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WWE SmackDown Flashback: Kurt Angle vs. the Undertaker 2006

Kurt Angle vs. The UndertakerMarch 3rd, 2006 – Washington, D.C. – the main event of the evening for the airing of Smackdown was the rematch from No Way Out a couple of weeks prior, World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle defending the championship against his challenger, the Undertaker. For this match, the video package mentioned “One Gold Medalist | One Phenom | One World Heavyweight Championship | One More Time!”

The match started out with the video package, bringing the fans up to speed with what’s been going on with the feud up to the point of the match. Against normal “traditions,” World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle came out first, with Michael Cole calling him the “Wrestling Machine.” I honestly miss the nickname of the “Wrestling Machine.” Why do I miss Angle’s nickname of such? I think Angle’s WWF/WWE matches were the best technical wrestling matches this decade (2000-2009) that the WWE ever had, especially having Angle on the Smackdown brand.

[adinserter block=”1″]But anyways, the Undertaker comes out second, smoke entrance, black lights, and all, and the match starts. I am happy to see that Nick Patrick was the referee for the match that I watched. That may sound weird, but I like seeing ref’s that I know for main event matches I go back and watch. Anyways…

Another thing I noticed was both guys were wearing black ring attires. That’s normal for the Undertaker, but what caught me off guard was that McMahon didn’t make Angle wear another color attire than black when facing the Undertaker. But hey, that doesn’t and shouldn’t make the match, right?

One thing that my eye caught during this match was they went back and forth wrestling each other’s wrestling styles, striking for the Undertaker and mat-based technical wrestling. And both men can go both styles of wrestling, which was really nice to see. This match on Smackdown, then on UPN, was a very entertaining match that we got for free. I do thank you, Mr. McMahon, for giving us this great match for free. Good job.

Several wrestling holds that I caught and wrote down in my notes was an arm bar that Angle had ‘Taker in, and the Dead Man even got the Wrestling Machine in the Fuji-Arm Bar as well. Great work men, another good job.

Another note worth while noting was the match’s pace went back and forth, fast and slow, when Kurt Angle had control of the match, the match was faster pace, wrestling maneuvers and wrestling holds, and when the Undertaker had control of the match, he had the match worked at a slower, striking pace. Both men made the match enjoyable, even more so, knowing each other’s styles and able to adapt fast and made this match fun to see and see what happens next.

Each man went back and forth a lot during the match with a lot of counters of one another. Something that I enjoyed, because I am a sucker for counter wrestling, and a match that is actually considered wrestling, something, a style, a lost art form, from back in the 1980’s.

One counter that I really enjoyed was when the Undertaker was going to hit the Last Ride powerbomb onto the champ, Angle was able to jump behind Taker, but being close to the ropes, the Dead Man dropped “the Wrestling Machine” onto the top rope, catching Kurt in a bad position, leaving him high and dry. The Dead Man had control for a couple of minutes, going “Vintage Undertaker,” and dropping the leg onto Kurt’s head, upon the apron outside.

Another thing I loved about this match was how much the announcers were into the match. I do thank Michael Cole and Tazz for being excited for the match. It help made my Saturday night watching this in my living room.

Body scissors from Angle to Taker, and even a top rope superplex from the champion to the challenger. Good stuff from the two veterans. We even saw a German Suplex from Angle to Taker. Before that German, I was in love with this match. Those two get another “good job” from me. Good job.

After the German Suplex, we start seeing the end come near for the match, when each man counter the other’s big moves. Angle counter’s Taker chokeslam with an Ankle Lock, Undertaker does connect with the chokeslam, a Triangle Choke applied onto Angle by the Undertaker, and a Dragon Sleeper that Taker pulled out on Angle. The couple of minutes when all of this went down, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of my television.

A counter I enjoyed seeing was the DDT Kurt Angle pulled out on the Undertaker, countering the Dragon Sleeper that was applied for about twenty seconds, give or take several seconds. After the DDT, Angle went for a Moonsault and with no such luck, missed the Moonsault, which gave the Undertaker the opening to finally hit the Tombstone Piledriver, and right when the Undertaker was getting the count, Mark Henry came out and attacked the Undertaker, causing him to win the match, but not the championship strap.

[adinserter block=”2″]After the match, Henry continued the assault, and right at the end, jumping from the Spanish announcer’s table onto the Undertaker, putting him through the English announcer’s table, and us hearing Michael Cole hollering out “Oh my God!” Bad call Michael Cole, and bad job Mark Henry on “screwing” the Undertaker out of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner of the match: the Undertaker, by disqualification.

World Heavyweight Champion at end of the match: Kurt Angle.

This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, had a great time earlier tonight, catching up with a buddy (thanks B.S.!), goodbye!

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