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WWE Fantasy booking of the Bullet Club

Well well, what an interesting couple of weeks it has been in the WWE. An overwhelming Takeover, an underwhelming Wrestlemania and tons and tons of debuts on the main roster. With the likes of Baron Corbin, Apollo Crews and Enzo & Cass moving up to RAW and Smackdown the WWE has been given a jolt of energy desperately needed to spur it on after a dismal performance in Arlington, TX. The arrival of two figures from outside the WWE Universe however have sparked numerous debates and holy s**t moments over the past three RAWs. Their names, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Their arrival had been touted for months by those on Twitter and even by current performers, notably NXT Champion Finn Balor. Gallows is no stranger to the WWE having been involved with the company previously under the Festus gimmick as well as in CM Punk’s Straightedge Society. Anderson however is a new face to the millions of fans but their work as a team around the world is heavily respected and noticed by all fans of wrestling. A tremendous tag team who held the prestigious IWGP Tag Team Championship on multiple occasions, it will be interesting to see what creative have in store for them. However, in this article, I will be booking Gallows and Anderson (because I assume creative will somehow stuff this up) from present day into the future, taking into account their attacks on the Usos and Reigns in the past couple weeks. Hope you guys like it, be sure to comment your opinions and share the hell out of it!!


After AJ Styles won a #1 contenders match on the Raw after Mania, he has been feuding with current champion and most hated person ever Roman Reigns. The two are set to face off for the first time at Payback for the title but what will eventuate from this? Well, Gallows and Anderson have attacked Reigns multiple times, on both RAW and Smackdown, which indicates that they still hold a strong friendship and allegiance with the former leader of the Buller Club, or do they???

So the match begins and nobody is at ringside, no Gallows, no Anderson. The match continues with Styles having majority of the fan support while Reigns is pelted with boos, which is not uncommon for the leader of the Roman Empire. Reigns taunts in the corner ready for a Superman Punch and the lights go out. When they re-illuminate, the Bullet Club are at ringside and distract Reigns enough for Styles to hit the Phenomenal Forearm. At the last second Reigns kicks out and Styles can’t believe it, neither can his buddies. He signals the end with the Styles Clash and connects, leaving the champion motionless on the canvas.

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1…2… … the referee is pulled out of the ring by…Karl Anderson. Styles stares at the Machine Gun in disbelief and Gallows attacks him for behind. At this point the referee is preoccupied and does not witness this meanwhile Reigns connects with a spear for the victory. Reigns and the Bullet Club stand tall above the fallen AJ, all three seemingly turned heel.


(These will just be an overview of what happens during the month)

Reigns, Anderson and Gallows are pelted with tremendous jeers from crowds on both RAW and Smackdown, with ‘You screwed AJ’ chants becoming commonplace. Styles looks defeated but wants another shot at Reigns, this time at Extreme Rules. AJ faces Anderson on the Go Home edition of RAW for the right to choose the stipulation of the match, but Gallows interferes and therefore AJ wins the match but is severely beaten. He announces the match will be held in a Steel Cage, in order to prevent outside interference, to which the Club react angrily.

Extreme Rules

The cage lowers, with rumors circulating around the arena s to how to match will finish. Will it be the same as last time? Impossible. Or is it? Reigns and Styles enter to two very different crowd reactions and go right after each other. AJ is thrown against the cage wall numerous times but somehow manages to hit the Styles Clash in the closing moments. Once again the lights go out, yet when they turn on nothing seemingly has happened, the only image is a very confused AJ who was on the verge of victory and his first World Championship reign.

But as he goes for the pin, two holes are ripped on opposite sides of the canvas, one holding Gallows and the other, Anderson. The two destroy Styles once again and to humiliate him further, they perform (with Reigns) a Triple Powerbomb, move made famous by The Shield, on Styles for the three count. The arena is filled with boos as Reigns is lifted onto the shoulders of his new found ‘brothers’ as the show closes.


The following RAW opens with the Bullet Club and Reigns, mocking Styles and bragging about their victory the previous night. One man however is not too pleased, Dean Ambrose. Ambrose comes to the ring and asks Reigns why he’s aligned himself with Anderson and Gallows and why he’s stealing aspects of the ever popular Shield. From behind the two attack Ambrose and perform and Magic Killer, probably followed by Reigns saying something absolutely cringe worthy on the mic.

Backstage however, an alliance is formed between Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles, who vow to take down this new Bullet Club once and for all at Money in the Bank. It is teased that this will be a 2 on 2 match yet Reigns wants in and tells his opponents to choose a partner in what will be a 6 Man Tag Elimination match in the main event.

Money in the Bank

Previous to the main event is the Money in the Bank match, which is won by Kevin Owens, keep that in mind.

First to enter is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and his cronies to a loud reaction from the crowd in attendance. The three wear matching gear, similar to the Shield which causes even more of an uproar. Styles enters next followed by Ambrose who wait in the ring for their partner.

The crowd goes silent as nothing happens for around 30 seconds, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 3rd man. The lights fade and the music of…SETH ROLLINS hits and everyone loses their mind. Rollins, who at this stage had been out for about 7 months makes his return alongside former Shield Brother Ambrose to take on Reigns. What a scene!! Reigns is absolutely livid at this but nevertheless the match begins.

The first person eliminated is Gallows after Dirty Deeds from Ambrose and a Calf Killer from Styles yet Gallows returns and attacks Ambrose following this, resulting in his elimination at the hand of the former IWGP Tag Champions with the Magic Killer. Anderson is rolled up by Rollins and now it’s 2 against 1, Styles & Rollins vs Reigns. After a solid 5-10 minute ‘handicap’ match, Rollins is eliminated following a spear, which leave Reigns and Styles, the bitter rivals, the only two surviving. It looks as if outside interference for this one is impossible as the Bullet Club have been sent to the back following Anderson’s elimination, Styles attempts a Styles Clash for the victory but BANG! He is cracked with steel chair from behind. The culprit…Seth Rollins. Rollins looks down in disgust as a groggy Reigns gets the pinfall and victory for his team, the 3rd time Styles has been screwed out of victories by this ever growing Bullet Club.


