WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results and January 3 Recap


This week on SmackDown, The Rhodes brothers defend their WWE Tag Team titles against the Wyatts.

The Shield make their way down to the ring. Dean Ambrose says they know what’s going on. They’ve heard the rumblings throughout the WWE Universe. People say the Shield isn’t cohesive anymore. They say the Shield is crumbling from within, and some egos have gotten out of control. They are dead wrong, and CM Punk is dead wrong if he thinks he can divide and conquer the Shield. The Shield can’t be conquered because they can’t be divided. Roman Reigns agrees and says that to divide a team, you have to attack it’s weakest link. In the Shield, it’s obvious there’s no weak link. Seth Rollins says their setbacks are only temporary. In the end, they will prevail. They will continue to do what they do best, and that’s come together to dominate. Believe that, and believe in the Shield.

MATCH 1: Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins (w/WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose) vs. The Usos (Jey & Jimmy)
Ambrose is once again on commentary. Reigns and Jimmy start the match with a lock-up. Reigns backs Jimmy into the corner and headbutts him down before throwing him across the ring. Reigns stomps Jey near the ropes and tags in Rollins, who assaults Jimmy with rights. Jimmy avoids a corner whip and shoves Rollins into the corner. Jey tags in and hits a flying forearm in the corner. Jey connects with a back elbow for 1. then tags in Jimmy. The Usos hit a double back elbow and a double elbow drop for 2. Rollins fights back out of the corner before slamming him face-first into the top buckle. They trade blows for a moment until Rollins receives a back body drop for 2. Jey tags in and comes off the top with a double axe handle before hitting a deep arm drag, right into an armbar. Rollins breaks the hold with a jawbreaker. Jey ducks a clothesline, and Jimmy makes a blind tag. Jey hits an uppercut, and Jimmy sends Rollins to the floor with a clothesline. Rollins comes in and receives a double superkick. A double clothesline sends him to the floor. Rollins comes in, and he’s hit with a double back body drop to the floor, right on top of Reigns. Commercials.

Back from the break, Jey has Rollins in a chicken wing. Rollins breaks free, tags in Reigns, and Reigns hits a back elbow for 2. Jey rolls to the apron, and Reigns ties him up in the ropes for a forearm shot to the chest. Back in the ring, Reigns hits a suplex for 2 before tagging in Rollins. Rollins comes off the top with a fist to the ribs, then puts Jey in a hammerlock before ramming him shoulder-first into the buckles. Rollins stomps the now-injured arm and applies a mounted cobra clutch. Jey counters with an armdrag and tries for a tag, but Rollins intercepts him and hits a Stun Gun. Reigns tags in and hits a jumping elbow for 2. He slams the bad arm into the mat before hitting a leg-scissors stomp. Reigns ties Jey’s arm in the ropes and snaps it against the ropes before applying a rear chinlock. Reigns applies a cobra clutch, but Jey elbows out before low-bridging Reigns to the floor. Reigns is back up quickly, but gets nailed with an uppercut on the apron. Jey boots Reigns off, allowing Rollins to tag in. Jimmy also makes the tag, nails Reigns with a forearm, avoids a corner splash by Rollins and hits him with a jumping clothesline. He follows up with a mule kick and a Samoan drop. Rollins winds up sitting in the corner, and Jimmy goes for a running hip bump. Rollins sees it coming and rolls to the floor. Reigns is back in, and Jimmy goes for a superkick. Reigns blocks it and spins Jimmy, causing Jimmy to nail him with a reverse dragon whip. Jey and Jimmy launch Reigns to the floor and go for the double suicide dive, but Ambrose leaves the desk and grabs the foot of one of them before pulling him to the floor for an assault. The ref sees it and calls for the bell.

[adinserter block=”1″]WINNERS VIA DISQUALIFICATION: The Usos. The Shield begin mauling the Usos after the match, but before they get too into it, CM Punk runs down to the ring. He fights off Ambrose and Rollins as the Usos attack Reigns. The Shield eventually bail and head out through the crowd.

Vickie Guerrero comes out as the Usos are celebrating with Punk in the ring. Commercials.

Back from the break, we found out that, during the commercials, Vickie Guerrero made a 6-man match between the Shield, the Usos and CM Punk for later tonight.

