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Booking the WWE Divas for Wrestlemania 30

Wrestlemania is less then two weeks away and time is running out when it comes to the Divas here. A lot of people really want to see the Divas be on the whole show and want them to get their Wrestlemania moment. While I am for them getting a match at the biggest show of the year, the question is, how would you book them? Knowing that WWE is going to end up doing some type of tag team match like they did a couple of years ago or a disastrous battle royal where they had Santino Marella, in drag as Santina win the Miss Wrestlemania battle royal which was really stupid.

[adinserter block=”1″]So now this leads to me as I do like to play the booker when it comes to the Divas here and giving some possible situations of what could happen at Wrestlemania. I hope you enjoy this edition of the blog because it’s about to become really interesting in what I’m about to say here. Sit down, grab some popcorn and a soda because here is how I would book the Divas for Wrestlemania.

First thing is first and that is the Divas Championship. The title has been around for five years now and it hasn’t been defended at this show during it’s time in the Divas Division and currently, AJ is the Divas Champion. A lot of reports were saying that AJ was going to drop the title last week against Natalya and leading to a triple threat match with Nikki and Naomi. Wrestlechat on twitter said AJ should defend the title at Wrestlemania and have her drop it there and not on Main Event, which I agreed with because AJ did work hard and should defend the title at the biggest stage. We’ve seen AJ get pinned by Nikki Bella as Nikki held the title over her head and it should be mentioned that Nikki defeated Tamina. We saw Naomi return on Monday and picked up where she left off and we saw tension with Tamina and AJ with Tamina shoving her to the ground. So here is what I would do with the four of those girls and a Wrestlemania Match.

Fatal Four Way for the Divas Championship: AJ Lee vs. Tamina vs. Nikki Bella vs. Naomi for the title. That’s what I would book for Wrestlemania. Have Heel vs. Heel vs. Face vs. Face. Have the Total Divas of Naomi and Nikki in this match due to their wins and their rolls they have been on as of late and have the tension with AJ and Tamina come into play. Maybe tease something with Naomi and Nikki as well and saying that they want the Divas Championship the most and that they deserve it. Maybe have some type of blow up with the both of them (ala Trish and Lita prior to Wrestlemania 18 with them smacking the heck out of each other). That’s what I would do. WWE really needs to hype this up or have stuff done prior before Wrestlemania with some teasing. As for who I would book to win, it’s a toss up with Naomi or Nikki Bella, but I would give Nikki Bella the title. Why? Well last time around, she only held the title for six days before dropping it in 2012 when she and Brie were about to leave the company, but knowing WWE, they might have AJ retain the title. That’s what I would’ve done if I was booking Wrestlemania.

The next thing I would like to talk about is the storyline with Triple H and Daniel Bryan and how Stephanie McMahon is in this as well. We all saw Monday Night on Raw that she was slapping Daniel Bryan while Triple H was holding him up. In the end, Brie Bella was seen going to the hospital with Daniel Bryan. Here is what I think should happen now with Stephanie being in this storyline. I think that Brie should confront Stephanie McMahon about what she’s done to her fiancee. Have the both of them yell back and forth with each other and actually have it become psychical until they have to be broken up in the ring. Stephanie should get on the microphone and tells Brie that she will be paying the price as Brie can go through series of matches as well. At Wrestlemania, Stephanie could get involved in the match, thus having Brie come out of the back and attack Stephanie McMahon and leading to a fight with the both of them. That’s what I would do when it comes to the both of them.

[adinserter block=”2″]With a little amount of time before Wrestlemania, I think the WWE really needs to step it up with the Divas and how they should be booked here. I will be looking and seeing what match will happen and what actually goes down with Stephanie McMahon. The final weeks should be interesting

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