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WWE Fastlane 2016 Triple Threat Main-Event Announced

The annual speed bump to WrestleMania will take place at WWE Fastlane. The main-event of the WrestleMania 32 preamble has been announced and while different, the finish appears to be more predictable than Randy Savage vs. S.D. Jones.

Stephanie McMahon made the February special event headliner official on Monday Night RAW this week. The Authority announced that the Fastlane main-event would feature Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar in a Triple Threat Match with the winner advancing to the “biggest” WrestleMania main-event of all-time.

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The match is fine on paper yet is probably the most predictable headliner the company has booked in several months. I don’t think there is anyone who believes for a second that the Mania headliner will be anything but Roman Reigns vs. Triple H for the title. I’d also bet that none of those fans believe that anyone but Dean Ambrose will be pinned to the mat at Fastlane.

The match is purely based on what is best for business going forward as opposed to what is best for business today. It was rumored that Brock vs. Reigns would headline the show in a singles match. The predictable finish there was the Wyatt family costing Brock the match. Even with the interference, the company obviously wants to avoid pinning Brock. Thus the distraction will probably come without a pin.

There has clearly been no foresight in booking the WrestleMania season up until now. If so, there is no way that Reigns should have beaten Ambrose so easily back at the Survivor Series. It wasn’t just the loss but it was the way Reigns won that is questionable knowing what we know today. I am a big Ambrose fan but he needs to be rehabilitated for a while before he is back in the world title picture.

I suppose the seeds could and probably will be planted for the inevitable Ambrose turn on Reigns. The turn is a long time coming and appeared to be coming a few months ago. My hunch is that the rash of injuries and depleted roster prevented the turn. I would be shocked if Ambrose and Reigns aren’t feuding by the summer.

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The inept booking of Reigns continues to blow my mind. The company had him right where they wanted him a few weeks ago. The fans bought in and Reigns was getting booed less than he had in the last twelve months. Now, you are trying to play on those same emotions several weeks later and the investment just isn’t there right now. Plus, now you are asking fans to cheer his ascension at the expense of the company’s hottest star in Brock Lesnar.

I am sure we’ll start to hear or read reports of a potential swerve at Fastlane but a look back at history shows me that there is very little chance that Vince McMahon will deviate from his current plan. If there is one thing you can say about the WWE during WrestleMania season it is that it is at its most predictable. I am sure it will be a fun match but I would have hoped to see something a little more creative to build up the “biggest” main-event in Mania history.

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