MATCH 2: Fandango (w/Summer Rae) vs. R-Truth (w/Xavier Woods)
Woods is on commentary. Fandango beats Truth down in the corner before stomping him in the face. Truth gets whipped across the ring, leaps over Fandango’s head, does a handspring and hits a falling hiptoss. Truth nails an uppercut before sending Fandango over the top rope. Fandango lands on the apron, hits a hot shot and comes back in with a side kick for 2. Fandango hits a suplex for another 2, then applies a rear chinlock. Truth fights out and hits a jumping side kick. Truth nails a forearm and a clothesline before sending Fandango across the ring. Fandango blocks the charge with a boot. Woods calls for the Funkadactyls over the headset, and a moment later, they appear on the stage. Woods is now dancing on the announce desk. In the ring, Fandango misses a clothesline and a Truth connects with Lil’ Jimmy for 3.

WINNER: R-Truth. Hey, remember a year ago when Fandango had a featured match against Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania XXIX?

MATCH 3: WWE Tag Team Championship: Goldust and Cody Rhodes (Champions) vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
Bray Wyatt and the newest Family member, Daniel Bryan, are noticeably absent from ringside. Harper and Goldust start the match. Goldust taunts Harper. Harper swings for a clothesline, but misses. Goldust capitalizes with some rights before Harper backs him into the corner. Harper nails a forearm to the gut and a shoulderblock off the ropes. Goldust asks for a test of strength, but instead nails a right. Rhodes tags in, and the brothers hit a double suplex for a 0-count. Harper sends Rhodes into the ropes, but Rhodes slides through the legs and nails Harper before tagging in Goldust. Goldust eats a European uppercut and tags in Rowan, who hits a headbutt. Goldust comes back with an uppercut. Rowan shakes it off and nails Goldust with a right to the head. He clubs Goldust across the back before Goldust fights back. Rowan rams him into the buckles and tags in Harper. Goldust ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own, followed by the Goldust Uppercut. He mounts the corner for some punches before nailing Rowan on the apron. Harper blasts him with a forearm and tags in Rowan, who hits a jumping kneedrop. He hits a big forearm on Goldust in the corner, then sends Goldust across the ring, with Goldust hitting the buckles hard. Rowan chokes Goldust over the bottom rope, then hits a forearm across the back. Harper tags in and nails Goldust with a corner uppercut. Harper applies a rear chinlock, but Goldust fights out. Harper hits a headbutt and sends him into the buckles. Goldust boots him and hits a sunset flip powerbomb. Rhodes tags in and hits a springboard missile dropkick on Harper, followed by a high knee and a Goldust Uppercut. Rhodes sends him to the floor with a knee to the back, then hits a springboard dropkick on Rowan. Back to Harper, Rhodes nails him with a springboard plancha on the floor. Harper recovers and throws Rhodes into the barricade. Harper then throws Rhodes chest-first into the ring steps. Harper and Rowan step in between Goldust and Rhodes, forcing Goldust to head back to his corner. Harper tags in, drops to the floor and rams Rhodes back-first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Rowan gets a 2-count. Rowan rams his fists into Rhodes’ temples, then yanks back on his nose before whipping him down to the mat. He then applies a neck vice, but Rhodes fights out. Moments later, Rowan pancakes him off the ropes and gets 2. Rowan hits an elbow drop and goes for a back suplex. Rhodes escapes, boots Rowan and goes for a tag. Rowan intercepts him and rams him back-first into the buckles, then nails him with rights to the head. Rowan applies an iron claw in the corner, then uses the hold to throw Rhodes across the ring. Harper tags in and hits a running back elbow in the corner. He blasts Rhodes with an uppercut, then locks Rhodes in the Gator Roll before applying a side headlock.

My feed was split into two parts, so I miss a few things. The second part starts with Harper setting Rhodes up on the top rope and clubbing him in the back. He climbs up and looks for a hold, but Rhodes elbows him off and hits the moonsault. Rowan tags in. Goldust makes a blind tag and rolls Rowan up quickly and gets the 3.

WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS: Goldust and Cody Rhodes. Kind of surprising finish there, but I liked it. Very quick and unexpected.

Renee Young is standing by with Big E. Langston. He has a match with Curtis Axel tonight, but right now, she wants to ask about Mark Henry. Langston said Henry was looking for a match with Brock Lesnar, not a brawl. Henry will be okay, and right now, he wouldn’t want to be in Lesnar’s shoes. Axel walks up laughing and says he’s sorry about Henry. However, that’s not what he’s laughing about. Who is he kidding? Of course it is, and he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when he beats Langston tonight. Langston says after the match, Axel won’t be laughing at all.

