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WWE Need To Make Daniel Bryan Right On RAW Tonight

It’s been a week since we have seen the WWE world champion run away like a coward as he tried to leave the building in his cheap rental car. Bryan’s momentum was sacrificed in 1 week for a cheap angle. All can be forgotten but it is up to the WWE to rehab their champion quickly…beginning tonight.

[adinserter block=”1″]Social media went into a frenzy last week after what many dubbed the worst portrayal of a WWE babyface champion in years. Not since CM Punk was booked as the “lucky champion” several years ago can I remember a babyface champion getting buried so deeply on television. What the WWE did last week to Bryan made no sense and it is up to them to clean it up immediately.

Bryan has not had an easy road to the top. Some guys have plans laid out for them on paper and some guys change the playbook. Bryan has changed the playbook several times. The Yes Movement took on a life of its own and forced WWE’s hand in pushing Daniel Bryan. He was never meant to be here and it was quite clear that there are still some hard feelings after watching last week’s show.

This was supposed to be Batista’s spot. Bryan was penciled in to wrestle Sheamus in a meaningless match at WrestleMania. The WWE could no longer ignore the obvious and not only rode the hot hand at WrestleMania 30, they appeared to give him the vote of confidence fans needed to see. No longer was Bryan seen as the B+ player who “wasn’t good enough.” Bryan was now the man and fans were presented with a guy who was finally good enough. That all changed last week.

Bryan was booked to look like a coward last week. Instead of fighting the monster Kane head-on like he did at Extreme Rules, he ran away from Kane. Not only did he run away, he looked scared, and tried to leave the building. Could you imagine in your wildest imagination Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock running from Kane in 1999? Of course not! Not only that, Bryan was driving a cheap rental car. This wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t made clear for many years on RAW that the elite superstars showed up in limousines or gimmicked cars. It was a stark reminder that the WWE will give you your Yes Movement but no matter what they tell you, they really aren’t on board with it.

The WWE need to book Bryan strong tonight on RAW. I don’t mean just book him strong in a match. I mean they need to book him as a man who shows no fear, who backs down from no man, who looks evil in the face and takes his best shot. Remember the way John Cena was booked against Brock Lesnar? He knew Lesnar was a bad S.O.B. but no matter what he was going to go down swinging. That is how Bryan needs to be written into RAW.

If booked right, last week could be forgiven or even forgotten by most fans. It was only one week and as rough as it was, it isn’t the end of the world. Now if the WWE comes back tonight and constantly reminds you how much of a coward Bryan is with no retribution, well then the writing is clear. Unfortunately as much as most of us enjoy the Yes Movement, perception is reality and if the casual fans see Bryan as a coward who runs away in the face of fear, that will be reflected in how they react to him moving forward.

[adinserter block=”2″]And while we’re at it, ditch Brie Bella. I know that the WWE love to book these soap opera angles with husbands and wives. But Brie is a career killer for Bryan. Brie is a reminder that Bryan isn’t the simple, working man we are supposed to believe he is. Brie is not Miss Elizabeth, nowhere close, and quite honestly she is an anchor on this movement in my opinion.

So let’s hope that things are made right tonight with Daniel Bryan. If not it won’t be long before you see Randy Orton or John Cena back in the title picture with Bryan penciled in for meaningless matches with Sheamus.

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  1. Thank you, Eric! I felt the same way when this all went down last week. I know some will hide behind the notion that he was trying to get his wife to safety but he should have came back to the arena after she was out of harms way.


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