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The WWE is Failing And It’s Vince McMahon’s Fault

Believe it or not, I may have discovered the reason why wrestling is in such a tailspin these days. After the end of the Attitude Era and the emergence of the “PG-13” Era and the return of so many great wrestlers from the past like Batista, Shawn Michaels, The New Age Outlaws and so on, I can only deduce that they WWE is hurting because of one man – Vince McMahon.

If you read McMahon’s Wikipedia page, you get the skinny on how great this man is to the business and to sports entertainment. But that is only part of the story.

Vincent Kennedy “Vince” McMahon is an American professional wrestling promoter, announcer, commentator, film producer, actor and occasional professional wrestler. McMahon is the Chairman and CEO of Stamford, Connecticut-based professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling Entertainment. Upon acquiring World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling, McMahon’s WWE became the sole remaining major American professional wrestling promotion.

That was a mouthful and it appears I am just getting started, so bear with me here.

McMahon has spread his WWE brand and his business dealings too thin. I became so aware of this when I read that McMahon, who has been known to want to see his name, his company, his brand in big lights, is rumored to be interested in buying Newcastle United FC.

While some reports deny the idea, there is speculation that might all happen, throwing a curveball into the English Premier League and throwing McMahon, a multimillionaire in his own right, into the conversation with NFL team owners Malcom Glazer (Tampa Bay) and Shad Khan (Jacksonville) as men who deal with at least two sports franchises – one of which is futbol.

So, in the cruel and antiquated way I know how, I ask, “How can McMahon concentrate on the WWE and making it as successful as had in the past if he cannot focus on only one thing at a time?” Why can’t the man who took one concept and made it more than he ever imagined concentrate solely on professional wrestling, because if that were the case, I am sure as shooting McMahon would be blowing the shows on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights out of the water and we all know that is not happening lately.

Movies, the XFL, a congressional campaign, a company that is publically owned and traded, the purchase of WCW and ECW plus reality television programming.

Wow, that is all a mouthful and at some point, there is time for wrestling and the WWE superstars who are larger than life and bring adults and children to their feet time after time. Now, the system seems to be cracking and I cannot help but think McMahon is a little stretched for his business acumen.

Putting McMahon on television does not get it done and the fans are tired of the same shtick over and over again. The need for creativity is there and the need to make the “new” ownership of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon has a chance to be good, but it falls flat at times.

You cannot rehash the past with McMahon, hand it off to someone else and hope they make magic. The thought that screen plays, acting, body building, E! Entertainment, and of course the millions of movies involving The Rock, John Cena and potentially other WWE superstars is something maybe McMahon cannot pass up.

The ego will not let him. He is a pioneer of sorts, a renegade and maybe the original Lone Wolf that he helped create for the Stone Cold Steve Austin character.

Had McMahon not stretched his mind so much and had not thought to immerse himself in everything else under the sun, then maybe we would not be as stressed about the product in front of us each week.

It’s only fair to think that the man who began this project by buying the WWF from his father is now the father who seems to be losing his magical touch.


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