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WWE Divas, TNA, and Other Wrestling Notes

[adinserter block=”1″]I never thought I would say this or ask the WWE to do this, but for the love of Mae Young, please do away with the Divas and any segments that have them featured in the WWE. After Monday night’s musical chairs” debacle, can the Divas Division face on solid tombstone pile driver by The Undertaker and be done with it.

I am sure that Mildred Burke, Lillian Ellison and June Byers did not expect to see nothing more than cover girls disrespecting the business. I am sure that for every AJ Lee, Tamina and Kaitlyn, who seem to be the only females in the WWE who can actually wrestle, this comes as no shock when I ask that this part of the company become vapor faster than a green mist shower from The Great Muta.

Originally, women were used as props in and out of the ring, as valets, mouth pieces and part of the carnival appeal to the “sport” as it was known.

According to its roots, through Wikipedia, the women’s division of professional wrestling has maintained a recognized world champion since 1937, when Mildred Burke won the original World Women’s title. She then formed the World Women’s Wrestling Association in the early 1950s and recognized herself as the first champion, although the championship would be vacated upon her retirement in 1956.

The NWA however, ceased to acknowledge Burke as their Women’s World champion in 1954, and instead acknowledged June Byers as champion after a controversial finish to a high-profile match between Burke and Byers that year. Upon Byers’ retirement in 1964, The Fabulous Moolah, who won a junior heavyweight version of the NWA World Women’s Championship (the predecessor to the WWE Women’s Championship) in a tournament back in 1958, was recognized by most NWA promoters as champion by default.

Now it is a mockery of everything the business established.

The Fabulous Moolah helped bring female professional wrestling into the mainstream conscience when we as part of the “Rock and Wrestling” connection. She, Cyndi Pauper, Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper put wrestling on the map for good with the advent of WrestleMania.

Today, the women who appear on television and pay-per-view events are reasons for us to take bathroom breaks and fill appetizer trays.

Bring Back AJ Styles

If you haven’t noticed (maybe because the angle sucks so badly) TNA is getting nowhere with its “Take the Belt and Run” angle with AJ Styles. The fact TNA would try such a gimmick is appalling because although I would love to see a Styles/CM Punk match, the TNA legend is not in Punk’s league.

The idea of a tournament to determine a new TNA champion works from the angle, but we all know it will be Magnus as the new front man for Carter and her evil regime, that looks like a said interpretation of the WWE and its Authority angle.

Note to Dixie Carter – If you are going to imitate the competition, make sure you are a better actress and set the plan into motion without anyone really figuring out what is happening before it begins.

Ambrose needs some fresh air

[adinserter block=”2″]Now that it appears The Shield will either become a face faction of disband, isn’t it time to give Dean Ambrose some true competition? And while the WWE is at it, can they produce some more vignettes with all three members? I suddenly feel The Wyatts (Who need Paul Heyman in their corner) have become the Hounds of Hell in the company.

Instead of fighting with The Shield at Survivor Series, the two groups should be at each others throats.

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