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WWE Fans: The Most Uninformed People in Wrestling

Recently I stumbled upon some the CM Punk Pipebomb video on Youtube and decided to watch it. After looking back now at everything that happened with Punk I realized something about WWE fans. I am writing about this now because of all the things that happened over the course of the last few weeks and into the Royal Rumble and particularly the response the fans had after the event. Also when I talk about WWE fans I mean the fans that only watch WWE programming not the title that the rest us fans usually get from mainstream attention.

[adinserter block=”1″]Firstly, to put it simply, WWE fans really don’t know what they want. When I was watching the pipebomb I noticed the reaction that the “WWE universe” gave and quite honestly it shocked me, there was nothing. It’s like some of those fans didn’t even know who that man was, half of them are cheering for him and the other half is booing.

Now, usually I am highly critical of CM Punk and his view point but come on that man deserves better than that. Now obviously I get that Punk is playing a heel but come on…half the fans are booing him and it’s not just kids, you can clearly hear older men booing him. Many of you reading this may not see a problem here but I see it as being disrespectful of a great performer.

There are wrestling fans and there are WWE fans, wrestling fans know what this man has done and give him the respect he deserves while WWE fans blow it off because he isn’t ‘it’ at that moment. That’s their problem, WWE fans are manipulated by the WWE to do and say what they want them too. How can some people be so out of line with reality that they disrespect CM Punk? Now trust me, if you read my previous article “CM Punk: A Drastically Different View of Things” you would know that I see him differently and in no way a big fan of his, so I’m not just kissing his ass.

The thing that really gets me is WWE fan’s actual knowledge of the wrestling world. During the promo Punk mentions Ring of Honor and Colt Cabana, and guess what, there is barely any reaction if not any to it. It’s like some fans don’t even know there are other wrestling promotions. I feel like when you mention TNA to some of those fans they instantly think of backyard wrestling, ok O may be over exaggerating just a bit there but you know what I mean.

I just don’t get why people are so uninformed about a topic some have watched their whole lives. You see people on twitter asking…no begging WWE Superstars to follow them on twitter, why I don’t know. Newsflash people, they got better things to do than follow people with clearly a lot of time on their hands—why would you even expect them to follow anyway when they are following like 300 anyway? Right after my last article on the site appeared, controversial WWE Dr. Chris Amann followed me on twitter, and do you really think I would waste my time begging him to follow me? Ok so I am getting a bit off topic here but I hope everyone realizes what I am saying, they really don’t know anything about professional wrestling.

[adinserter block=”2″]I understand that some of these people may have grown into the WWE but so were thousands of other fans including me. These people will watch anything by the WWE because they are unaware of what is happening to them even if the product is being shoved down their throats. These people are unaware that they have any other options when it comes to pro wrestling. Now I don’t know if it is because I write about wrestling that I hate these fans so much but I do realize that if these people don’t stop reacting to situations the way they do, WWE will do and show whatever they want on their programming.

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