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WWE Divas: The Declaration of Sasha Banks

Since the last time I had talked about Sasha Banks, we were discussing how fans are frustrated that WWE hadn’t seemed to want to pull the trigger on the Diva. It was as if WWE were holding her back, keeping her with Team BAD just because while Team PCB was falling apart and took center stage in the Divas Division. I discussed how it could be a “crawl before you walk” situation as to why WWE wouldn’t unleash Banks’ full potential. Fans were chanting for her every week, and in return we got little teases of Miss Banks here and there. Fans wanted more, and they just weren’t getting it.

Since then, the good thing was that Sasha was starting to get the credit that she deserved. PWI made up for the head scratching placement on the PWI Women’s 50 and named her as “Woman of the Year”, and was bestowed the “Match of the Year” award for her unforgettable performance with Bayley at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. She and Bayley also won Match of the Year for the NXT Year End Awards.

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But, the shade had continued after my “Shade of Sasha” blog was published. The recognition was starting to show, but her time on the main roster said otherwise. It was underwhelming, at best. This isn’t how Banks should be presented. She’s a main player and your casual WWE fan wouldn’t know otherwise if they were unfamiliar with NXT.

Nikki Bella was the face of the Divas, yet her 2015 paled in comparison to Banks. So when Bella was injured and put out of action, it left room for someone to take her place. Most fans wanted Banks to take that place Bella had left behind. However, Banks was just coasting along with Team BAD, with no real direction since the Divas Revolution storyline had all but come to a screeching halt. Charlotte had already assumed the role by winning the Diva’s Championship, and was feuding with Paige, now Becky Lynch. Fans hoped it was a matter of time before Banks made her presence known in the Divas Championship picture.

But after her twerking performance with The New Day, Sasha Banks quietly slipped away for a few weeks. Sure she posted on Twitter and Instagram, but the elephant in the room was enormous due to rumors of a supposed injury she had. She never addressed it, and it left fans wondering if we would see the resident Bosslady come WrestleMania season.

Well, fans got their answer during the Royal Rumble. After Charlotte defeated Lynch, Banks came out to a thunderous ovation. After kicking Lynch while she was down, Banks appeared to have joined forces with Charlotte, which was very reminiscent of their NXT days. Fast forward about a minute later, Banks turned face as she snatched Charlotte from behind and into the Bank Statement. From there, Banks grabbed the Divas Championship and held it up to a huge pop.

Banks didn’t even have to say a word. The scene before us last night said it all. Finally, after what seemed like a drawn out wait, Banks made the long awaited declaration fans longed for: She’s back and coming for the Divas Championship.

With the Divas Revolution to a low simmer, a feud with Banks and Charlotte (with the possibility of Lynch) could see the story come to a head when WrestleMania stops in Dallas. Charlotte has been on fire since changing her attitude with the Diva’s Championship. With daddy Ric Flair by her side, Charlotte has the security blanket to protect her Championship run as she plows through the likes of Lynch and Paige. A feud with Banks is a whole different ballgame. Banks is quite on a winning streak in singles competition, proving that she is indeed a threat to Charlotte’s reign.

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It’s time for WWE to stop playing games with Banks. Her credentials are there; let her make an impact on the main roster. Don’t tease us anymore. No more BS, no more twerking with The New Day. Let Banks spread her wings and fly. It’s time to release her from Team BAD, and let her continue to build the legacy she started creating while in NXT. Banks is a superstar in the making, and all she needs is that one moment on the main roster to solidify that. WrestleMania can very well be her moment.

Banks turning face is the way to go to take her to superstardom. It’s almost like when John Cena was starting out. Cena was hot as a heel, and once he turned face, his career skyrocketed and he never looked back. Banks most certainly is heading that way and WrestleMania could be her culminating moment for capturing one of the grandest prizes in women’s wrestling. She has her peers, legends and fans behind her. All that separates her from that is how the story will play out in terms of creative.

And when Banks does capture that Divas Championship, a new face of the Divas Division will be crowned. A superstar will be born. As her song says, the sky’s the limit for Miss Sasha Banks. And you can bank on that.

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