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WWE 2010 Extreme Rules Results and Recap

WWE Extreme RulesThe WWE returned to pay-per-view with WWE Extreme Rules. WWE Extreme Rules 2010 promised lots of gimmicks and WWE fans got them. WWE Extreme Rules results were fairly predictable throughout the event. WWE Extreme Rules only included one WWE title change, a debut, & the likely swan song of Batista. A bit or irony considering how WWE Extreme Rules ended last year for Batista.

John Cena beat Batista in a Last Man Standing Match to retain the WWE championship. The finish was pretty campy. Cena hogtied Batista with duct tape to the outside ring pole, thus making Batista immobile and unable to answer the count. The result was expected with Batista leaving the WWE (more on that later in the week). The big spot was John Cena hitting Batista with an Attitude Adjustment through a table. Batista worked over Cena’s leg throughout the match. This was kind of odd since Edge and Chris Jericho did the same thing in the match right before this one. At one point Batista locked on a Figure Four leg lock and Michael Cole mentioned that Batista was taught by Ric Flair. Not a name you’d expect to hear on WWE TV these days.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t mean to be nit picky but the psychology of John Cena was just awful at Extreme Rules. After having his leg worked over for almost ten minutes, Cena just starts running the ropes and even jumped up to signal for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. A few minutes later his leg miraculously held up for an Attitude Adjustment. Shortly thereafter he climbed the ropes, etc, etc. I am probably the only one that pays attention to this stuff anymore, but John Cena’s psychology was on par with a bad independent pro wrestler.

In the WWE world heavyweight title match, Jack Swagger defeated Randy Orton. It was at this point where I just became enraged with the commentary of Matt Stryker. I have watched pro wrestling for almost 30 years and I can tell you with great conviction that no announcer in pro wrestling history has gotten under my skin as much as this man. The guy is just beyond awful. His cadence is like listening to finger nails on a chalk board, and his endless barrage of cliches were enough to make even Bryant Gumbel squirm. I have never heard an announcer pose more dumb questions in my life. They are the most ridiculous questions you will ever hear from an announcer who by theory should be an expert. The man is just pure mind numbing!

Anyway, Jack Swagger pinned Randy Orton with a Doctor Bomb (named after the late Dr. Death Steve Williams). The match was under Extreme Rules and saw a few foreign objects like a chair and the title belt used. Following the match, Randy Orton nailed Jack Swagger with an RKO on the floor. I was all for the Jack Swagger push, but after close to a month I am about done. I just don’t think he has the charisma to be world champion.

Edge defeated Chris Jericho in a Steel Cage Match. Edge pinned Jericho after a spear. In a throwback to the N.W.A., they had a referee inside of the cage for the match. The match was contested under both traditional WWE Cage Match rules, yet also allowed the match to end with a pin or submission due to the ref inside of the cage. A real cool spot in the match saw Chris Jericho bounce from the second to rope to Edge and nail a flying Code Breaker. It seemed like something was missing from the match with no WWE championship involved. In my opinion, this was easily the best match of the night.

Sheamus defeated Triple H in a Street Fight Match. I warned outraged fans after WrestleMania 26 to wait and see how this feud played out. Earlier in the night Sheamus attacked Triple H in the locker room and injured his neck. They played up the storyline throughout the match and went as far as to declare Triple H numb in one arm due to the neck injury.

This was one of the hottest matches of the night. I loved the finish here and Sheamus received a huge bump tonight. Sheamus wound up pinning Triple H after a series of bicycle kicks. After the match, Sheamus continued attacking Triple H. As security walked Triple H to the locker room in a neck brace, Sheamus attacked him once last time. In the end, Triple H was stretchered out. Sheamus came off as a ruthless killer here, especially attacking Triple H as he was being helped to the back. Great way to even the feud and the announcers stressed that Sheamus has now beaten John Cena and Triple H.

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CM Punk beat Rey Mysterio to win the match and reportedly end their feud. The match was slightly better than their WrestleMania 26 match. Even the biggest CM Punk fans have to admit that these matches haven’t lived up to expectations. Punk has had disappointing feuds with both Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio. Hardy and Mysterio are considered two of the best workers in all of pro wrestling. If Punk can’t have a great series with either of these two, I really don’t know where he stands long term in the WWE. A new member of the Straight Edge Society interfered in the match who looked like Joey Mercury.

[adinserter block=”1″]The other big news was the unscheduled appearance of WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, Bret Hart. Bret Hart accompanied the Hart Dynasty to the ring for their part in a Gauntlet Match against Show Miz. The Hart Dynasty won the match quickly. The match was a non-title WWE match, yet the winners will meet Show Miz for the Unified WWE tag team titles on WWE RAW. So Hart Dynasty vs. Show Miz is official for the three-hour WWE Draft show.

Full WWE 2010 Extreme Rules Results…
John Cena beat Batista in a Last Man Standing Match
Edge defeated Chris Jericho in a Steel Cage Match
The Hart Dynasty won a Gauntlet Match over Show Miz and John Morrison and R Truth.
JTG defeated Shad in a Strap Match
Jack Swagger defeated Randy Orton in an Extreme Rules Match
CM Punk beat Rey Mysterio
Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool in an Extreme Makeover match to win the WWE Women’s Championship

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  1. "I am probably the only one that pays attention to this stuff anymore…"

    HA That's the biggest thing within my group of wrestling fans, we all hate that Cena just doesn't show damage ever…he's always completely fine when he wants to be. It was worst when he was supposed to have damaged ribs…he had a bandage on and he still couldn't fake it. Last Raw with the Undertaker and Swagger match, Swagger worked Undertakers leg and he sold it the entire match…even when he was doing the final Tombstone you could see him hobble.


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