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WWE Could See Big Changes This Summer

According to a recent report says that there are big WWE changes on the horizon. A new report suggests that there are several creative changes on the table and the heels and faces you see today will look may look a lot different by the end of the summer.

Dave Meltzer breaks down the big story in the latest edition of his Wrestling Observer newsletter. Meltzer reports that there are all kinds of ideas being tossed around regarding potential babyface and heel turns on the WWE roster. Recent ratings and house shows may dictate how this all goes down by the time we get to SummerSlam.

One of the big changes would be a babyface turn by CM Punk. I blogged about this right after Paul Heyman agreed to the Punk vs. Chris Jericho Payback match. I thought the whole segment looked like the start of a babyface turn for Punk. Meltzer supports that theory with the idea that Punk would become the number two babyface. Punk and Cena would then become the two house show headliners which would seem to indicate that Punk would headline the SmackDown brand while Cena would headline the RAW shows.

The biggest change or addition in this case would be a return of the McMahons to weekly television. Meltzer reports that an idea is on the table which would see Vince and Stephanie McMahon as lead heels along with…Triple H. Meltzer just casually throws Hunter’s name into the report but I think that is a huge deal. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a heel Hunter. The angle would make sense with Hunter as the muscle behind the group building towards matchups with Cena and Punk.

Quite frankly and this isn’t mentioned in his report, it would be a great way to build heat towards a Cena vs. Hunter WrestleMania 30 match. Other than The Undertaker who do you have at this point for Cena? The bar has already been set high so fans will expect a big Cena match at the 30th anniversary show. Cena vs. Triple H could deliver and like him or not, I think Hunter could drive home this match with some fantastic promos during the build. I love The Undertaker vs. Cena match with streak vs. streak (Cena would have to remain champion) but I think this one has more potential to draw on emotion.

The only issue I have with Hunter as a heel is that he is such a good heel that he generally did more to bury the babyfaces when he was on top than help. At his age he really should be nothing more than a setup guy to get some guys like Daniel Bryan to the next level. Just watch his promos back when he was building up his WrestleMania match with Cena and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Randy Orton’s turn also appears to be inevitable. Some SmackDown spoilers suggest that Orton actually does turn this week but that hasn’t been confirmed. Orton’s turn has been in the works for awhile. The biggest hold up is that Vince McMahon feels they need a top babyface to anchor the SmackDown shows and while Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio were both groomed for it, neither have been able to successfully make that transition.

Keep in mind that the WWE brass seems to change their minds by the week when it comes to planning so all or none of these ideas could come to fruition. If they do, SummerSlam could look a whole lot different than Payback and Extreme Rules.

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