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2010 WWE Draft Preview and Predictions

The UndertakerWWE RAW will kickoff the WWE Draft this week which will culminate this Wednesday with a WWE Supplemental Draft on With only two WWE brands drafting and hundreds of available WWE superstars, the 2010 WWE Draft has the potential to be a game changer.

There are really two ways to predict this draft. I can talk about what I think will happen and what should happen. When it comes to the WWE Draft, every year is a toss up. Generally the WWE shakes things up every other year. 2008 saw Triple H go to WWE SmackDown, so if the pattern continues the 2010 WWE Draft will be full of surprises.

[adinserter block=”1″]In looking at the big move, there are only a handful of WWE superstars that I see in that category. After eight years, most of the guys have been back and forth so something as big as Triple H full time on WWE SmackDown isn’t likely to happen. In looking at the big picture, the real question here is how the WWE sees the SmackDown move to the Syfy Channel. Will the WWE load up SmackDown or load up WWE RAW in response to the new move?

The biggest possible move would be seeing the Undertaker drafted to WWE RAW. The Undertaker would freshen up WWE RAW in a hurry since he hasn’t been a full time member of RAW in years. New feuds with all of the above and others would be a breath of fresh air as opposed to the same crew of programs that have dominated WWE RAW for what seems like forever. If the reports are right about the Undertaker retiring at the next WrestleMania, the WWE really needs to get the most out of him and moving him to WWE RAW is the way to do it.

The big problem in this move is the new home of WWE SmackDown. The Undertaker is a perfect marketing fit for the Syfy Channel. For all we know, part of the deal includes some synergy between SmackDown and the network involving the Undertaker. As much as this needs to happen, I don’t think it will happen with the new relationship with the Syfy Channel.

After moving the Undertaker, you have some potential big moves, but nothing that would be a game changer. Randy Orton really needs to go to SmackDown. Orton has gotten incredibly stale on RAW. The RAW audience is having a hard time accepting him as a babyface. Other than Sheamus, Batista would be his next logical opponent and we have seen that too many times. A new audience and a new set of opponents is the perfect remedy to rebuild Randy Orton.

[adinserter block=”2″]On the RAW side, I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Sheamus move. If the Undertaker sticks around, an Undertaker vs. Sheamus feud has tons of potential. Sheamus vs. Rey Mysterio and Edge (should they stick around) also has some interesting possibilities. Sheamus has already feuded with the three top dogs on RAW. The only place for him to go is down if he sticks around. If the WWE plans to continue his push, SmackDown is a necessity. He is also another guy that has great marketing potential for the Syfy Channel due to his look.

On the SmackDown side, the hot rumor is Edge going back to RAW. I see it as a lateral move as I don’t think his leaving SmackDown changes much, nor do I see him as being that big of an addition to RAW. CM Punk is a curious name. Punk had a wild ride the last time he was on RAW. I think the move to RAW would be a step back for him. Rey Mysterio was a flop the last time he went to RAW. I’d love to see him give it another go on RAW. Chris Jericho is always a wild card in the draft. I would love to see him stick around on WWE SmackDown and remain in his role as the top heel.

Even the announcers got involved a couple of years ago. I think the announcing teams on both shows are very stale. I would not be surprised to see Michael Cole or Jerry Lawler wind up on SmackDown. I don’t even want to imagine how torturous it would be to listen to a Michael Cole and Matt Stryker team on RAW every week. Just keep in mind that everyone is on the table so an announcer swap wouldn’t be a complete surprise.

So there you have it. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of moves that would be big game changers other than the Undertaker going to RAW. I do predict you will see a lot more bigger names moved around due to the fact that the WWE only has two brands to draft for this year. Check back tomorrow for a full recap and analysis of the 2010 WWE Draft.

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