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WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results & Winners – WrestleMania 28 Comes Together

CM PunkSunday’s WWE 2012 Elimination Chamber winners will move forward to their respective championship dances at WrestleMania 28. The results weren’t all predictable yet WWE fans finally have a clearer picture as to what the championship matches will look like on the biggest show of the year in Miami.

CM Punk retained the WWE championship in the RAW Elimination Chamber Match. Punk pinned The Miz to win the match. I felt all along that the WWE would pull a swerve here as just about anyone predicting the show picked Chris Jericho to win. Whether it was a last minute change or not, Punk retained, and is now rock solid for a WWE championship match at WrestleMania.

Former tag team champions Kofi Kingston and CM Punk started out the RAW Elimination Chamber Match. They started out with several near falls early. A cool spot saw Punk slingshot Kofi into Chris Jericho’s chamber. Both guys took some hard falls on the steel. Dolph Ziggler entered next and went right for Punk.

Ziggler dropped a Famouser from the top of the cage onto Punk. Ziggler was on fire and a real show stealer here in my opinion. Kofi and Punk then took turns beating on Ziggler. They wound up colliding in the air at one point after trying to double team Ziggler. Punk crawled onto Kofi for a near fall. R-Truth was next to enter the chamber and went right after Ziggler.

[adinserter block=”2″]Ziggler took a hard bump over the top rope onto the steel. Truth followed up by diving on Ziggler. Back in the ring, Ziggler kicked out of a near fall. Punk nailed a Shining Wizard and Atomic Superplex for a near fall on Truth. Punk finally put Truth away with a flying elbow drop off the top rope.

Kofi did a flying wall spot ala: John Morrison. The Miz was next to enter the match as Ziggler and Kofi were laid out outside of the ring. The Miz came in strong and hit moves on Punk and Kofi. Ziggler was tossed outside of the ring again. The kid was a bumping machine tonight!

The Miz and Punk went at it for a few minutes. Miz started and stopped during a run across the ring that is sure to land him on Botchmania. Wow, has he regressed or what? Punk got a near fall on a power slam and then went right into the Anaconda Vice. Chris Jericho entered as Miz was in the vice. Punk released to standoff with Jericho.

Punk and Jericho brawled immediately. After a few exchanges, Jericho got a two-count on Punk with a Lionsault. Jericho eliminated Ziggler with the Code Breaker in the midst of all of this. What a shame. At one point I was starting to think Dolph was going to pull off an upset.

The fans really ate up the Jericho-Punk stuff. The feud is definitely over, or at least in Milwaukee it was. Jericho slammed Punk’s arm inside the door a few times. Jericho was a one man wrecking crew at this point. The Miz put an end to that.

Kofi leaped off the top of one of the pods onto Punk and Miz. He covered The Miz for a near fall. Jericho then snuck up behind him and locked in the Walls of Jericho and eliminated the former WWE intercontinental champion. Jericho destroyed Kofi on the way out, including tossing him out of the cage. Punk snuck up behind him and kicked him in the back of the head. The momentum took him out of the cage on to the floor.

Jericho was out “cold” on the floor. The referees said he couldn’t continue. WWE officials came out to check on Jericho, who didn’t respond. The announcers pointed out that Jericho hit his head as he went to the ground. This stopped the match for a few minutes until Punk and The Miz continued.

Punk and The Miz went back and forth as Jericho remained on the floor. The Miz caught Punk off the top rope into a Skull Crushing Finale for a real close finish. For a guy that was reportedly in the “dog house”, The Miz sure looked strong here.

The Miz missed a charge and went head first into the pod. Punk hit the GTS for the win. Punk was then announced as the winner, although it was never clear whether Jericho was actually eliminated or not. Punk celebrated for a few minutes in the ring following the win. Punk walked by Jericho at which point I expected Jericho to get up and swerve everyone, but he did not.

Alberto Del Rio interrupted a John Laurinaitis and cut a promo on Teddy Long. He said he thought Laurinaitis should be General Manager of both brands. He was interrupted by Mark Henry. Henry called Long a bully and accused Long of assaulting him. This segment fell pretty flat with the audience. Christian then returned. All three guys wound up posing with Laurinaitis for a picture. The crowd chanted “Triple H” but unfortunately never got him. This could be a set up for some kind of six-man tag team match at WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan retained the WWE world heavyweight championship in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match. Bryan tapped out Santino Marella to snag the win. As bad as this looked on paper, this turned out to be an absolutely fantastic match, coming close to topping last year’s classic.

