR vs. Team Hell No!

MATCH 6-Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga (w/Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No! (Daniel Bryan and Kane) (non-title)
Bryan and Otunga start off, with Otunga hitting an early bodyslam. Bryan slides out of a second one, hits some No! Kicks, ducks a clothesline and hits a running clothesline of his own. Bryan connects with the corner dropkick before making fun of Otunga’s posing. He goes for the No! Lock, but Otunga gets to the ropes. While in the ropes, Otunga hits a cheap shot, and a neckbreaker gets 2. ADR tags in and hits a running kick to the ribs. ADR stomps him down, and a snap suplex gets 2. Rear chinlock now. Bryan fights out and gets a sunset flip for 2, but ADR goes back on offense with a clothesline for 2. Bryan lands a drop toehold in the corner on a charging ADR, before tagging in Kane. Kane hits a pair of corner clotheslines and a sidewalk slam for 2. Kane hits the top rope clothesline before stopping a tag from Bryan. ADR shoves Kane from behind, knocking Bryan off the apron. ADR hits the step-up kick in the corner for 2. Otunga tags himself in and hits The Verdict for 2. Kane goozles Otunga and hits the chokeslam. Bryan tags himself in, goes up top, and a diving headbutt gets the 3.

WINNERS: Team Hell No!

Eve Torres and Teddy Long are in Booker T’s office. Teddy says he never told Eve to suspend Beth Phoenix. Eve accuses him of being forgetful. Teddy says he sees clearly now, and he can’t prove it, but he knows she had something to do with the attack on Kaitlyn at NoC. If he were in charge, Eve would be gone. Book walks in and says he’s in charge before excusing Eve. He says he’s never seen Teddy like this. He calls Teddy and Eve great assets, but he’s sick of the bickering. Teddy digs, and Book leaves to take care of some business.

Show/Tensai is next.

MATCH 7: The Big Show vs. Tensai
I guess Sakamoto’s not coming out with Tensai anymore, as he’s once again absent. Tensai fires off some forearms before they trade headbutts. Tensai dominates with punches, but Show stops him with an open-hand chop. Another chop, but Tensai counters a charge with a boot. He tries for an Irish whip, but Show puts the breaks on, sending Tensai through the ropes and to the floor. Outside, Show shoulders Tensai down. Back in the ring, Show misses an elbow. Tensai connects with the running senton for 2. He misses an avalanche, and Show hits a spear. WMD is called for, but as you might expect, Sheamus comes out. He runs in and nails Tensai with a quick Brogue Kick.

WINNER VIA DISQUALIFICATION: Tensai. Sheamus points to his fist, saying Show has that, but Sheamus has the Brogue Kick.

MATCH 8: WWE Champion CM Punk (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero) (non-title)
The two argue for a minute before engaging in a shoving match. Punk grabs Ziggler in a side headlock. Ziggler counters into his own. Crisscross ends in a Ziggler dropkick. They each go for their finishers before having a stand-off. Commercials.

[adinserter block=”1″]Back from the break, Punk takes Ziggler down with a waistlock. Ziggler counters into a hip throw/side headlock combo, and Punk counters that with a head scissors. Ziggler breaks free, going back to the side headlock. Punk breaks it with a back suplex. The two trade punches while climbing the turnbuckles, eventually knocking each other to the floor. Punk looked to have landed badly, catching his leg on the apron. Both guys get back in the ring at a 9-count, continuing the match. Ziggler fires off some punches and goes for a clothesline, but Punk ducks and gets in a schoolboy for 2. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and gets a roll-up with a handful of tights for 2. As Punk is arguing with the referee, Ziggler hits a jumping DDT for 2. Ziggler misses the rocker dropper, and Punk misses the roundhouse. On the second miss, Ziggler connects with the dropper for 2. Both get back up, and Punk connects with the roundhouse for 2. I’m loving all the counters and false finishes here. Punk nails the Pepsi One and bulldog for 2. Bodyslam by Punk, and now he goes up top. He taunts the crowd, which allows Ziggler to get back to his feet and cut Punk off. Ziggler press slams Punk off the top, sending Punk into the opposite corner. Ziggler goes for a corner clothesline, but Punk sidesteps him before hitting the GTS for the win.

WINNER: CM Punk. Short but fast-paced, fun match. Punk grabs a microphone and says he’s heard it from Bret Hart, Jim Ross and everyone else. He knows what we want. He knows what he has to do because he’s thought long and hard about it. People want to see him step into HIAC against John Cena. He knows that what he has to do is correct. To get respect, at HIAC, Punk steps in the ring with John Cena. So, at the PPV…CM Punk will NOT step in the ring with John Cena.

End of show.

Weird ending, but it will obviously lead to Punk/Cena at the PPV somehow.

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