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WWE Diva Mocks WWE Creative On Twitter

Gail KimI can understand the frustrations a WWE superstar may have these days with the creative team. Yet complaining about it on Twitter probably isn’t the best idea as Matt Hardy can attest to. WWE Diva Gail Kim hasn’t received that memo.

Gail Kim is certainly rewarding her loyal 39,000 followers on Twitter with some good tweets lately. Two weeks ago she whined about Melina being a “bad friend” and now she is complaining about WWE creative. Let’s just say that Ms. Kim is not a happy Diva these days.

Sometimes I don’t realize how long I haven’t been on RAW bc I still wrestle on superstars…which I love bc I get to WRESTLE for longer than 3 min and actually have singles matches! Hopefully soon…:)))@gailkimITSME

[adinserter block=”2″]I came across her vents after someone retweeted one of her recent tweets to Trish Stratus about their matches.

It all started when Gail responded to the outpouring of high praise she got for her match with Beth Phoenix on WWE Superstars, which was a really fun match.

Thank u! The response of our match has been unbelievable and it was TRULY a dream come true. Imagine if we were given a storyline or some more time behind it! Sigh….- @gailkimITSME

Next, someone tweeted a message to former WWE champion Trish Stratus about Beth and Kim’s match. Trish retweeted with a nice comment.

They already do! #respect RT @GKInteractive @gailkimITSME & @TheBethPhoenix would blow the roof off if given more time & storyline@trishstratuscom

Gail chimed in two hours later.

@trishstratuscom I would love to go back to what we had back in those yrs! Those were like ironwoman matches back then compared to now lol@gailkimITSME

I can appreciate the honesty but ouch! That can be taken as a little bit of a backhanded shot at the current crew of WWE Divas. They were good matches but let’s not get crazy. Additionally when Kim came in and feuded with Trish Stratus, it was right about that time they started cutting back the time on the Divas on RAW so it really wasn’t that much different then. Additionally, I didn’t have any of their matches even ranked in a blog I wrote about the Top Five Best Trish Stratus Matches.

She continued her subtle yet fairly obvious tweeting about discontent with WWE creative.

Sometimes I don’t realize how long I haven’t been on RAW bc I still wrestle on superstars…which I love bc I get to WRESTLE for longer than 3 min and actually have singles matches! Hopefully soon…:)))@gailkimITSME

A fan called Gail out on her complaining and flat out asked her. @gailkimITSME instead of bitching; why don’t you leave? People could perceive your tweets a bad attitude?@TheSamGallagher

To Gail’s credit she responded to the fan. I say to her credit, because she certainly could have ignored the negative tweets because I am sure plenty of WWE stars get them.

@TheSamGallagher oh thats not #!@%*#ing lol just the truth 🙂 and I don’t live my life based on what people perceive. Can’t please every1 all the time – @gailkimITSME

Between retweets and followers, some in the wrestling media started picking up on her tweets and commented about her anti-WWE remarks. Gail didn’t seem to worried about it.

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@kevin_hamilton8 omg people have no life when they take tweets and make a mountain out of a molehill…what else shall I say to make some NEWS?? Lol!@gailkimITSME

I always love when someone says something on Twitter, a blogger picks up on it, and all of the sudden the blogger is the one causing trouble. Don’t tweet what you don’t want people to see!

Here is the deal. Gail Kim left the WWE, went to TNA Wrestling, and had plenty of time to wrestle longer matches down south for three years. Kim was the face of the TNA Knockouts division and had a memorable series of matches against Awesome Kong. Kim was a free agent two years ago and had offers from both the WWE and TNA. She chose to go to the WWE. She already worked there were no surprises in going from one to the other. Get over it!

I just absolutely hate when I see WWE superstars complain about match time or face time. There are thousands of independent professional wrestlers out there who are struggling to pay their bills (and at least one TNA Wrestler) and would swap places with her in a second.

If she is that unhappy cash out and go home. It is a little insulting in today’s economy to get on Twitter and whine about “match time” when thousands of fans and independent wrestlers have much bigger problems. I am sure there are plenty of female wrestlers out there that would be happy to take her spot if she is unhappy.

[adinserter block=”1″]Here is a newsflash. Gail Kim is a 34-year old professional wrestler who gets to travel around the world, make good money, and put her body through very little abuse to do it. Gail Kim’s days are numbered at her age and that isn’t a hateful statement, it is just the way that the WWE sees their Divas.

I don’t necessarily agree with this but unless she is a superstar WWE Diva like Trish Stratus, Rena Mero, or even Tammy Sytch, I don’t see the WWE keeping her around past her 36th birthday. So instead of complaining to the people who think you are living your dream, give it a rest or just go home for good and wrestle as many long matches as you want on the independents.

It is also completely asinine when a fringe WWE superstar speaks out through social media and starts complaining about the people responsible for giving her air time. Waging a public campaign isn’t going to accomplish anything than get yourself fired.

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