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WWE Fit Series: Stephanie McMahon DVD Review

Being a fitness nut and working as a personal trainer on the side, I was tasked with reviewing WWE’s new line of personal training DVDs you can do at home, starting with this one. Given that it’s hosted by Stephanie McMahon (along with Naomi and a bunch of nameless/faceless “divas” you will likely never see again), you can guess that this one is targeted at women.

[adinserter block=”1″]The DVD is broken down into two sections: one that features different segments instructing you on different workouts for the different areas of your body, and another that allows you to set up your own workout routine as you follow along with the actions on the screen, which is fairly typical in the world of fitness DVDs.

As odd as it might seem for WWE to produce a line of fitness DVDs (especially one headed by Steph, given that she’s had struggles on and off for years with her weight and figure), overall, it’s a decent collection of good, easy exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home that can be very beneficial. Steph explains in detail how to do each exercise prior to demonstrating, so there’s no confusion on what’s going on. In this regard, she actually comes off as a very competent trainer and shows none of the “billion-dollar princess” personality she’s known for on television, instead just being herself and focusing on the task at-hand.

She breaks down the workouts by section, going from upper body to lower body, to core, and so on. The programs put together here are fairly decent, including (correctly) having you stretch post-workout, instead of before, a misconception that people refuse let go of.

Now, while the workouts and tips here are overall fairly good, as someone who has been lifting/training for 20 years, I can’t help but notice things like incorrect form. Over the course of the DVD, a couple of the “divas” continually showed poor form, despite being told exactly how to do each exercise. To make matters worse, Steph herself shows very poor form on more than one exercise (again, this is after she herself explains how to do it). Of particular note is the poor form she has both herself and the “divas” do on stiff-legged deadlifts.

Still, all things considered, there are probably worse choices out there for fitness DVDs. Given that this is more than anything marketed towards a crowd that is likely only going to work out at home and probably just wants to get in a little bit better shape rather than become the next Ms. Olympia, it’s a decent way to go for a lot of women. Honestly, given that AJ Lee is a former fitness competitor, she would have made more sense being the trainer here. Steph is far from the worst trainer I’ve ever seen (that nod would go to pretty much every trainer at my local 24-Hour Fitness), but I wouldn’t make her my first recommendation.

[adinserter block=”2″]WORKOUTS:

(Optional): Each workout includes a quick and effective warm-up and cool down.

Upper Body (14 min):
Strut your stuff with this powerful strength circuit that uses bodyweight, dumbbells, and progressive reps to sculpt sexy arms, defined shoulders, and a gorgeous back.

Lower Body (15 min):
Tone, tighten, and turn heads with butt-blasting rounds of a super circuit that tackles your trouble zones while increasing muscular strength and endurance.

Abs/Core (12 min):
Get tough and get ripped with Tabata-style circuits (4 moves/4 minutes) that challenge core strength and function to trim inches and shred strong, sexy abs.

Cardio (17 min):
Incinerate fat and calories with 2 heart-pumping circuits of fierce calisthenics like mountain climbers and T-plank rotations to improve endurance and drop pounds.

Flexibility (7 min):
Improve flexibility, reduce soreness, and recover faster with an essential series of yoga poses and mobility moves that help create long, lean, and limber muscle.

WWE Fit Series: Stephanie Mcmahon

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