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WWE Divas Revolution: Upon Further Review, Tom Clark is Right

One of the greatest things about writing for Camel Clutch Blog is the chance to talk with other outstanding writers on the site to get their opinions. In my case, I talk frequently with my friend and wrestling expert, Tom Clark. Tom is the type of writer that makes everyone see a point from every angle, the good and the bad.

Earlier this week, I wrote a piece on the Divas’ Revolution, where I said Paige’s “Pipe Bomb” was one of the best things that could happen to the women of WWE in some time.

[adinserter block=”2″]My point was Paige said what was needed to be said, regardless of the fact it was staged and the respect of Kayfabe was ignored. This one act, although it wasn’t as jolting as anything that AJ Lee or her husband CM Punk has said in the past, did not come off as impactful.

The discussion on the topic, as I shared it with my friends became a strong topic of conversation.

In the end, when I look at the Divas in WWE today and think of how Paige took it upon herself to begin what looks to be her own revolution, I may have been wrong.

Clark, for all his wisdom, sums it up perfectly.

All due respect David but I have to disagree with you on this. I think the promo was ill advised and shortsighted, Paige was the one that started this whole thing in storyline terms and it makes no sense that she would be the one to stop it. Her character got what she wanted and then immediately turned her back on the entire thing as if she really had nothing to do with in the first place. I believe this hurt Charlotte so much that it may take a hell of a long time for her to be accepted now. It also put over Nikki and Brie in some weird way–as if they needed putting over anymore. I do totally agree with you that the whole storyline needed something different but I really don’t believe this was it.

A writer never admits freely that he is wrong, and maybe this is not the case, but there is a point here to be made. The speech by CM Punk and the statements made by Lee about WWE and its management of wrestlers and programming was dead on in its assessments. Punk would never have risen to fame the way he did without shocking the wrestling community and then setting off to hijack the WWE Title before he left the company of his “contract dispute.”

Paige’s words and tone were all self-deprecating and real, but were not explosive. The fact she has admitted in an interview that WWE officials knew she was going to go off on the company, Charlotte and anyone else who would listen ruined the whole program, and yes, it made have made a mockery of Charlotte and her current status of being the title holder in the Divas’ Division.

[adinserter block=”1″]There is still turmoil in the division from the standpoint Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are bit players and Nikki and Brie Bella are still part of the hierarchy of power. How WWE officials choose to deal with that will be a major turning point in how the Divas are accepted by the fans.

To take my point a step further, I read comments made about Charlotte by none other than Jim Ross and his take on the Divas currently working in WWE. Ross, who I would read and listen to over and over again, backs Clark’s point up by saying Charlotte is the one who needs the Divas spotlight. All Paige has done is undermine what WWE appears to be doing.

“Charlotte needs the women’s spotlight which will facilitate the ‘chase’ from the other women who seek to be champion. Seems as if WWE is trying to get too many of the ladies over at one time and that won’t work. They have assembled the best female roster in the company since the Attitude Era nonetheless. In a nutshell, I guess I expected more from the WWE women on this episode of Raw as they have become one of the freshest aspects of the show.”

If Ross and Clark every get together for one of Clark’s podcasts, look out.

I too expect more out of the Divas’ Division and I expect the writers to come up with a way to use what Paige said and how she has undermined the process to WWE’s advantage as well as help Charlotte ascend to the top of the ladder for more than a cup of coffee.

While I still think what Paige did was further stir the pot and continue to make herself and women in WWE relevant, her methods were half-hearted. Clark’s viewpoint was spot on. I won’t say I was wrong, but maybe a bit misguided. It’s these types of conversations that make debates like these much better than watching actual matches.

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