Wade Barrett and The Big Show started off the SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match. Barrett took out the knee and went to work on Show with kicks to the face and body. Great psychology here with Barrett working over Show’s knee.

Show eventually recovered and threw Barrett over the top to the steel floor. Cody Rhodes was next to enter, although he was in no hurry to enter the match. Barrett and Cody double teamed Show. Barrett quickly turned on Rhodes and clotheslined him over the top rope. Santino was next to enter!

Santino entered to a big pop and hit Barrett with a few moves. Show finally cornered Santino and tossed him around. Show and Bryan had words throughout the match. Barrett and Rhodes double suplexed Show onto the steel floor. Cody then hit a beautiful Moonsault Press onto Barrett for a near fall and then set his sights on Santino. Cody went to work on Marella’s hand. The Great Khali was up next!

Khali came in and hit Cody with the slowest chop in the world. He then hit Cody and Barrett with Punjabi Plunges. Show eliminated Khali with a spear. The fans loved that spot. Khali was gone. Show stood in front of Bryan’s pod waiting for the champion to enter. Show then reached in for Bryan and tried to grab him. I am really enjoying the Bryan-Show feud. Show then started ripping apart the top of Bryan’s pod and finally broke into the pod. This was great! Show beat on Bryan. The fans really came alive for this. Bryan finally escaped the pod.

Show then threw Bryan into the pod which broke on impact. Show continued to punish Bryan. Barrett eventually cut Show off. Santino tried to roll up Barrett for a quick three to no avail. Cody did an Anthony Pettis-style kick off the cage to Show. Barrett dropped an elbow and Rhodes finally pinned Show.

Santino then snuck up behind Cody and pinned him for an elimination. Rhodes then delivered a Cross Rhodes to Santino. Santino kicked out of a Barrett cover. The fans were really behind Marella. Bryan and Barrett had a great back and forth for several minutes while Santino was laid out. Barrett slammed Bryan’s head into the pod door. Barrett came off as a real killer in this match.

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Bryan caught Barrett with a flying knee to the head. Bryan tossed Barrett into a pod door. Barrett then crotched Bryan on the top rope and slammed the back of Bryan’s head into the pod. Barrett went for the Wasteland on the top but Santino cut him off. Bryan nailed a diving headbutt onto Barrett. Santino then covered him for the three.

[adinserter block=”1″]It came down to Marella and Bryan. Bryan hit Santino with several kicks to the chest. Bryan missed a diving headbutt. Santino pulled out the Cobra for a near fall. Bryan then locked in the LeBell Lock. Santino tapped and Bryan was victorious in what turned out to be one hell of a match!

Sheamus entered the ring immediately following the match. Sheamus dropped Bryan with an Emerald Frosien. I would assume that this means Sheamus is officially going after the WWE world heavyweight title at WrestleMania, although he didn’t say a word. According to Michael Cole, it was very apparent that he made his choice so it looks like Bryan vs. Sheamus is official.

John Cena embraced the heat and defeated Kane in an Ambulance Match. John Cena delivered an Attitude Adjustment off the top of the ambulance to set up the finish of this brawl. Cena followed up the A.A. off the top by dumping Kane into the back of the ambulance to win the match. The match appeared to end the feud and clear the plate for the WrestleMania 28 Rock vs. Cena build to get into full swing on RAW this Monday night.

I’d call it a decent show. The SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match was great, while the RAW one was pretty good. The WrestleMania 28 card looks to be a bit more solid with Punk vs. Jericho and Sheamus vs. Bryan for the championships locked in. The Cena-Kane stuff is over and nobody will be complaining about that, opening up the door for The Rock to start promoting with Cena. The ending of the show was a bit odd, ending a show called the “Elimination Chamber” PPV with a non-chamber match, yet still a much better show than the WWE Royal Rumble 2012.

Full WWE 2012 Elimination Chamber results & winner…
CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, and R-Truth in an Elimination Chamber Match to retain the WWE championship
Beth Phoenix defeated Tamina Snuka to retain the WWE Divas championship
Daniel Bryan defeated The Big Show, The Great Khali, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, & Santino Marella in an Elimination Chamber Match to retain the WWE world heavyweight championship
Jack Swagger retained the U.S. championship defeating Justin Gabriel
John Cena defeated Kane in an Ambulance Match

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  1. So with Chris Jericho and CM Punk never marking up a loss in the Chamber this year for the Raw WWE Championship Chamber, does that mean the Chamber will make its WrestleMania debut and those two will do their match inside of it?


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