MATCH 4: Aksana vs. Nikki Bella
They lock up, and Nikki backs Aksana into the ropes. Aksana shoves her back across the ring, then decides to dance. Nikki nails her with a forearm and a hiptoss. She follows up with a bodyslam, then rams Aksana into the corner with some shoulder thrusts. Nikki hits a suplex for 2, and Aksana rolls to the floor. She slams Nikki’s wrists into the ring post as Nikki tries to pull her back in, then climbs back into the ring and begins hitting Nikki with forearms to the head. She begins working over Nikki’s left arm by tying her up in the ropes. She then hits a sidewalk slam before crawling around the ring for who the hell knows what reason. She goes for a pin, getting 2. Aksana applies a top wristlock now, and then yanks Nikki down as she tries to get back to her feet. Aksana reapplies the hold, only to have Nikki break it with her ass. Yep. Nikki then hits a monkey flip before tripping Aksana into the ropes. She hits a clothesline and a dropkick before hitting a running facebuster for 2. Aksana recovers and throws Nikki into the buckles, missing a splash. Nikki picks Aksana up into an Argentinean backbreaker, then releases Aksana behind her face-first for 3.

WINNER: Nikki Bella.

MATCH 5: Intercontinental Champion Big E. Langston vs. Curtis Axel (non-title)
Langston immediately knocks Axel around with a few gut shots. Axel comes back with a kneelift, then begins punching Langston, knocking him back into the corner. Axel chops Langston, and Langston explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Axel gets thrown to the adjacent corner, and Langston begins hitting him with shoulder thrusts. He follows up with a running shoulder that knocks Axel down. Langston picks him back up and nails him in the gut before sending him across the ring. Axel blocks the charge and goes for a move off the second rope. Langston sees him coming and hits a big shoulder thrust for 2. Axel tries to crawl to the floor, but Langston pulls him in. Axel kicks Langston in the knee before hitting him with a clothesline to the back of the head. Axel stomps Langston down before foot-choking him under the bottom rope. Axel hits a slingshot elbow to Langston, who is hanging off the apron. Back in the ring, Axel gets a 1-count before applying an armbar. He turns the hold into a head-and-arm. Langston muscles his way back to his feet and hits a standing back body drop. Axel is back on his feet, and Langston hits him with a pair of clotheslines. He ducks one from Axel and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. The Warrior Splash connects to Axel’s back, and he goes for the Big Ending. Axel escapes to the apron, ducks a clothesline and hits a hotshot. Back in the ring, Langston quickly levels him with a clothesline. The straps come down, and Langston hits the Big Ending for 3.

WINNER: Big E. Langston.

Bad News Barrett makes his way near the stage…by having his podium rise up from the floor. Weird. He asks for some decorum, then says the New Year is upon us, and he’s sure everyone is making resolutions to be healthier or more productive in 2014. Well, he’s got some bad news. Looking at all of these people, there’s no way they’ll be capable of sticking to their resolutions. He guarantees that, this time next year, they’ll be as unhealthy and unproductive as they are now. Happy New Year, everybody.

