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WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Out With Neck Injury

Daniel Bryan’s dream run as the WWE world champion may be coming to an end. Bryan will be stepping out of the wrestling ring to undergo neck surgery which will put the Yes Movement on hold as his push hangs in the balance.

And you thought Batista had bad timing? Timing is never good for any kind of an injury but this may be the worst case yet. In the midst of the biggest run of his career, Daniel Bryan will be missing time with neck surgery. The surgery is described as minimally invasive, yet it could keep him out of action until July.

SESCoops.com broke the story on Monday afternoon. Bryan confirmed the news during a promo on WWE RAW. Bryan played it off as part of the angle with Kane. Bryan also dramatized it by saying his career is in jeopardy. I would guess that the career bit is just to add intrigue although to be fair anything can happen when neck surgery is involved. Bryan is expected back at Money in the Bank although the report online states he could be back as soon as Payback.

[adinserter block=”1″]No word yet on what the WWE will be doing with the WWE world title. It’s a tough one to call. My hunch is that since Bryan wasn’t exactly the corporate pick, that creative could use this as an excuse to get the title off of Bryan. At the same time they have invested so much in him lately that it would seem foolish for them to do something drastic when he will be back in several weeks.

If I were in their shoes I’d keep the belt on Bryan. There is way too much invested in him in regards to television time and merchandise. Bryan getting the belt back would not be a given and all of this momentum could be stalled. If Bryan is out past Money in the Bank I don’t think the company has a choice at that point other than to crown a new champion.

RAW is still in progress so these questions could be answered shortly. Check back here for an update when I get it.

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