WWE Did The Right Thing, CM Punk Must Too


It’s been 2 months since CM Punk took his ball and went home. And while questions have been raised about whether he was right or wrong, I can perfectly understand Punk’s reservations against Triple H. The COO single-handedly buried Punk during his meteoric rise in 2011 at NoC (who does that these days?!) that Punk never quite recovered from that; though credit’s due to Punk for rediscovering himself as a heel and giving us some terrific moments and matches.

[adinserter block=”1″]But the rights and wrongs don’t matter anymore. What matters is the aftermath.

I dare say the WWE did the right thing; all said and done. The guy walks off before the show goes on air and the last thing you want to do is say, ‘hey, come back. You were right all along. Here is the world championship for your trouble.’ No company can afford to do that. Companies have done it in the past and companies have come to grief. So WWE got themselves a new ball and gave it to some one else. Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan wasn’t exactly selling t-shirts or tickets at that point and didn’t even have a clear program for Wrestlemania! Punk’s departure changed all that. Now not only would Bryan take on Triple H, he would – if Trips doesn’t get on a power trip at the last minute – even main event Wrestlemania XXX. As they say, one man’s loss is another’s gain. No complaints there. That’s the way the cookie should crumble. But then the proverbial must crumble for both.

That means now it’s Punk’s turn to do what is right. Go to TNA! (Yes, please!!)

With Hogan and Sting gone, TNA is on a mission to re-invent itself and invest its faith in those guys who had stuck around for long. But TNA has a long road ahead of it. For it to regain the steam it lost in mid 2012 TNA needs something big. And the one man that can genuinely create that buzz right now and get people to sit up and notice is CM Punk.

But what’s in it for Punk?

A lot of history awaits Punk there. Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, and what a classic it would be to see Bobby Roode in the ring with CM Punk. Did I mention Austin Aries?

It’s a win-win situation for both Punk and TNA. Punk would take to TNA his rabid fan base while Punk’s history with Hardy and Joe are big ticket matches. Did I mention AJ Styles?

A logical first year would be to capitalize on the buzz and make Punk go after Magnus and beat him for the World Championship. Samoa Joe could get in Punk’s face giving Joe his much deserved elevation and a run at the top. By the time the feud ends, we are all set for the ultimate show down; CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy. This could be in every sense of the word Total Non-stop Action. And with guys like Aries, Roode and Anderson, the action can go on for ever.

There is a good chance that TNA fans might turn against Punk which won’t hurt matters either. A heel Punk that runs through the TNA talent before losing to Hardy or a returning AJ Styles would be equally phenomenal.

A renegotiation with WWE is what everyone’s hoping for. And I hope that doesn’t happen. Punk’s credibility’s been hit ever since Kevin Nash Jackknifed him and all Punk did in return was walk down and snigger. Then HHH pedigreed him, the Rock rockbottomed him, Taker tombstoned him and Lesnar F5ed him.

[adinserter block=”2″]WWE may offer the carrot. Throw in a promise of a stone cold match up (which won’t happen). In the end he would be used as a platform for guys like Reigns, Rollins and Wyatt who seem to be gathering a lot of steam.

There’s nothing for Punk in WWE anymore. In TNA, history awaits Punk.

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  1. Absolutely right! The show is bad. But the stars aren’t. A few of them are incredible. And what TNA needs is a shot in the arm. And right now the only person who can provide that is Punk. Of course one is hoping that with such a huge signing, the writing would pick up.

    And Punk would be none the worse for it. if Punk’s plan is to have one last indy tour – as pointed out – what stops him from giving TNA a shot considering that a lot can be leveraged out of it? Cause all said and done, at the end of the day, people are not going to go back to talk segments, they are going to go back to classic matches. And TNA has a lot to offer in terms of worthy opponents. They just need a sensible booker, is all.

  2. Let’s face it, that show is terrible. It does have potential though which would make sense for Punk to show up and help out with. I think this is an interesting perspective. But unless something drastic happens in the writing for that show I cannot see Punk going there. Maybe in July when his contract is up with WWE he’ll start talking. It’s all just hopeful speculation until then

  3. I think CM Punk would rather shave his behind and shoot himself than go to TNA. My predicition: Punk has one last indy tour (PWG, Gabe’s group, ROH) and maybe some other groups before retiring. WWE and Punk mend fences a few years later, we get a second Punk DVD,a last Raw appearance in Chicago, and a Cena/Punk rivalry DVD. Unless TNA offers him an amazing deal, no way does Punk work for them.


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