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WWE Divas and the Failing Notion of Change

There are times when make believe becomes reality, even in professional wrestling. WWE fans have seen this coming for a long time, almost too long in the company’s desperate need to supply life support for its failing television programming. The Divas Revolution, or its likeness, was supposed to inject life in what was a bathroom break on the schedule for most viewers. At the expense of Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Paige and every “real” female who has ever gotten in the ring, Vince McMahon should get on his knees and kiss everyone’s ass and beg he isn’t fired.

The divas division of WWE officially sucks.

[adinserter block=”2″]There is no easy way to say it, there is no real cure in sight. Unless you are a woman named Bella and a woman named McMahon (or Helmsley), you are caught in the crossfire of women’s wrestling on a brand that is supposed to be sports entertainment. What these women are, however, trapped in their own misery. Pretty faces, muscular bodies and no true way to show off their talents because one female named Bella holds all the cards – with the owner of the company and her boyfriend in her back pocket.

Did I mention it helps to have a boyfriend who is the company’s cash cow pulling strings, making backroom deals to keep a pink belt around your waist?

The biggest fault of WWE of WWF or whatever the company has been over the years is one person decided who wore gold while other promotions like the NWA had nine members of a Board of Directors decide who would lead the factions.

I guess it’s good to be the queen of this dysfunctional outfit. All she is getting is compliments on her looks, her ass and criticism on her current state as the longest tenured women’s champion of all time. It’s all in the name of Vince McMahon and Triple H wanting to prove a point to CM Punk and his wife, AJ Lee. Nothing is more blatant. Nothing is as contrived as the Montreal Screw Job.

Mark Madden nailed it in his commentary on wrestlezone.com on Friday…

Night of Champions is now or never for the Divas division. Either it gets taken over by the athletes, or power stays with the strippers.

Even if Charlotte wins, it might be a temporary victory for athleticism. Eva Marie looks great, but can’t work a lick. Yet WWE sees her as a big-time star. Yikes.

With Raw’s ratings in the tank and no relief in sight as Monday Night Football sets the hook, WWE has two available scapegoats: The “Divas Revolution,” and Sting. Something Vince McMahon never liked anyway, and the WCW guy.

It’s hard for me to think Vince McMahon, with all his power-hungry machismo and his penchant for loving the ladies did not like the idea of scantily clad women dancing around a ring, fighting with pillows or in pools of mud for the sake of seeing some boobs and ass for ratings. Who in the world would do such a thing? I’ve never heard of anything like that before.

Now, the proverbial head lock just got real. Charlotte, the princess chasing the queen, is a wrestler. I never thought I would use the term diva and wrestler in the same context, but that is what she is. Nikki Bella is the dirty girl, shake your moneymaker and walk away with title and hunk in hand. The two are toxic, but prove more and more every day that even as WWE tries to escape the idea of wrestling and the notion of sports entertainment, the more the struggle becomes real and everyone who is a fan wrestles with the fear this is a sinking ship that has been taking on water since the purchase of WCW.

At some point, McMahon must sink or swim. Ten lovely ladies are adding to the weight of this issue, which is deeper than some soap opera where two women are fighting over some small prize. Think of it like “As the World Turns” meets “How I Met Your Dictator” and everyone is force fed the line that this is what is best for business.

Well, I have not heard Stephanie McMahon really use that sentence in this context, but believe you me, it is coming to a television show near you soon.

Hopefully, Sunday takes care of a lot of what I am feeling regarding this topic. It’s painful to watch and no matter how attractive the women are on screen, the fact is things aren’t getting better. You cannot continue to put makeup on a problem like this and expect to cover everything up. Charlotte, like her father Ric Flair, is going to carry the divas division for WWE. She is the most talented women’s wrestler to come along since Gail Kim. And what we all would not give to see Kim and Charlotte in a ring (that could happen in the future).

[adinserter block=”1″]For years, Flair carried fellow wrestlers like Charlie Cook, Bill Snyder, Mark Romero, and others (lower end wrestlers who Flair made look like stars on the regional circuit). Charlotte is learning she will have to do the same thing within the division – not because the other females cannot wrestle, but history and the future dictate some has to be fit to lead. There is no leader in the Divas division. There hasn’t been one since Lee left the company and even then, no one was willing to admit it was happening.

I’ve never been so upset with professional wrestling than I am right now. And the fact I am upset, no pissed off, at women in a wrestling ring – when there are so many other problems with WWE and wrestling in general – only magnifies what is going on here. Wrestling isn’t the fake reality television we are all being told it is. Ken Anderson used to wear a shirt that said “Wrestling is real. People are fake.” Those words have never been truer as they do now. The likes of Madden will continue to echo the sentiments of a need to make things happen now if the women in WWE are ever going to be taken seriously.

Part of me just wants it to end and end quickly. Sunday cannot come quick enough. Everyone wants a revolution. I just want a resolution.

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