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WWE Finally Gets It Right with Roman Reigns

The era has officially begun! The WWE pulled the trigger Monday night and put the WWE world championship on Roman Reigns. After a year of deliberation, Reigns will finally get his opportunity and the timing looks good.

In one of the strangest creative twists in recent memory, the WWE finally appears to have gotten it right with Reigns. After a year and a half of some of the worst booking in company history in regards to preparing the next franchise player, the company finally found its secret sauce for Reigns in the last 48 hours.

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To say that Reigns has struggled to connect with the fans is probably one of the biggest understatements in Camel Clutch Blog history. The booking struggles to connect fans with Reigns have been well documented. Yet the company has done an about-face, going back to what Reigns got over in the first place and capitalizing on the momentum immediately.

Reigns is set up to be a successful champion but where his reign goes is anyone’s guess. The timing works in relation to WrestleMania as Reigns will enter the season as champion. However, the possibilities of booking Reigns’ championship matches is more limited than ever. Thanks to “Even-Steven” booking, the company has no immediate top heel to program with Reigns and that is a problem.

I don’t care how good you are or how good you’re booked, if you don’t have the right dance partner you are going to struggle. Sure Reigns can catch on as an attraction, but people are not generally going to be interested in seeing Reigns face guys who have been beaten down in recent months. Looking ahead at Reigns’ first few months as champion is a stark reminder that the company has a lot of work ahead of itself.

My hunch is that Triple H wrestles Reigns at the Royal Rumble. The obvious conclusion would be Reigns vs. Hunter at Mania but that doesn’t make any sense. Going with Triple H in that spot completely dilutes the Royal Rumble. Now could Hunter enter and win the Rumble? Yes, but that doesn’t make any sense either. Triple H vs. Reigns is coming and I think it arrives sooner than we think.

So where do you go from there? I think you are looking at either Brock Lesnar, John Cena, or the Undertaker winning the Rumble and wrestling Reigns at Mania. Brock makes the most sense from a logic standpoint, especially with Reigns conquering the beast after last year’s fail. Last year’s match was great which leads me to believe that they’ll have another great one in Dallas. But then what?

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Seth Rollins should be back shortly after WrestleMania, setting up a program with Reigns. Once you finish with Rollins you could probably turn Dean Ambrose heel or rebuild Kevin Owens or Alberto Del Rio, but the fact is that as of today, there aren’t a whole lot of possibilities for the new champion and that is a problem.

For now the WWE can check one item off of their task list and that is get Roman Reigns over as WWE champion. He’s over and the timing with Vince McMahon and Triple H nailed it for him. Unfortunately there is still a lot of work ahead and while getting Reigns over was an accomplishment, sustaining him without quality opponents is going to be a challenge.

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