WWE Fatal 4-Way Results – Rey Mysterio and Sheamus Win Gold


WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010There were no shocking WWE Fatal 4-Way results, yet there were a few surprises. Both major WWE titles changes hands and the NXT rookies made their presence known at the event. What will the future hold for new WWE champions Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, and the NXT Rookies.

The win by Rey Mysterio was not much of a surprise. Most pro wrestling news sites predicted Rey Mysterio taking the belt. It had been well known that Rey Mysterio had to give up a planned vacation due to the recent rash of injuries. As a reward for Rey Mysterio’s commitment, the WWE gave him another run with the title. Regardless of the circumstances I don’t think anyone is complaining.

Unfortunately for Jack Swagger fans, the Jack Swagger era of WWE SmackDown is over. The Jack Swagger run will go down as one of the most failed attempts to elevate a mid-carder in WWE history. I don’t think a lot of this was Jack Swagger’s fault. The booking of Swagger was just awful. Randy Orton and the Big Show were just not good opponents at all for Swagger. Swagger also never connected the same way he did as ECW champion. I think it will be quite a while before we see Jack Swagger with gold around his waist again.

[adinserter block=”1″]My money is on a Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk feud with the mask vs. title. It seems like a logical step in the progression of the feud. On top of that, there really aren’t many other options for Rey Mysterio in the interim. A rematch with Jack Swagger could really help Swagger, but I don’t think the interest is there. I could always see them going back to the Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio feud minus Floyd Mayweather this time around as well.

Sheamus pinned John Cena to regain the WWE championship. This marks the second title reign for young Sheamus in just under a year. It has truly been a hell of a run for Sheamus over the last several months. Unlike Jack Swagger, I have never felt that Sheamus didn’t belong in a top position. In my opinion, he has a tremendous presence and brings a fresh feeling to the top of the cards that hasn’t been there in years. Sheamus pinned John Cena after he was jumped by the NXT rookies.

[adinserter block=”2″]Sheamus’ win does put a wrinkle into the WWE NXT invasion. I don’t think anyone will care too much about a Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus main-event. John Cena vs. Wade Barrett without the WWE championship involved means a heck of a lot less. I could see the WWE going with a Barrett vs. Cena vs. Sheamus Triple Threat Match to compensate for Barrett’s inexperience. I also think there is some big money in a Chris Jericho face turn and seeing him challenge Sheamus at some point in the near WWE future.

Rey Mysterio and Sheamus bring interesting possibilities into the mix. While Mysterio’s win puts a new shine on his feud, Sheamus’ win tarnishes the John Cena-NXT storyline. Taking into account at how often titles change these days in the WWE, it would not surprise me to see two new champions by SummerSlam. Either way, it looks like it will be an interesting summer in the short term for the new WWE champions.

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  1. To be honest Gargiulo, I'm happy that Sheamus is the new WWE Champion. I've been an open book when it comes to my distaste for John Cena and being the WWE or World Champ, but it's nice to see a new guy as Champ on Raw. I did listen to a podcast that we both subscribe to, if memory serves me correctly to where I heard it from, but Sheamus could be the "leader" to the NXT dudes. Thoughts?

    When it comes to Mysterio, I wish they would of put it on Punk or even the Big Show. Big Show as a last resort, but with Punk, he could hold the title over Mysterio on joining the SES.

  2. Glad Rey won. I just hate seeing the finish of the PPV having interference by the NXT guys… I know it's to develop the storyline but I like clean finishing main events.


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