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WWE Diva Auditions To Be A News Anchor

WWE Kelly KellyCheck out this video soon to be a You Tube classic featuring WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. Kelly reveals her dreams to be a network news anchor. The interviewer than gives Kelly a news script and an audition. To think that this woman cuts promos and acts for a living is amazing. It takes Kelly a few times to nail the script and inch closer to her dream of becoming a network news anchor.

More than anything, I find it quite interesting as to how many WWE superstars have career desires outside of pro wrestling. There are millions of independent and struggling pro wrestlers that dream of wrestling for the World Wrestling Entertainment. However, it seems that more WWE Divas and wrestlers are not satisfied with their jobs. Mickie James is currently working on her first country music album. Brock Lesnar left the WWE several years ago to pursue the NFL and later MMA. Kelly is one of just many with career aspirations that exceed WrestleMania.

[adinserter block=”2″]I am sure Kelly Kelly is a sweet girl, but this audition is beyond hilarious. If there is anyone that should be able to jump into a news anchor’s seat and read a script, it should be a WWE personality. Not Kelly. Even more interesting is when Kelly reads a story about tanning salons and an underage ban, she somehow confuses the sentence about kids under 18 being banned from using tanning beds with kids under 18 being banned from using steroids. Freudian slip perhaps?

Katie, I think it is fair to say your job is safe.

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