Seth claims he didn’t return to make friends and says he wants a shot at the title, the title that he never lost and therefore believes he deserves it. Oh, did I forget to mention that Shane McMahon was named the permanent head of Monday Night Raw? Oops my bad. Well Shane makes a match for Battleground, Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose for the #1 contendership and also a match for the tag titles, The New Day vs Anderson and Gallows after the two intimidated Shane.

Seth complains over the next 4 weeks that the whole situation is unfair and this leads to a match on RAW, Seth Rollins vs Shane McMahon in which Shane is severely beaten by Rollins as well as an interfering Bullet Club and is stretchered away, now they have the ability to do whatever they want, whenever they want, they look unstoppable. Also, it appears as if Seth Rollins is on the same page as his three acquaintances.


The show opens with the tag title match between the New Day and Anderson and Gallows. During the match however, Woods (standing at ringside as manager) is attacked by a hooded figure who makes a hasty retreat through the crowd and is chased by Big E. This gives the Bullet Club duo enough time to set Kingston up for the Magic Killer and begin their first reign as WWE Tag Team Champions.

The triple threat match is the main event of the evening. From the start though, Reigns and the new tag champs make their presence felt, abusing the no DQ rules of the match and destroy Styles and Ambrose. They place the two potential challengers on the announce table and set up a ladder beside it. Seth climbs to the top with his back facing the fallen duo and jumps (One of my favourite moves) connecting with the Phoenix Splash and destroying the ringside area. The onlookers cheer as neither of the three men are able to stand up, let alone move. A face appears on the Titantron of the chairman, Vince McMahon who is visibly pissed off for the beating his son was given at the hands of the Club (the two had since reconciled since Wrestlemania), calls the match off and makes a new match for Summerslam, Rollins and Reigns vs Ambrose and Styles, the winner of the fall becomes the World Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd and the participants are visibly shocked but at that moment, the hooded figure appears behind Vince and brutally attacks him, powerbombing him though his coffee table (because why the hell not!!).


Styles and Ambrose are notably beaten up and are not in a good way the following night, and demand retribution against the Bullet Club. A tag title match between the two and the champs is announced but ends in a DQ following interference by Reigns. Throughout the month there are a series of singles matches between the 3 title contenders and champion, in which styles finally gains a victory over Reigns as well as Rollins, looking stronger than ever heading into Summerslam. Anderson and Gallows are announced to defend their titles at the pay per view against the former champs, The New Day.


Gallows and Anderson retain their titles while the hooded figure watches the final moments from the entrance way having once again attacked Woods at ringside. The duo retain with the Magic Killer (might as well be renamed the Unicorn Killer) and look tremendously strong while doing it. Following this backstage, the champs as well as Reigns and Rollins share a segment backstage, where they claim to be the most unstoppable force the WWE have ever seen.

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Main event time!! Tag team match for the title, and no David Arquette isn’t winning this one. Rollins and Reigns enter together through the crowd, sporting a look similar to when they were together in the Shield. Ambrose enters and then Styles to a massive pop, this could be the night for AJ.

Tensions rise between all 4 members as Rollins takes everyone out with a suicide dive followed by a similar feat by Ambrose. Reigns and AJ are left the two legal men while Rollins and Ambrose fight through the crowd where, unknowingly to those in the ring, the tag champs appear and attack Ambrose. With Ambrose subdued, Rollins returns to the ring to aid Reigns but is caught with a Phenomenal Forearm. Rollins falls to the floor on top of his Bullet Club associates, rendering the three unable to interfere any further in the match.

Styles searches for Ambrose in the crowd but unable to find him, turns around into a massive spear from Reigns. 1…2…3. The match is over, Reigns has beaten AJ once more and reigns supreme at the top of the WWE. The Bullet Club enter the ring and celebrate while once again, the hooded figure appears at the entrance way. The figure claps while the champ is hoisted onto the Club’s shoulders, they have shown the WWE Universe that they are the best stable in the history of professional wrestling.

But this is not where the story end oh no. Rollins has since left the ring and grabbed a steel chair which he looks to use on Reigns, but he is stopped by Anderson and Gallows. The trio have words but as it looks like they are going to brawl, the tag champions turn around and clothesline Reigns. Silence falls upon the Barclays Centre as Rollins, Anderson and Gallows do the Bullet Club’s signature hand gesture and follow this up with a Magic Killer to the fallen champion.

The hooded figure looks on with his hands on his head, not believing that this has happened. For some reason he reaches for something in his cloak (because he’s hooded and mysterious idk) and pulls out…the MONEY IN THE BANK BREIFCASE!!! THE HOODED FIGURE IS KEVIN OWENS!!! The Bullet Club plead with him to come to the ring while they continually beat down Reigns. Owens enters the ring and shares the same hand gesture with the three and reveals his shirt underneath the cloak, BULLET CLUB. Quickly he gets Reigns to his feet and hits the Pop-Up Powerbomb for the 3 count, Kevin Owens is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and better yet, the leader of the most dangerous faction in the company.

So that is my fantasy booking of the Bullet Club. Following this I would hope Reigns would disappear for a while and be repackaged, because current Reigns is as boring as anything. Also, I would have Finn Balor debut the following night alongside AJ Styles to fight against the Bullet Club and their new leader, the man who he feuded with for the NXT Championship.

Be sure to leave your opinions on my booking in the comments below.

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