WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010 Preview and Predictions


WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010I’m back doing the preview and predictions of the summer WWE pay-per-views! Something I’m sure some readers wish never would have happened again, well, too damn bad! On a side note, if there are those readers, I would like to know why you didn’t want me back.) But yes, I am back to do the job I once was assigned and give a brief preview for the main matches of the up-coming WWE pay-per-views and give my predictions.

As of writing this article, WWE.com has posted only three matches for the WWE Fatal 4-Way card. Luckily, another match was announced WWE Raw for the card. Normally I cover the two World title matches a one or two other featured matches that have the main eventers on it, but nothing seems to be announced. So I’ll do the two World title matches, give some depth to my thoughts of the matches, and see where we’ll go.

Fatal Four Way for the World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger defends the title against the Big Show, Rey Mysterio, and CM Punk

[adinserter block=”2″]This is a match that I hope would turn out better than I feel like it would. I feel like Jack Swagger needs to get a rub from former World Champions and main eventers to be seen as a true main eventer and as a legit World Heavyweight Champion. With Swagger’s opponents this Sunday at Fatal Four Way, he’s facing four former World Heavyweight Champions. Why do I feel like this match won’t be what I expect it to be?

Well, let me answer that with this: the last World title match at the last PPV sucked. It ended in five minutes with a disqualification. After the build for the last PPV, that’s how WWE Creative decided to end the World title match? I think a good way to screw over the people of their time and money if they went to the arena live or ordered the PPV.

That’s why I feel Jack Swagger needs this victory to be legit. It’s hard for me to accept that Swagger is the World Heavyweight Champion. He defeated Chris Jericho in seven seconds on the first Smackdown after WrestleMania and I feel like he needs a victory to prove that he’s deserves holding the strap. I hope this match puts him in that position with a clean victory over one of his opponents.

Prediction: Jack Swagger, retaining the World Heavyweight Championship.

Fatal Four Way for the WWE Championship
John Cena defends the title against Edge, Randy Orton, and Sheamus

I’ll have to admit, this match-up is confusing to me. No, it’s not the four men that are penciled into this main event. It’s the build-up that’s making me scratch my head. Orton and Edge have been having their own little feud going on and Sheamus, well, he’s a ghost on a blacked night, and Cena’s been in the center of the NXT Invasion the past two Monday Night Raw’s. The NXT Invasion and zoning in on Cena I enjoy, but doing this during the build-up for this ppv match boggles my mind—it doesn’t relate, simply takes away!

[adinserter block=”1″]Also, for me, something that takes away from the PPV is Orton’s injury. This past Monday, the Go-Home Show for Raw, Orton was no-selling his shoulder injury. With the same token, Cena wasn’t selling much of the attack from the week before, but we know that Cena’s Superman. I am choosing not to go on a rant about Cena being Superman, and Orton not selling his shoulder injury, or taking time off to heal it, but this bothers me. Why risk another main eventer of a serious injury when Batista and Michaels left since WrestleMania and Triple H left to film his movies. I understand that WWE wants some main eventers on Raw, but they have the NXT Invasion, maybe put in one of those guys.

Honestly, the build-up for this match simply frustrates me.

Prediction: John Cena, retaining the WWE title, simply because he’s Superman, he cannot loose.

The Philosophical Final Thoughts: This pay-per-view will drop. As of Tuesday, there’s only four matches announced for the card. FIVE DAYS BEFORE THE PAY-PER-VIEW, ONLY FOUR MATCHES ANNOUNCED! That’s why the cards flop, bad build-up! I only hope SummerSlam, Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania this coming ppv’s, I only hope they don’t flop like this ppv. This is Eric Darsie, until next time….

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  1. I agree, this is one of the worst PPV buildups I've ever seen. The Smackdown Fatal 4Way feud has been overshadowed by a feud of all of them with Kane. The Raw match is Orton vs. Edge and Sheamus sort of vs Cena. Divas and US Title matches set up 6 days before the show? What is going on? What about some of the other feuds they have had going like Hart Dynasty vs. Usos, Christian vs. Ziggler, Mcentyre vs. Matt Hardy, and Jericho vs. Bourne?

    I guess they are trying to NOT make money with this one, because the very limited card is completely uninteresting to me. It's like they forgot their business model is have shows to set up anticipated matches at the PPV.


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