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WWE Considering Bruno Sammartino, Sting, & Brock Lesnar DVDs

Bruno Sammartino is under consideration for a WWE DVDThe WWE will send out fan surveys from time to time to get feedback on possible ideas. The latest WWE fan survey is about upcoming DVD releases. While the WWE has yet to commit to any of these, there are some fascinating DVD ideas on the table that are both exciting and a little surprising.

Topping the list is an idea to do a DVD collection paying tribute to former WWWF world champion, the Living Legend Bruno Sammartino. The WWE included Bruno Sammartino in the list of home video subjects currently under consideration. The DVD would mark the first WWE home video spotlighting Bruno in over 25 years. The WWE have produced DVDs on the Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage without any involvement from the wrestlers so it is highly likely that if the video is produced that Bruno would not be involved with the project.

[adinserter block=”2″]Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is another subject currently on the table for WWE home video. The WWE did release Brock Lesnar – Here Comes the Pain back in 2003. Lesnar left the WWE in 2004 so it would be hard to justify putting together a brand new DVD on the former WWE world champion. The WWE could always re-release “Here Comes the Pain” with additional footage. It is just odd that Lesnar would be a choice after Vince McMahon just acknowledged the UFC as competition on a conference call.

Jerry Lawler is also under consideration for a WWE DVD. I think Lawler is a given at this point, especially after this last run as a babyface. The WWE have used Memphis footage on past DVD releases so it will be interesting to see how balanced the DVD will be with that footage and WWE footage. Let’s face it, Lawler’s golden years were not in the WWE so whether they acknowledge that or not will make or break the DVD.

Fans were also asked about a Sting DVD. At one point the WWE put out a press release awhile back that listed a Sting DVD. The project was later shelved. Would the WWE promote the top star of a rival pro wrestling company with a DVD compilation? I don’t think so. Plus, Sting is probably on his last contract with TNA Wrestling. If the WWE waits a year, they could sign up under a legends deal and have him on the DVD.

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Triple H, The Miz, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase Sr., the WWE Divas, the N.W.O., Gorgeous George, Edge, and CM Punk are also all under consideration for DVD releases. I would think that Edge and Randy Orton are a given. I really don’t know how many more Triple H or N.W.O. DVDs the WWE can possibly produce without being repetitive. The Million Dollar Man is probably a given at some point. Do they really have enough footage on Gorgeous George? That could be fascinating.

[adinserter block=”1″]The WWE also included event specific DVDs in their survey like the Bloodiest Cage Matches, etc. I won’t get excited until I know it is coming but The Greatest Moments in Madison Square Garden immediately caught my eye. Quite frankly I am surprised they never did a M.S.G. compilation up to this point. An I-Quit Matches compilation and another Best of Tuesday Night Titans DVD highlight the list of potential event projects on the table. Other ideas include; a Best of Shotgun Saturday Night (really?), The Money in the Bank Anthology (sign me up), and a King of the Ring compilation, which would be awesome if they went back and included footage from the first couple of events that didn’t air on television.

Again, before you excited about a Bruno Sammartino or Brock Lesnar DVD remember that these are all just working ideas at the moment. It is nice to see the WWE thinking out of the box with these ideas, although some are just more of the same. Keep your eyes peeled for survey results and future WWE DVD releases here at the Camel Clutch Blog.

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  1. like two or three years ago WWE had a syndicated show on MSG call the greatest MSG moments where they old matches from Hulk Hogan's debut as a heel with Classy Freddie Blassie and Machos debut ironicly it was on evry thursday night @ 8pm during the same time as superstars and an hour before TNA iMPACT


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