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WWE Fans Should keep the Daniel Bryan Storyline in Perspective

WWE fans are still buzzing over SummerSlam and the immediate fallout that took place on the following Monday Night Raw. The rise of Daniel Bryan has been fully realized as the former Ring of Honor star won the WWE title, only to lose it thanks to Triple H and the now McMahon family endorsed Randy Orton. Many fans believe this is Daniel’s time to shine and could not be happier that it’s finally happening for him.

And to that I say enjoy it while it lasts. Because it’s still John Cena’s company.

[adinserter block=”1″]That’s right folks, WWE’s main man is reportedly out for 4 to 6 months which in John Cena time means three months tops. And to be honest with you, I would be very surprised if he’s out that long.

Don’t misunderstand me here; I’m not implying that John’s injury is a work. The fact is there are enough crazies masquerading as WWE fans online to fill the Grand Canyon; twice. Those are the same people who actually thought that CM Punk’s knee injury back in May was a work as well, even after he posted pics of it on Twitter.

What I am saying is that Cena is a physical specimen, a true Superman in every sense of the word. And before we all get too wrapped up in the current hype that is surrounding WWE, we should stop and breathe. Breathe deep, focus and relax. Relax and remember.

WWE belongs to John Cena. That’s it, that’s all, goodnight.

Daniel Bryan is not replacing him. He has no chance of doing it. Randy Orton is not replacing John either. WWE ran him on top at one time; right next to John, not instead of John. And CM Punk is also not going to rise up to take John’s spot. WWE tested the waters on that at one time but ultimately John won that rivalry.

The way WWE is built is very simple. John Cena is the man, everyone else is number two. Doesn’t matter who you are, how long you’ve been in the business or where you’re possibly headed in the future. If you work for Vince McMahon and your name is not John Cena, then it is not your company.


Now, prepare yourself for a shock. This is not a hate piece. I know, it sounds like one. Any Cena supporters who are reading this are likely loading some boys up in the truck to come over and give yours truly a Hatfield/McCoy style beat down.

That’s not just a southern thing, right? Anyone?

By the same token, this is not an attempt to persuade you to like Cena. Let’s face it, if you haven’t already made up your mind about him then chances are you’re not a wrestling fan, you just stumbled onto this column accidentally or because you lost a bet.

If that’s the case, then hi, I’m Tom. What’s up?

All I’m merely attempting to do is gently remind anyone out there who may be under the illusion that “real” change is occurring in WWE that nothing will happen without John Cena being at the center of it all. It doesn’t matter how much headway Daniel Bryan makes or how much people may love him. It also doesn’t matter how much Randy Orton heels out and becomes the moustache twirling, damsel distressing villain that so many fans have been praying for since 2011.

It’s all for nothing because when it’s all said and done, John Cena is coming back and this entire storyline will end up being all about him. Again, it’s not hate; it’s just stating a fact.

Now prepare yourself for the second shock of this little rant. I am a Daniel Bryan fan.

If there is one guy in WWE that deserves a break due to the hard work he’s put in over the past couple of years, it’s Daniel Bryan. This guy came up the right way, paid his dues, struggled in smaller companies with no fans and honed his craft in preparation for a better life and bigger platform in the industry.

Now he has that platform. He has an opportunity to shine and I believe he will do just that. I feel that Bryan has the chance to become bigger than anyone can even imagine and could be considered on the same level as CM Punk, who I also have a tremendous amount of respect for. In fact, I would say that many fans consider both men to be on the same playing field right now.

But for me to believe that this entire situation somehow ends with Bryan on top of WWE as its number one Superstar and a retuning John Cena as the odd man out? No way, no how, forget it.

And you know what? Love it or hate it, I’m one of those guys who are actually okay with it. I’m a pro wrestling fan, first and foremost and anyone who has the skill that Daniel Bryan has being elevated in WWE is a good thing in my eyes. The company’s proliferation and creation of ring warriors that can flat out bring the house down night in and night out has not been lost on me. It’s a good time to be a WWE wrestling fan.

Truth be told, it’s a great time to be a WWE wrestling fan.

Cena is not the wrestling machine that Daniel, Randy or Punk is. But John is bringing fans, he is bringing ratings and he is bringing more attention to a company who is once again becoming known primarily for the wrestling, not just the show business. If Cena’s presence at the top makes the company stronger and allows them to shine the light on other stars in order to keep the product fresh and innovative then I’m all for it.

So I will enjoy the WWE product right now. I will be entertained by the storyline that is being played out between the McMahons, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. I will be entertained because I will take it for what it is; simply a moment in time.

[adinserter block=”2″]Because it’s still John Cena’s company. That’s just the way it is.

Tom Clark is a WWE Featured Columnist & Consultant for Bleacher Report and a Contributor for JBL’s Layfield Report

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  1. Punk and Bryan are the top two babyfaces in the WWE. It doesn't matter how much money Cena makes the company. Putting him out in front over Punk and Bryan is what's helping hold back their two best faces from being bigger than Cena is, could be or should have ever been. The last thing an ever evolving force like the WWE needs is a new Hulk Hogan. So stop praising Cena for stealing heat from the guys bring wrestling back to wrestling and actually being entertaining. Because Punk and Bryan can make a bigger impact than Cena, bring in more money and fans than he can. There is a reason you rip out weeds, so the flowers can bloom. It's also what's best for buisness.

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