[adinserter block=”2″]MATCH 6: CM Punk and the Usos (Jey & Jimmy) vs. The Shield (WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins)
Punk and Ambrose start the match with a lock-up. Ambrose backs Punk into the corner and begins nailing him with rights. Punk recovers and throws Ambrose into the corner and begins hitting some rights of his own. He begins kicking Ambrose, then throws him to the opposite corner for a chop. A back elbow connects off the ropes, and Ambrose heads to his corner, where Rollins tags himself in. He locks up with Punk and applies a hammerlock. Punk counters into a side headlock before shouldering him off the ropes. The two crisscross until Punk blocks a hiptoss, hits a back elbow and lands a swinging neckbreaker. Jey tags in and hits a jumping headbutt off the ropes. Jimmy tags in, and they hit a combination Boston crab and legdrop before Jimmy gets a 1-count. He applies an arm wringer, but Rollins breaks it with rights. Jimmy reverses a corner whip and hits a jumping side kick. Jey tags and hits a superkick to the chest as Jimmy holds Rollins up. Rollins recovers and begins attacking Jey in the corner. Jey comes back with an uppercut and a flying shoulderblock for 2. Rollins gets clotheslined to the floor, but before Jey can go for a suicide dive, Reigns moves to the middle of the apron. Jey slides underneath the bottom rope near him and goes to grab Rollins, but Rollins rams him back-first into the apron instead. He rolls Jey back into the ring, then mounts the top rope. He goes for a diving fist, but Jey nails him with an uppercut on the way down. Punk tags in and kicks Rollins in the back a few times before getting a 1-count. A snap suplex into a float-over gets 2. Rollins boots Punk in the gut and tags in Ambrose. Punk ducks a double clothesline and hits a double dropkick. He mounts Ambrose in the corner for some punches, then whips him across the ring. Jimmy tags in and comes off the top with a double axe handle to the arm. Ambrose nails him with a right and hits a bodyslam before going to the top rope. Jimmy gets to his feet and press-slams Ambrose from the top for 2. Ambrose comes back with a kitchen sink and tags in Reigns. Reigns headbutts Jimmy in the chest and nails a jumping clothesline for 2. He hits a legdrop to Jimmy’s left arm, then tags in Rollins. Rollins beats Jimmy down in the corner before Jimmy crawls for a tag. Rollins cuts him off with a senton for 2. He has Jimmy in a neck vice now, but Jimmy elbows his way out. Rollins boots Jimmy before getting Flair-Flipped in the corner. Rollins tags in Ambrose, who cuts Jimmy off from his corner. He stomps Jimmy in the face and hits a power-drive elbow for 2. A rear chinlock is applied by Ambrose, and Jimmy counters with a jawbreaker. Ambrose shakes it off and hits a clothesline, then sets Jimmy up in the corner for a back suplex. Jimmy fights him off with rights. Ambrose tags in Reigns, and Jimmy boots him away before hitting a corkscrew moonsault. Jeff Hardy could learn something from Jimmy Uso. Rollins tags in, knocks Jey off the apron, then misses a big elbow on Jimmy. Punk makes the tag and hits a springboard clothesline. He boots Ambrose off the apron, ducks a clothesline by Rollins and hits a jumping side kick. He ducks another clothesline and hits a swinging neckbreaker. The Pepsi Max connects, as does a short-arm clothesline. Punk goes for the Macho Elbow, but Ambrose distracts him, allowing Rollins to crotch Punk on the top rope. Punk collapses to the mat, and now Rollins is on top. He hits a cross-body, but Punk rolls through and locks on the Anaconda Vice. Ambrose breaks up the submission, and Jimmy Uso stops him with a mule kick, followed by an uppercut. Reigns comes in, blocks a kick and hits the Superman Punch, knocking Jimmy out for the time being. Ambrose tags in and assaults Punk in the corner. He sets Punk up for a butterfly superplex, which connects. Gee, I wonder where he learned that one? Not that I’m complaining. Anyway, Ambrose goes for the pin, but only gets 2. As he gets back to his feet, Reigns reaches for a tag. Ambrose ignores him, so Reigns screams for him to tag out. Ambrose continues to ignore him, and Punk makes it back to his feet, blasting Ambrose with a roundhouse. Reigns enters the ring, and Punk drops Ambrose from the GTS and shoves him into Reigns. Ambrose puts on the breaks, then moves out of the way as Punk nails Reigns with the roundhouse. The Usos enter the ring and hit Reigns with a double superkick, knocking him to the floor. Rollins gets backdropped to the outside by Punk, and the Usos go flying with stereo suicide dives. Back in the ring, Ambrose escapes a swinging neckbreaker, but when he turns around, Punk immediately hoists him up and connects with the GTS for 3.

WINNERS: CM Punk and the Usos. After the match, we see Reigns and Rollins talking, and it appears they are once again blaming the loss on Ambrose.

As the graphic for the end of the show pops up in the corner as usual, the feed cuts away to a shed that is empty, save for a rocking chair. We see Bray Wyatt, and he asks if we’ve heard the good news. The human race is a bacteria that destroys. He needed Wyatt. Fate works in strange ways. He was lost. She dances and sings in the light. She lurks in the shadows, and she always gets her way. Now, he is home. Your words mean nothing to him now. He only hears Wyatt’s truth. Now, he has a home.

End of show.

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